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We’re All Equally Human
Conversations in a Coffee Shop Book 2.
Susan Jones
Breath of the Spirit
Photographs & Joyful Words for Gentle Meditation
By Philip C. Garside & Alexander Garside
Knowing the Song:
A Companion to the Publications of the New Zealand Hymnbook Trust…
Colin Gibson
Wherever You Are, You Are On The Journey: Conversations in a Coffee Shop Book 1.
Susan Jones
Let Your Light Shine Through:
62 Fresh Sermons to Inspire Your Preaching

2nd edition
By Philip Garside
Progressing the Journey:
Lyrics and Liturgy for a Conscious Church
Susan Jones
A Love Quilt
Later Faith Patches
Trish McBride

Getting Married in New Zealand – Te Mārenatanga ki Aotearoa
A guide to creating wedding and birth celebrations
Gregory Hughson & Douglas Pratt
Ten Plays +
Short, easy dramas for churches
Revised & Expanded January 2021
By Rosalie Sugrue

Culture Crossroads: Dealing with the Pressures and Demands on Pacific Islanders Living in Aotearoa
Rubinstine Manukia
The Grief Walk:
Losing, Grieving, and Journeying on to Something New
Alister G, Hendery

Purple Hands:
A Kiwi Nurse-Midwife’s Response in Times of Crisis.
Barbara Walker QSO

Fisi’inaua ‘i Vaha – A Tongan Migrant’s Way
Siosifa Pole
Let’s Say a Psalm: 
The Psalms in a fresh voice for children, families and worship.
Silvia Purdie
Signposts on the Way:
Theological Reflections on the Practice of Ministry
Graeme Ferguson
Welcoming the Stranger:
Signposts for Building Bridges and Making Peace

Nick Regnault 

A Likely Lad:
The life of Norman Lesser, Archbishop of New Zealand.
Judy Mills
Short Introductions to the Bible Readings for the Revised Common Lectionary, Years A, B & C
Bill Bennett

The Art of Dying Well
Ian M Kilgour

Prayers for Southern Seasons:
Poems and prayers for Christian worship and devotions.
Joy Kingsbury-Aitken

Sophia and Daughters Revisited:
Reflections on Women for Biblical Connection
Rosalie Sugrue
Gone Astray:
A Collection Of (Sac)Religious Cartoons By Jim
By Brendan Boughen

Lay Preaching Basics:
A Practical Guide to Leading Worship.
By Rosalie Sugrue 

Mission in the City:
Hopes and Dreams – My story.
Shirley-Joy Barrow 

The Shepherd’s Call
– Te Karanga o te Hēpara:
Prayers and liturgies for rural Aotearoa New Zealand 

Bill Bennett 

A Celebration Of Life
Collected Poems
By Meg Hartfield

When the Tui Calls
Rural Ministry – Origins and Futures
Bill Bennett

Pat’s India:
Memories Of Childhood
by Patricia Booth

Sounds Like a Game Changer
A Soon-To-Be-Obsolete Collection Of Technology Cartoons By Jim

By Brendan Boughen

A Tent in the Bush 
Fraser Boyd

Faith_Evolving_Front_cover_120wFaith Evolving
Trish McBride

front_cover_redemption_songs_150wRedemption Songs
Mark Laurent

Greens_and_Greys_front_cover_300dp_120w_1_June_2015Greens and Greys
Rosalie Sugrue

Green_Ho_front_cover_120w_5_Nov_2015Green, Ho! 
Rosalie Sugrue

Like a Dove  
Rubinstine Manukia

Adult_Sexual_Abuse_in_Religious_Institutions_cover_120wAdult Sexual Abuse in Religious Institutions 
Anne Stephenson

IBL_front_cover_120w_14_May_ 2015
The In-Between Land:

Psalms, Poems and Haiku 
Mark Gibson

Front_cover_125w_Never_to_Return_Home_5_Feb_15Never to Return Home
John and Mary White’s Otago Story.
By Fraser Boyd

EIH_front_cover_20141015_100w_BEarthed in Hope
Dying, Death and Funerals – A Pakeha Anglican Perspective
By Alister G. Hendery

Weaving, Networking & Taking Flight 

Engaged ministry in Avondale Union and Manurewa Methodist parishes 2006–2014.
by ‘Alifeleti Vaitu’ulala Ngahe

Celebration, Wisdom and Commentary from Dunedin Methodist Parish

Theme Scheme
Creative Ideas, Activities, Games, Puzzles,Quizzes
Revised & Expanded 2018
By Rosalie Sugrue

60 70 80 90 cover 100w
60 70 80 90 
Planning ahead for satisfying senior years.
By David C. Pratt

The John Wesley Code 
Finding a faith that matters.
By James Stuart

 GIAAW_100w_150dpiGrowing in Age and Wisdom 
Inspirational reflections on the meaning and purpose found in growing older.
By Anne Millar

God of the Whenua 
Rural Ministry in Aotearoa New Zealand.
By Bill Bennett

IS_100w_150dpiIndeterminate Sentence 
Compelling New Zealand story of World War Two conscientious objector.
By Allan Handyside

AQOF_100h_150dpiA Question of Faith: 
History of the New Zealand Christian Pacifist Society.
By David Grant

 PP_100w_150dpi Parables and Poems: 
“Simon Brown brings us stories from the land; yarns to warm our souls and tickle our fancies…” Mike Riddell
By Simon Brown

OVAIANZ_100w_150dpiOvercoming Violence in Aotearoa New Zealand
A New Zealand contribution to the WCC Decade to Overcome Violence