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New NZ Post Outlet at Mobil Karori Works Great

NZ_Post_Mobil_Karori_street_viewEfficient and effective postal services are essential for our home-based book publishing and distribution business. We send and receive packages and letters around New Zealand and overseas. So, we were concerned to learn that the NZ Post shop in Karori was going to close and be replaced by a new outlet at the Mobil service station.

NZ_Post_Mobil_Karori_shop_entryWe needn’t have worried. The new facilities and the customer service at the new Mobil outlet are excellent. NZ Post has helped the transition by providing a trainer form the South Island to get the Mobil staff up to speed. One the first day I had a package to airmail to Vanuatu – this was no problem.

I can drop off prepaid packages and stamped letters. We sometimes have lots of packages that are too big to fit in a post box slot, so being able to leave them at Mobil is important.

NZ_Post_Mobil_Karori_containerOur PO Box is now located in a refurbished container at the back of the Mobil property. Do watch out for vehicles as you walk across the forecourt.


You gain entry by keying in a 4 digit PIN.

NZ_Post_Mobil_Karori_PGPL_box_17160Our box (17160) used to have a door about 6″ square and was on the very bottom row, so was hard to get at. Our new box is bigger and can comfortably fit foolscap size envelopes and packages up about 2″ deep. And as bonus, it is at chest height — no more bending and crouching – Yay!  If a package is too big or needs to be signed for, the staff leave a card and I call at the counter to claim it – just like a real Post Office.

For our business, one week on, the transition to the Mobil outlet has worked well.

Philip Garside