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Dance With Us – A response to hatred

Click to download a PDF of the melody line and guitar chords

Click to download a midi file of the melody

Dance With Us

  1. When you are troubled,
    have no fear, have no fear.
    Christ has a message
    we want to share:

Come and dance with us,
sing with us,
walk along our way.
Help us bring alive God’s kingdom
on earth today.

  1. Leave behind hatred,
    turn away, seek the light.
    Love one another
    no need to fight:
  1. Hear one another,
    loving care, kindness shared.
    Hearts and hands open,
    world in our care:

Words and music:
Philip Garside
10 January 2015

(You may copy and sing this song freely, with acknowledgment.)

Sing a New Round: Christmas Halleluia

Here’s the melody line and words for a simple round to enjoy this Advent/Christmas – PDF Christmas_Halleluia_Melody_2013  Works well in 2 or 4 parts.

So you can hear how it sounds, here are midi files two parts Christmas_Halleluia_two_parts_2013 and four parts Christmas_Halleluia_four_parts_2013

I suggest that each part sings the 8 bars 4 times through. The tune does not resolve in the last bar.  For me this symbolises that the work of Christmas message never ends.

Use this music freely, with acknowledgement.

Cheers and Happy Christmas