November 2018 Selection

November 2018 Selection

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The Shepherd’s Call
– Te Karanga o te Hēpara:
Prayers and liturgies for rural Aotearoa New Zealand.
Bill Bennett.
Pbk 124pp. ISBN 9781720226949.

Philip Garside Publishing Ltd (2018). $20.00.
[15+ in stock].

Discover a prayer for every aspect of rural life.

A musician and composer of many hymns, Anglican priest Bill Bennett understands the complexity of rural life with its overlapping communities and its deep dependence on seasonal life. This understanding shines through this book.

117 prayers are arranged into broad themes: the seasons, environment, community, mission and ministry, work, crisis and loss.

There are also six sets of Eucharist liturgies and another five liturgies focused on the bush, harvest community life and adverse events.

This book will be a valued resource for both clergy and lay worship leaders.

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Walking in Wonder:
Eternal Wisdom for a Modern World.
John O’Donohue; John Quinn.
Hbk 208pp. ISBN 9780525575283.

Convergent (2018).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

Why Religion?:
A Personal Story
Elaine Pagels.
Hbk 240pp. ISBN 9780062368539.

Ecco Press (2018).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

John O’Donohue is recognised by many as being one of the most charismatic and inspirational writers of his day on the subjects of spirituality and Celtic mysticism.

This latest offering is a poignant and inspirational collection of conversations and presentation from O’Donohue’s work with close friend and former radio broadcaster John Quinn. These timeless exchanges, collated and introduced by Quinn, span a number of years and explore themes such as imagination, landscape, the medieval mystic Meister Eckhart, aging, and death.

Presented in O’Donohue’s inimitable lyrical style, and filled with rich insights that will feed the “unprecedented spiritual hunger” he observed in modern society, Walking in Wonder is a welcome tribute to a much-loved author whose work still touches the lives of millions around the world.

Why is religion still around in the 21st century? Why do so many still believe? And how do various traditions still shape the way people experience everything from sexuality to politics, whether they are religious or not? Elaine Pagels looks to her own life to help address these questions.

These questions took on a new urgency for Pagels when dealing with unimaginable loss–the death of her young son, followed a year later by the shocking loss of her husband. Here she interweaves a personal story with the work that she loves, illuminating how, for better and worse, religious traditions have shaped how we understand ourselves; how we relate to one another; and, most importantly, how to get through the most difficult challenges we face.

Drawing upon the perspectives of neurologists, anthropologists, and historians, as well as her own research, Pagels opens unexpected ways of understanding persistent religious aspects of our culture.

A provocative and deeply moving account from one of the most compelling religious thinkers at work today, Why Religion? explores the spiritual dimension of human experience.


Boys Don’t Cry:
Why I Hid My Depression and Why Men Need to Talk about Their Mental Health.
Tim Grayburn.
Pbk 240pp. ISBN 9781473636934.

Hodder & Stoughton (2018).
[Allow 3-4 weeks].

This is Tim’s story, but it could be yours too. A story that will help make sense of depression and anxiety for people who might not recognise those feelings in themselves or others.

For nearly a decade Tim kept his depression secret. It made him feel so weak and shameful he thought it would destroy his whole life if anyone found out. But an unexpected discovery by a loved one forced him to confront his illness and realise there was strength to be found in sharing his story with others. When he finally opened up to the world about what he was going through he discovered he was not alone.

Grayburn speaks against the stigma that makes men feel like they are less-than for struggling, making sense of depression and anxiety for people who might not recognise those feelings in themselves or others. It is a brutally honest, sometimes heart-breaking (and sometimes funny) tale about what it really takes to be a ‘real man’, written by one who decided that he wanted to change the status quo by no longer being silent.

The Grief Survival Guide:
How to Navigate Loss and All That Comes with It.
Jeff Brazier.
Pbk 464pp. ISBN 9781473660281.

Hodder & Stoughton (2018).
Allow 3-4 weeks].

Jeff Brazier has experienced bereavement in many forms. No one can be an expert on grief, but within this book Jeff provides support and guidance from someone who has been there.

Accessible and hands-on, the book offers practical advice on everything from preparing for the eventuality of death, managing grief, how best to support family and friends, and moving forward. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach so instead Jeff teaches us that the best we can do is understand, cope and survive.

In his childhood, helping his two boys through the devastating death of their mother, Jade Goody, witnessing the anguish of his own mum when she lost both of her parents, and hearing the stories of his coaching clients who are coming to terms with loss.

Jesus the Forgotten Feminist.
Chris Geraghty.
Pbk 242pp. ISBN 9781925073478.

Garratt Publishing (2018).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

How did Jesus treat women? Chris Geraghty delves into scriptures and history showing how Jesus practised a radically inclusive approach to women that challenged the inequitable beliefs and practices of his own culture and community.

Yet the Church has historically failed to follow its own founder’s example, instead taking its direction from the early tradition of male-only apostles developed by misogynist Church Fathers. Today this attitude is still carried on by a leadership that sees women as inferior, decreeing that only males can represent Jesus in ministry and preside over the Eucharist.

This learned, humorous, irreverent book reminds us that Jesus was a feminist and argues that the Church must repent and honour this in order to restore women’s place as fully equal to men, in the Church and in the world.

Olives and Obligations:
Biblical stories, scripts and reflections – Genesis to Nehemiah.
Ruth Burgess.
Pbk 216pp. ISBN 9781849526050.
Wild Goose (2018).
[Allow 3-4 weeks].

A collection of stories, scripts and reflections written by Iona Community members, associates, friends and others. The collection is based on the biblical books from Genesis to Nehemiah. (Esther to Maccabees will follow.)

There are some beautiful stories in the Bible and there are some hideous stories as well. What do we do with them?

Do we tell them in Sunday school? Do we omit them from the lectionary? Do we try to explain them?

Stories are important. Stories are powerful.

Teach us, God, to read the Bible
with wisdom and integrity.
Tell us, in the light and in the darkness,
the stories we need to hear.

The End of Preaching.
Thomas H Troeger.
Pbk 96pp. ISBN 9781501868092.

Abingdon Press (2018).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

An extraordinary book on preaching from one of America’s most revered and beloved homileticians.

The End of Preaching is equal parts instruction and inspiration, offering practical help for every preacher and seminarian, and providing a new way of thinking about the purpose and craft of preaching. Tom Troeger explores the end – or purpose – of preaching as prayer. He gently reveals layer after layer of meaning for the preacher and the practice of preaching, giving deep insight into the preacher’s approach, the task of preaching itself, and the impact of preaching on the hearers.

This is a book to be studied and savoured, a wonderful gift for one’s self or any preacher friend.

Making a Scene in the Pulpit:
Vivid Preaching for Visual Listeners.
Alyce M McKenzie.
Pbk 224pp. ISBN 9780664261566. Westminster John Knox (2018).

[Allow 2-3 weeks].

How can preachers ensure that their sermons continue to engage listeners in a world defined by visual media and the short, segmented delivery of information?

Alyce McKenzie harnesses the element of drama and the human fascination with scenes to offer ministers a modern means of sermon development and delivery.

McKenzie’s core strategy is to invite listeners into scenes—whether from Scripture or contemporary life—and, once they are there, to point them toward the larger story of God’s relationship with humankind. Creating such scenes unifies the whole process of preaching, she says, from the preacher’s daily life observations to interpretation of scenes from Scripture, to sermon shaping, sequencing, and delivery.

The process culminates in a specific understanding of the purpose of the sermon: to send listeners out into the scenes they’ll play in their lives for the next week, equipped to act out their parts in ways that are kinder, more just, and more courageous than last week.

Tidings of Comfort and Joy:
A Christmas Feast of Faith and Fun.
Pam Rhodes.
Pbk 256pp. ISBN 9781473630048.

Hodder & Stoughton (2018).
[Allow 3-4 weeks].

Pam Rhodes, best known as the familiar face of the BBC’s Songs of Praise, brings together her personal selection of carols, poems, Bible readings and other inspirational passages from a wide range of sources.

As well as the usual old favourites – from Hark the Herald Angels Sing to the stories of the shepherds and the wise men visiting the baby Jesus – there are plenty of lighter moments, with excerpts from Gervase Phinn’s memoirs and funny poems by modern writers.

Alongside the items themselves Pam shares some of her own Christmas reminiscences and explores the resonance of the Christmas story for all our lives in her trademark inviting and heartwarming style.

There is something here for everyone, from those wanting to enjoy dipping in for a taste of Christmas to those needing a sourcebook to inspire selections for Christmas services. Enjoy!

Also available as an Audiobook CD:

Tidings of Comfort and Joy:
CD Audio
ISBN 9781473633292.
[Allow 3-4 weeks].

For this special audio CD she has selected the very best of the carols, poems, Bible readings and other inspirational passages from the book Tidings of Comfort and Joy. 

Mornings with Bonhoeffer:
100 Reflections on the Christian Life.
Donald K. McKim.

Pbk 240pp. ISBN 9781501864810.
Abingdon Press (2018).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

A journey in faith with the words of Bonhoeffer.

McKim brings Bonhoeffer to life in this beautiful devotional that provides understanding of often misunderstood, multifaceted writings as well as an inside look at the imperfect man behind the saintly image. The result is a heartrending portrait that provides Bonhoeffer’s true insights, as well as insight into the faith that sustained and redeemed him.

“No priest, no theologian stood at the cradle of Bethlehem. And yet, all Christian theology finds its beginnings in the miracle of miracles, that God became human.”

These stirring words are just a sample of the wisdom found in this collection of 100 devotions that guide and inspire us. Mornings with Bonhoeffer provides an acute understanding of Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s theological perspectives, helping us to reflect on what his thoughts can mean for faith and the Christian experience.

Short excerpts from Bonhoeffer’s letters and passages from his sermons, paired with the daily devotions, offer timeless and moving reminders of God’s love for humanity speaking to the “head” and “heart” of theological understanding and personal faith.

Open to God:
Open to the World.
Pope Francis; Antonio Spadaro.
Pbk 240pp. ISBN 9781472959010.
Bloomsbury Continuum (2018).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

Pope Francis explains his vision for the Church and the World in the future. Unlike his predecessor, he does not sit down in a room in the Vatican and write learned books. He is in constant dialogue with the outside world and with the universal Catholic Church. He likes being asked questions and finds it easy to respond.

In this new book are some of his most valuable engagements in dialogue form with people of all sorts and kinds. On the one hand, there is included his most recent engagement with Jesuits in Colombia – priests who are fighting the drug barons and fighting for human rights. In another lengthy piece, he talks about the inspiration of scripture, in a way which shows how this is a living source of inspiration.

The Franciscan revolution is under way and in spite of his vehement critics the revolution will roll on and new horizons will be opened for the one and a half billion Catholics in the world today.

The art of parenting.
Peter Alsop; Nathan Wallis.
Hbk 184pp. ISBN 9780947503888.
Potton & Burton (2018).
[Allow 7-14 days].

This is a book about community, about fostering the potential of children to boost New Zealand’s wellbeing. It’s a book of parenting ideas, shared by parents keen on growing the greater good. These parents challenged the norm and demonstrated that everyday parents have great ideas that should be shared.

Nurture links these generously-gifted ideas to key personal virtues for living a great life. The virtues – wisdom, courage, compassion, integrity, self-mastery and belief – stem from the field of positive psychology, the study of happiness and wellbeing. They are virtues to cultivate in children and, to support child development, develop in our communities, families and schools.

Illustrated throughout with beautiful photos from mid-20th century New Zealand, the linking of ideas with imagery invokes a head–heart response; a powerful invitation for reflection, learning and growth.


The Pieces We Keep:
Stories for the seasons.
Katie Munnik.
Pbk 136pp. ISBN 9781849525664.

Wild Goose (2017).
[Allow 3-4 weeks].

The book charts the changing cycles and seasons of the year, reflecting the liturgical patterns of the church and all the weathers of our hearts.

It is a collection of short stories told by vivid voices. Some voices are familiar: characters from scripture, history, folklore, myth and legend; others spring from the world around us and speak a modern tongue. Together, they direct our gaze to life’s small details – taking down the Christmas lights, swimming on a summer’s day, remembering the names of wild flowers, looking back and looking forward. The familiar becomes strange and the overlooked beautiful as Katie Munnik calls us to consider anew why stories matter.

Living in the Planet Earth:
Faith Communities and Ecology.
Neil Darragh editor.
Pbk 249pp. ISBN 9780473354688.

Accent Publications, NZ (2016).
[Allow 7-10 days].

This book reflects on the actions taken by faith communities to address ecological issues facing our planet earth. The Earth is our home. Yet it is only within the last few decades that human beings have begun to take notice of how our own attitudes are driving the destruction of our common habitat.

Twenty-nine writers from various faith traditions have contributed chapters to this book. They tell the stories of communities who have called on their spiritual and religious traditions to keep their vision of living in the Earth strong and focused. These are also communities who have come to know their own limitations, have learnt from their own mistakes, and see the need for continuing education.

This book will inspire and encourage other faith communities to commit their energy and resources to deal with current ecological issues as a central part of their common action.

A Very Short Introduction.
Philip N Jefferson.
Pbk 144pp. ISBN 9780198716471.
Oxford Univ. Press (2018).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

No one wants to live in poverty. Few people would want others to do so. Yet, we find ourselves in a situation where millions of people worldwide live in poverty. Why is that? What has been done about it in the past? And what is being done about it now?

Jefferson explores how the answers to these questions lie in the social, political, economic, educational, and technological processes that impact all of us throughout our lives. The degree of vulnerability is all that differentiates us. He shows how a person’s level of vulnerability to adverse changes in their life is very much dependent on the circumstances of their birth, including where their family lived, the schools they attended, whether it was peacetime or wartime, whether they had access to clean water, and whether they are male or female.

Arguing that while poverty is ancient and enduring, the conversation about it is always new and evolving, Jefferson looks at the history of poverty, and the practical and analytical efforts we have made to eradicate it, and the prospects for further poverty alleviation in the future.


The Very Life of Life:
A second year of daily reflections.
Tom Gordon.
Pbk 392pp. ISBN 9781849525992.

Wild Goose (2018).
[Allow 3-4 weeks].

When our time is limited, a short reflection can be as much as we can manage. When life is complex and difficult, a simple idea may be all we need. When each day is about making sense of what’s happening to us, a reflective sound bite might help us through.

Tom Gordon’s reflections are simple and direct, but from his experience and wisdom he offers deep insights for the ‘very life of life’ we are living today.


Shakespeare’s Library:
Unlocking the Greatest Mystery in Literature.
Stuart Kells.
Pbk 352pp. ISBN 9781925603774.
Text Publishing (2018).
[Allow 3-4 weeks].

Millions of words of scholarship have been expended on the world’s most famous author and his work. And yet a critical part of the puzzle, Shakespeare’s library, is a mystery. For four centuries people have searched for it: in mansions, palaces and libraries; in riverbeds, sheep pens and partridge coops; and in the corridors of the mind. Yet no trace of the bard’s manuscripts, books or letters has ever been found.

Unfolding the search like the mystery story that it is, acclaimed author Stuart Kells follows the trail of the hunters, taking us through different conceptions of the library and of the man himself. Entertaining and enlightening, Shakespeare’s Library is a captivating exploration of one of literature’s most enduring enigmas.


A Pocket Full of Crumbs.
Jan Sutch Pickard.
Pbk 152pp. ISBN 9781849524841.

Wild Goose (2016).
[Allow 3-4 weeks].

Poems of strong and well-crafted connections – between communities in the West of Scotland and the West Bank Palestinian territories; between prayer and politics; between a lyrical delight in the natural world – and down-to-earth living, observed with warmth and humour. 

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