Seasons of the Spirit 2019-2020 Year A

Seasons of the Spirit for 2019-2020 church year (Year A)

The period for Early Bird orders at reduced prices has now finished.

For Fusion and Encore packs please refer to the prices in the blue column on the right of the order form.

Delivery times:

  • Materials for the first half of Year A are expected were delivered in October 2019.

  • Print and CD ROM packs for the second half of  Year A have arrived.

    We will post them to customers just as soon as NZ Post is able to accept parcels and letters over the counter again.

New Zealand customers only

Please note that we can only supply Seasons of the Spirit materials to customers in New Zealand.

How to Order

Please either:

  • Order online with your credit card by the secure PayPal shopping cart by clicking the appropriate Add to Cart buttons below (See further PayPal instructions here), OR

  • Download, print and complete the order form below.

You can post the order form to us with your cheque or with Visa/MasterCard details completed.

OR You can fill in the form, scan it, save it as a .jpg or PDF and email it to us as an attachment.

About these resources

Seasons of the Spirit is a lectionary-based resource created in community with congregations representing different denominations from Canada, the USA, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

Seasons of the Spirit includes resources for the whole church. Leaders will find a wealth of ideas and help in the FUSION resource, while the ENCORE Age-Level resources span birth to adult.

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Prices include GST and postage / courier within New Zealand.

Orders will be despatched in October 2019 for Advent-Christmas, Lent-Easter, and April 2020 for Pentecost 1 & 2

If you have any questions about your order please email or phone us on 04 475 8855.

Print Packs 2019-2020

Fusion Single pack – Print – SOS20CL1


Fusion Three pack – Print – SOS20CL3


Encore Multiage (ages 5-12) Print – SOS20MA


Encore Ages 3-5 – Print – SOS2003


Encore Ages 6-8 – Print – SOS2006


Encore Ages 9-11 – Print – SOS2009


Encore Ages 12-14 – Print – SOS2012


Encore Ages 15-18 – Print- SOS2015


Encore Adult – Print – SOS20AD


CD ROM Packs 2018-2019

Fusion Single pack – CD – SOS20CLCD1


Fusion Three pack – CD – SOS20CLCD3


Encore Multiage (ages 5-12) – CD SOS20MACD


Encore Ages 3-5 – CD – SOS2003CD


Encore Ages 6-8 – CD – SOS2006CD


Encore Ages 9-11 – CD – SOS2009CD


Encore Ages 12-14 – CD – SOS2012CD


Encore Ages 15-18 – CD – SOS2015CD


Encore Adult – CD – SOS20ADCD


Art, Music, Posters and other resources

Poster Set – SOS20POST


Seasons Growing Faith (Birth to Age 3) – SOSGF00


Songbook & Music CD Vol 3 – SOS5SC


Songbook & Music CD Vol 6 – SOS8SC


Songbook & Music CD Vol 9 – SOS11SC


Mediterranean World poster (a) – SOSMWP


Books of the Bible poster (b) – SOSBBP


Church Year teaching poster (c) –  SOSCYP


Daily Life in the time of Jesus poster (d) – SOSDLP


Palestine in the time of Jesus poster (e) – SOSPP


Images of Jesus poster (f) – SOSIJP


Images of God poster (g) – SOSIGP


Mediterranean & Bible poster set (a+b) – SOSMWBP


Teaching poster set (c+d+e) – SOSTP3


Images of Jesus & God poster set (f+g) – SOSIJGP


 For online delivery of Seasons of the Spirit materials (i.e. not print or CD ROM), please order direct from Mediacom in Australia by clicking here: