Where there is need, love must respond

A Thought for Today

“The disciples were a mixed bunch.

The people in the crowd were also a mixed bunch. The film shows children, mothers, fathers, old people, sick people, invalids, many, many ordinary people. I think the film maker has got this just right. Jesus involved himself with ordinary folk like us.

I like the way Jesus is depicted as a calm, still point on the middle of the hillside. Then come the disciples, forming a protective ring around Jesus. On the outer are the crowd, some pressing in to get close to Jesus, others hanging back a little, waiting to see what will happen. The disciples sensibly suggest to Jesus that he tell the crowd to disperse and go home to prepare and eat their evening meal.

Jesus will have none of it. Here are people in need. They are hungry. You disciples feed them.
We could look for deep, hidden theological meanings and nuances in today’s readings, and on another day, I might try to do so.

This time I’m happy to focus on the story as it appears on the surface. Jesus set the disciples an example then and we need to carry it in our hearts today.

Where there is need, love must respond.

* * * * *

From the sermon – Love in Action – 22 July 2012
in Let Your Light Shine Through by Philip C. Garside.

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