October 2018 Selection

October 2018 Selection

Thanks to Ady Shannon, editor of Touchstone, who took this photo of me and proud authors Rosalie Sugrue, Gary Clover and Shirley-Joy Barrow at Methodist Conference in Christchurch in early October.

Shirley-Joy’s book Mission in the City, and Gary’s self-published book Collision, Compromise and Conversion are featured below. Rosalie’s book Lay Preaching Basics sold especially well at our Conference bookstall, with many ministers buying copies for their lay preachers.

After a delay of 18 months, we are delighted to advise that the Alleluia Aotearoa music book is now back in stock. Details below.

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Mission in the City:
Hopes and Dreams – My story.
Shirley-Joy Barrow.
Foreword by Rt Hon Helen Clark
Pbk 228pp. ISBN 9781927260920.

Philip Garside Publishing Ltd (2018).
Print $30.00.
[30+ in stock]. 


We will email your eBook to you.
eBooks: $14.99





Read these powerful stories of Christian social service in Whanganui, New Zealand

Servant minister, Deacon Shirley-Joy Barrow shares her inspiring story of being City Missioner in Whanganui from 2004 to 2011.

Working together, her team found that they could achieve much more than their individual skills and capabilities led them to expect. They developed effective ways to respond to the people on the margins of society that they served.

This social history also includes many personal stories of the people served by the Mission and those who worked for it.

Importantly, Shirley-Joy also reflects on the lessons she learned during the conflict with the governing board that brought her tenure as missioner to an end.

“I warmly recommend this book. It opens a window on what life is like for New Zealand’s
most vulnerable people.”
From the Foreword by Rt Hon Helen Clark

Alleluia Aotearoa: Music Book.
Reprinted Oct 2018.
Various NZ composers.
Spiral bound. 163 songs/hymns. ISBN.9781869340388.
NZ Hymnbook Trust (1993).
[35+ in stock].

We are delighted to advise that this well-loved and popular NZ hymnbook has now been reprinted and we have plenty of copies in stock.

Contributors include: Marnie Barrell, Jillian Bray, David Dell, Felicia Edgecombe, Colin Gibson, Guy Jansen, Jenny McLeod, Willow Macky, Douglas Mews, Shirley Murray, Christopher Norton, Ian Render, Cecily Sheehy, Bill Wallace, Radha Wardrop.

Click here for a:
list of songs/hymns in the book and on the CD

Alleluia Aotearoa: CD.
Various NZ composers. 22 tracks.

NZ Hymnbook Trust (1993).
[25+ in stock].

Hymns/songs on the CD include:

  1. Lift up your hearts – Michael Perry/Christopher Norton
  2. Our life has its seasons  – Shirley Murray/Colin Gibson
  3. When the storm winds blow  – John Weir/Gerard Crotty
  4. Sing a happy alleluia! – Shirley Murray/Colin Gibson
  5. With a hoot and a toot – Colin Gibson/Colin Gibson
  6. Light of lights beholden – Jenny McLeod/Jenny McLeod
  7. The majesty of mountains – Michael Perry/Christopher Norton
  8. Great ring of light, Colin Gibson/Colin Gibson

Island Time:
New Zealand’s Pacific Futures.
Damon Salesa.
Pbk 256pp. ISBN 9781988533537.
Bridget Williams Books (2017).
[Allow 7-14 days].

The task of living in modern New Zealand – and especially in modern Auckland – is not just to understand how to live with different peoples, but how to adapt to the future that has already happened.

New Zealand is a nation that exists on Pacific Islands, but does not, will not, perhaps cannot, see itself as a Pacific Island nation. Yet turning to the Pacific, argues Damon Salesa, enables us to grasp a fuller understanding of what life is really like on these shores. What would it mean, this far-sighted book asks, for New Zealand to recognise its Pacific talent and finally act like a Pacific nation?

Simply Christian Study Course:
3 x DVD set, + PDF Leader’s and Participant’s guides.
NT (Tom) Wright.
Wesley Ministry Network (2007).

[Allow 3-4 weeks].

In this ten-session course, Wright begins by exploring what seem to be universal longings — for justice and relationship, spirituality and beauty — and goes on to simply and powerfully explain the core of Christian faith.

This is an excellent course for both established believers and seekers that can be used with or without the book:
Simply Christian: Why Christianity Makes Sense.
(Hbk $54.00, Allow 2-3 weeks).

Some churches have used the Simply Christian course again and again, including adapting it for use with youth groups and with new members classes.

Making Faithful Decisions at the End of Life.
Nancy J Duff.
Pbk 128pp. ISBN 9780664263195.

Westminster John Knox (2018).
[Allow 3-4 weeks].

By exploring the ethics of resisting and accepting death from a Christian perspective, Nancy Duff encourages Christians to talk about death in the context of Christian faith.

The book helps readers use biblical and theological perspectives regarding death to inform end-of-life decisions, consider where they stand on withdrawing life support and supporting death with dignity laws, and take steps in planning for their own future.

On the Future:
Prospects for Humanity.
Martin Rees.
Hbk 272pp. ISBN 9780691180441.

Princeton University Press (2018).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

Humanity has reached a critical moment. Our world is unsettled and rapidly changing, and we face existential risks over the next century. Yet our approach to the future is characterised by short-term thinking, polarising debates, alarmist rhetoric, and pessimism.

In this short, exhilarating book, renowned scientist and bestselling author Martin Rees argues that humanity’s prospects depend on our taking a very different approach to planning for tomorrow.

Rich with fascinating insights into cutting-edge science and technology, this accessible book will captivate anyone who wants to understand the critical issues that will define the future of humanity on Earth and beyond.

Order of the Sacred Earth:
An Intergenerational Vision of Love and Action.
Matthew Fox; Skylar Wilson; Jennifer Berit Listug; David Korten.
Pbk 240pp. ISBN 9781939681867.
Monkfish Book Publishing (2018).
[Allow 3 weeks].

Essays and calls-to-action to create a deeper sense of community whose mission is the preservation of the earth.

“What we are facing demands a strategy and commitment of this magnitude and this courage! We cannot stand isolated and expect to make any real difference. I thank Matthew Fox, Skylar Wilson, and Jennifer Berit Listug for gathering us together.” Richard Rohr

a vision as vital and inspired as any on our planet in this time of cultural collapse and regeneration — a gathering together of mystic warriors and visionary artisans of cultural evolution.… what is needed is a consciously convened community that brings us together to synergistically deepen and amplify our artistry and to train and initiate others. Fox and Wilson’s co-dreamed vision draws from the very heart of the dream of the Earth.” Bill Plotkin, author

On the Brink of Everything:
Grace, Gravity, and Getting Old.
Parker J Palmer.
Hbk 198pp. ISBN 9781523095438.
Berrett-Koehler (2018).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

Drawing on eight decades of life — and his career as a writer, teacher, and activist — Palmer explores the questions age raises and the promises it holds. “Old,” he writes, “is just another word for nothing left to lose, a time to dive deep into life, not withdraw to the shallows.”

But this book is not for elders only. It was written to encourage adults of all ages to explore the way their lives are unfolding. It’s not a how-to-do-it book on aging, but a set of meditations in prose and poetry that turn the prism on the meaning(s) of one’s life, refracting new light at every turn.

From beginning to end, the book is laced with humor as well as gravitas — beautifully enhanced by three free downloadable songs from the gifted singer-songwriter Carrie Newcomer, written in response to themes in the book.

A Beginner’s Guide
Anthony Le Donne.
Pbk 224pp. ISBN 9781786071446.
Oneworld (2018).
Was $34.50, now $17.00
[1 in stock at this reduced price].

Professor Le Donne introduces Jesus, the man and his enduring legacy. Separating fact from fiction, he places Jesus within the context of first-century Judaism, and explores the debate about his status as “Son of God” among the early Christians. He then follow his legacy through medieval Europe, and compares the various cultural Jesuses in enlightenment and post-enlightenment thought.

“This lively and engrossing book covers a vast historical range, from first-century Palestine to the latest Jesus-memes in popular culture, drawing on an enviable breadth of knowledge. I can think of no better or more accessible introduction which draws readers into exploring for themselves the many images of Jesus and their long and still powerful hold on the imagination of the West.” John M.G. Barclay, Lightfoot Professor of Divinity, Durham University)

Word of Life:
Pray Now Prayers, Devotions, Blessings and Reflections on How We Pray
Hugh Hillyard Parker.
Pbk 182pp. ISBN 9780861539772.
St Andrew Press (2018).
[Allow 3-4 weeks].

A fresh and inspiring collection of newly written prayer and prayer meditations that can be used by individuals, prayer groups and leaders of worship in all denominations.

The book aims to give readers a place to start when they feel they have no words of their own, encouraging them to find time to think and space to listen. It is a way into prayer for many and is designed to help people pray and learn to pray.

Based on the Church of Scotland’s Heart & Soul theme for the year, each chapter includes: scripture readings, prayers for morning and evening, a short meditation and a blessing.

We Bring You Everything, and Tip it Out in Front of You:
New prayers from the Iona Community.
Iona Community.
Pbk 112pp. ISBN 9781849525480.

Wild Goose (2017).
[Allow 3-4 weeks].

Here, in the ‘Celtic’ tradition, are prayers from members, associates and friends of the Iona Community for the whole of life for:

  • starting an engine
  • keeping us engaged and on the road to God’s Kingdom
  • taking a daily walk
  • refugees travelling dangerous seas, and
  • a Harvest supper prayer of sharing

There are also prayers for personal healing, and for our deeply wounded world; a prayer for self-knowledge, and another for doing the laundry and remembering ‘lost socks’ …


Witness to Change:
Reflections on Reaching 100.
Lloyd Geering.
Pbk 156pp. ISBN 9780947493714.
Steele Roberts (2018).
[Allow 7-14 days.]

This book starts with the address Lloyd gave at the luncheon to celebrate his 100th birthday and then tells of the many changes he has witnessed during his lifetime.

This is followed by a collection of addresses and sermons in which he discusses the changes that took place in Christian thought and practice during the 20th century, as a result of which his own thinking also underwent a radical change, It concludes with a sketch of the life of ‘God’ from conception to death.

Also by Geering from Steele Roberts:

Such Is Life:
A close encounter with Ecclesiastes.
Pbk 216pp. ISBN 9781877448881. (2010).
[Allow 7-10 days].

A testament of hope, which may prove Geering’s most accessible and perhaps most influential book.

For he writes into, of and for that ever-expanding generation which seeks to make sense of life within the legacy of a Christian tradition but which in the main no longer participates in its institutions. Only if we understand this audience can we begin to appreciate what Geering has attempted.

Ko Rongowhakaata:
The Story of Light and Shadow.
Pbk 168pp. ISBN 9780994136299.

Te Papa Press (2018).
[Allow 7-10 days].

This book marks the opening of the Ko Rongowhakaata: The Story of Light and Shadow exhibition at Te Papa, which represents the culmination and breadth of Rongowhakaata history and whakaaro (considerations) and has the significant meeting house Te Hau ki Tūranga as its central statement of identity and aspiration.

The book showcases more than 60 Rongowhakaata taonga, and its text, in English and te reo Māori, focuses on key threads including innovation and kaitiekitanga (sustainable processes). It also explores layers of encounter within Tūranga – Rongowhakaata and Gisborne iwi first encountered the British in 1769, during Captain Cook’s arrival in Poverty Bay – and the impacts of those encounters on the shape and position of the iwi, and indeed modern New Zealand, today.

Abundant Grace, Liberating Hope:
Worship Resources for Assembly 2018.
Uniting Church in Australia.
Spiral bound 160pp. ISBN.9781864072884.

Uniting Church Press (2018).
[Allow 4 weeks].

“…I encourage you to reflect on and celebrate the many ways God’s abundant grace and liberating hope are embodied in our world, our communities and our lives. The resources you will find here have been developed by songwriters, poets, artists, liturgists and photographers from Australia and New Zealand.

My thanks go to all who have authored these beautiful resources for worship, reflection, prayer and prophetic action. You are generous contributors, who in so many ways reflect the abundance and hope in how you write, sing, pray and paint. I hope that every page is a rich source of inspiration, comfort, challenge and nurture in our lives as disciples of Jesus Christ. May the Creative Spirit of God continue to inspire us to be courageous followers of the Risen, Crucified Christ!” From the Introduction by: Dr Deidre Palmer President Uniting Church in Australia Assembl


Unlearning God:
How Unbelieving Helped Me Believe.
Philip Gulley.
Hbk 224pp. ISBN 9781601426529.

Convergent (2018).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

Quaker storyteller, Gulley explores the terrain of faith and doubt as shaped by family, church, and young love, finding his way to a less convenient but fully formed adult spirituality.

Most of us grow up taking in whole belief systems with our mother’s milk, only to discover later that what we received as being certain is actually nothing like it. And then we’re faced with a choice – retreat to spiritual security and the community that comes with it or strike out into the unknown.

This book showcases Gulley’s gift as a storyteller and his acute sensibilities as a public theologian in conversations that will charm, provoke, encourage, and inspire.


Against the Dark:
Poems of resistance, reconciliation and hope.
Joy MacCormick, Hayley MacCormick.
Pbk 120pp. ISBN 9780473453688.

EV Books, NZ (2018).
10 days].

When clouds obscure the sun, or the darkness of the night of pain or grief seems impenetrable or never ending, it can be hard to hold on to hope that the situation will ever change; that beyond the clouds the sun still actually shines.

The poems in this collection name resistance, reconciliation and hope. They articulate our blocks to life: our failure to recognise the bigger picture, the more than. They speak of reconnection, reconciliation with our self, with Creation, and with God. And they invite us to be open to hope – hope in the irrepressibility of life, and hope in the uncontainable goodness of God.

Joy reveals respect for her granddaughter poet, Hayley. Hayley’s words introduce each section of the collection. Through this literary companionship, Joy reveals depths which invite the reader to open their mind and soul to the mind and soul of a poet, prophet and priest.


Collision, Compromise and Conversion during the Wesleyan Hokianga Mission, 1827–1855.
Gary AM Clover.
Pbk 538pp ISBN: 9780473440503.
Gary Clover (2018).
[Allow 10-14 days]

Early Hokianga was different. A unique blend of Ngāpuhi Māori, kauri milling settlers, and Wesleyan missionaries.

Drawing on modern scholarly insights, Methodist historian, Gary Clover, investigates the nature of culture change and Māori ‘conversion’ from 1827–1855 during New Zealand’s early contact era. He narrates an absorbing tale of Māori and Pākeha inter-relationships, colourful personalities, and their foresight and failures.

This is a well-researched, scholarly, and detailed analysis of culture change and Māori ‘conversion’ in a region professional historians have largely neglected.

Clover explores how Hokianga Māori, amidst immense turmoil and change, adopted and ‘Māorified’ European technology, culture, and Christianity.

Also how William White, a little known, extra-ordinary Wesleyan Mission Superintendent, moved far beyond the traditional missionary mould to help retain his ‘Mihanere’ chiefs’ tribal lands. They entrusted White with large tracts to hold in trust. At Māngungu’s chapel, school, farm, and sawyers’ pits, they learnt skills to participate in the new economy, becoming competitive against their European rivals.

But White’s personality flaws and his opponents saw him dismissed in 1836. And outside forces by 1855 brought about the end of all three original Hokianga mission stations.

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