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Are you ready for retirement? Bruce Woodley will get you started…

Preparing For Retirement Today: Dealing With The Financial And Physical Issues
By Bruce H. Woodley  eBook released 21 Feburary 2014.

PFRT_CreateSpace_cover_21_Feb_2014_250wClick the cover or this link for full details and to order.

Are you ready for retirement?

Bruce Woodley will get you started on planning for a financially secure, happy and healthy retirement. By exploring how to handle our savings and investments in a practical and common sense manner, both when we are working and in retirement, he shows that it is possible to reach our retirement goals and provide a future which is both fulfilling and enjoyable.

The book also outlines how relationships can be improved, by helping men and women to understand that they often have different approaches to financial planning and managing money. It also identifies how to provide for family legal matters.

Woodley shows how the new 60 is the old 40 and that we can take charge of our own future, rather than retiring from life. With a positive approach to living life to the full, we can look forward to living our dreams in our older years, with more life ahead of us. We can stay young at heart.