Growing in Age and Wisdom – Print

Growing in Age and Wisdom

by Anne Millar


96pp, 210 x 140mm, soft cover.

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ISBN 9780958268233
Published 27 November 2009







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About the book

Anne Millar’s writing and work as a nurse, counsellor, and through her pastoral ministry has given comfort and hope to many people.

This compilation of articles originally published in Touchstone (the newspaper of the Methodist Church of New Zealand) is thoughtfully ordered and graced with poems and photos.

Growing in Age and Wisdom creates an inspirational reflection on the meaning and purpose found in growing older. The simple beauty and depth of being in relation to those around us and our environment unfolds. Anne’s words convey the essence of interdependence and its centrality in faith, life and death. The underlying importance of embracing the life we have is lovingly presented through the many cameos.

Presbyterian Support Upper South Island is honoured to be associated with Anne, her work and this book.

Vaughan Milner, Chief Executive, Presbyterian Support Upper South Island

Table of Contents

Foreword – vii
Acknowledgements – viii
Introduction – ix

Making Meaning – 1
Celebrate the journey of ageing – 2

The years bring gifts – 4
Growing in wisdom – 6
Dreaming dreams awakens new life – 8
Embracing cultural diversity – 10
The Bethlehem baby – a love story – 13
What’s in a name? – 15

Health and Harmony- 17
Value the unique person you are – 18

Choose to have the grace to receive – 20
In touch with ourselves, we are in touch with God – 22
Keeping hope alive – 24
Good and bad news about depression – 26
Living with an attitude of gratitude – 28
Enhancing life with music – 30
The joy of dancing – 33
Laughter is good medicine – 35

Relationships and Realities – 37
Value friendships old and new – 38

Till death do us part? – 40
Sexuality and ageing – 42
Add self-care to the crucible of caring – 44
Grandparents face challenges in today’s society – 46
Reflections on mothers and daughters – 48
When is the right time to die? – 50
When a partner dies – 53

Edges and Endings – 55
Retirement or re-creation? – 56

Fearing and faithing – 58
Pleasures and pitfalls of downsizing – 60
When it’s time to leave home – 62
The last days of living – 64
Celebrate life’s legacy – 67
Elder abuse subtle and overt – 69
I’m still a person – 71
Loving kindness in action – 74

Seasons and Stages – 76
Who am I now? – 77
Have the wisdom to remember – 79
Wintering with courage – 82
Butterflies emerge from cocoons of grief – 84
Life’s story the perfect Christmas gift – 86
Celebrate the child within – 88
Having the courage to question – 90
Changing expectations – 92
Reflections on the autumn season – 94