Faith Forever Singing

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Faith Forever Singing
Music Book
Details and hymns list

80 hymns and responses

Words, music and guitar chords

196pp A5 laminated cover, wiro binding

Published 2000 (reprinted 2004, 2007 and 2010)

  • 8 meditations by Joy Cowley
  • poems by James K Baxter and Shirley Murray
  • Foreword by The Rt Hon Sir Michael Hardie Boys

Contributors include: Marnie Barrell, Bill Bennett, Jillian Bray, Barry Brinson, Joy Dine, Colin Gibson, Beverley Jones, Judy Mills, Shirley Murray, Ian Render, Cecily Sheehy

In sequence: Title, hymnwriter – single name for person who has written both words and music, two names with first name for words and second name for music, and where applicable, a third name for the arranger. A few hymns have been set to two tunes. Abbreviations – ‘Gibson’ for Colin Gibson, ‘Murray’ for Shirley Erena Murray.

1. And Jesus said, Murray/Jillian Bray
2. As the sun beats down, Bill Bennett
3. As we walk along beside you, Murray/Ian Render
4. Be still my heart, John Murray/ (i) Cecily Sheehy (ii) Gibson
5. Be their names remembered, Murray/Jillian Bray
6. Blow through the valleys, Bill Bennett arr. David Dell
7. Bring peace to us, John Murray/  (i) Cecily Sheehy (ii) Gibson
8. Broken the body, Murray/Jillian Bray
9. Christ of the sad face, Murray/Gibson
10. Come and find the quiet centre, Murray (i) Gaelic traditional melody arr. John
      Bell (ii) Jillian Bray
11. Come, teach us, Spirit of our God, Murray/Jillian Bray
12. Dream a dream, Murray (i) Nigel Eastgate (ii) Charlotte Murray
13. E te Ariki (Lord have mercy), music Ian Render
14. Faith has set us on a journey, Murray/Gibson
15. Fancy Noah sailing in the ark, Gibson
16. Follow the way, Murray/Jillian Bray
17. For everyone born, a place at the table, Murray/Gibson
18. For the crowd another busy day, Gibson
19. For the hurt I create, John Murray/ (i) Jillian Bray (ii) Ian Render
20. Forgive, forgive us, holy God! Murray/Gibson
21. Forgive us, O God, Gibson
22. Gentle is the way of Jesus, Murray/Jillian Bray
23. Glory to God, John Murray/Cecily Sheehy
24. God in the darkness, Elizabeth J Smith/Gibson
25. God of the Bible, Murray/Gibson
26. God of  the past, Judy Mills
27. God of unexplored tomorrows, Beverley Jones/Gibson
28. God rest us, Michael Leunig/Gibson
29. God speed you on your way, Murray/Shona Murray
30. God weeps, Murray/Ian Render
31. God who carved this timeless landscape, Doug Grierson/Gibson
32. God who sets us on a journey, Joy Dine/Jillian Bray
33. Holy! Holy! Holy! (responses for communion), music Cecily Sheehy
34. I am standing waiting, Murray/traditional French melody
35. I am the vine, Murray/Ian Render
36. I’m a fishbowl Christian, Gibson
37. In the quiet of the day, Murray/Jillian Bray
38. In the singing, Murray/Carlton R Young
39. It all depends on where I’m going, Gibson
40. Let  me be kind to you, Gibson
41. Let my spirit always sing, Murray/Rusty Edwards
42. Let there be peace, Cecily Sheehy
43. Let there be respect for the earth, CCANZ Christian Council of Aotearoa New
44. Little one, born to bring us such love, Murray/Jillian Bray
45. Lord, turn our grieving into grace, Murray/Ian Render
46. Lullaby, sing lullaby, Murray/Peter Godfrey
47. Maker of mystery, Marnie Barrell/Gibson
48. May the anger of Christ be mine, Gibson
49. May the God of new beginnings, John Murray/Gibson
50. Nothing is lost on the breath of God, Gibson
51. O spring in the desert, David Adam/Gibson
52. One small child, Murray/Gibson
53. Out of the storms, Gibson
54  Peace to you, sisters, brothers, Murray/Jillian Bray
55. Relentless lover, God in Christ, Marnie Barrell/Gibson
56. Sing no sad songs today, Murray/Johann Gruger (Nun Danket)
57. Song of faith that sings forever, Murray/Gibson
58. Spirit of peace, John Murray (i) Gibson (ii) Cecily Sheehy
59. Spirit of springtime, Murray/Jillian Bray
60. Stranger, standing at my door, Murray/Jillian Bray
61. The grace of God has appeared, Cecily Sheehy
62. The Lord God walked in Paradise, Gibson
63. These hills, Gibson
64. This table is the Lord’s, Gibson
65. This thread I weave, Murray/Jim Strathdee
66. To compassion and justice, John Murray/Gibson
67. We are many, we are one, Gibson
68. We are the singers, Murray/Jillian Bray
69. Welcome the child, Murray/ (i) Hush-a-bye baby arr. Jillian Bray (ii) Barry
70. What have we done to you? Murray/Jillian Bray
71. Whatever is true, John Murray based on Philippians 4:8/Cecily Sheehy
72. Whatever this life has been, Murray/Gibson
73. When I was a child, Murray based on 1 Corinthians 13/Gibson
74. When our lives know sudden shadow, Murray/(i) Ian Render (ii) Gibson
75. Where are the voices of the earth? Murray/Jillian Bray
76. Where the love of God is guiding, Murray/Jillian Bray
77. Whispering gently, Bill Bennett
78. Who are these strangers? Gibson
79. Who will carry the cross for me? Bill Bennett
80. Wounded world, Murray/Jillian Bray

Faith Forever Singing
Digital music edition

27 CD quality mp3 files

Sung by Wellington adult and youth choirs.

Released 2000

Listing of all tracks including names of, first, the writer of the words, and second, the composer of the music. 

  1. Song of faith, Shirley Murray/Colin Gibson
  2. I am the vine, Shirley Murray/Ian Render
  3. And Jesus said, Shirley Murray/Jillian Bray
  4. Fancy Noah (Rainbow people), Colin Gibson/Colin Gibson
  5. Welcome the child, Shirley Murray/Barry Brinson
  6. When our lives know sudden shadow, Shirley Murray/Ian Render
  7. E te Ariki kia aroha mai, traditional/Ian Render
  8. Come and find the quiet centre, Shirley Murray/Jillian Bray
  9. Maker of mystery, Marnie Barrell/Colin Gibson
  10. Broken the body, Shirley Murray/Jillian Bray
  11. For the crowd (Easter City), Colin Gibson/Colin Gibson
  12. God speed you on your way, Shirley Murray/Shona Murray
  13. Peace to you, sisters, brothers, Shirley Murray/Jillian Bray
  14. We are the singers, Shirley Murray/Jillian Bray
  15. These hills, Colin Gibson/Colin Gibson
  16. Whispering gently, Bill Bennett/Bill Bennett
  17. Lullaby, sing lullaby, Shirley Murray/Peter Godfrey
  18. Dream a dream, Shirley Murray/Nigel Eastgate
  19. Let me be kind to you, Colin Gibson/Colin Gibson
  20. I’m a fishbowl Christian, Colin Gibson/Colin Gibson
  21. For everyone born, Shirley Murray/Colin Gibson
  22. In the singing, in the silence, Shirley Murray/Carlton Young
  23. In the quiet of this day, Shirley Murray/Jillian Bray
  24. We are many, we are one, Colin Gibson/Colin Gibson
  25. God of the Bible, Shirley Murray/Colin Gibson
  26. Let there be respect for the earth, Churches/Colin Gibson
  27. Where the love of God is guiding, Shirley Murray/Jillian Bray

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