“New Book Takes Wings” Review in Touchstone Dec. 2014 of Weaving, Networking & Taking Flight

New Book Takes Wings

By Sophie Parish

Review published in Touchstone Dec 2014

Rev Vai Ngahe uses symbols of nature to layout strategies for ministry in today’s world in his new book, ‘Weaving, Networking and Taking Flight’. The book was launched in Manurewa Methodist Church on Oct 25th. Those on hand for the event included local parishioners, business owners, and MPs.

In his book Vai reflects on 10 years of ministry in Avondale and Manurewa and the evolution of modern-day Methodism in the community. He records his growth as a minister and how each congregation has been transformed.

Reflecting on his work in Avondale, he highlights the importance of weaving together a multi-cultural community to support members within the church and people in the community. He writes about the importance of networking as a way to help transform lives.

Vai uses the symbol of the bird taking flight to write about his ministry in Manurewa. He describes how it has enabled him to see life from a higher and more spiritual perspective, and how the placement of the church is optimal for reaching the community on many levels.

Photos and articles in the book illustrate his journey and the improvements made to the Avondale church building and the outreach events organized at both churches to promote the love of Jesus and John Wesley’s message to go out into the community.

Vai offers concrete examples of how the church can thrive through the challenges of and changes in an increasingly secular society.

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