Mid-November 2018 Selection

Mid-November 2018 Selection

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A New Way to Be Church:
Parish Renewal from the Outside in.
Jack Jezreel.
Pbk.192pp. ISBN 9781626982901.
Orbis (2018).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

Building on the legacy of the Catholic Church’s robust historical witness, the inspiration of Pope Fran­cis, and his own experiences as parish minister, Catholic Worker member, and founder of Just­Faith Ministries, Jack Jezreel presents a unique vision for renewing parish life.

Promoting an outward, mission-oriented iden­tity that connects evangelisation, faith-forma­tion, service, spirituality, and social justice, he argues that a true “Vatican II” parish knows that ministry is done by everyone, everywhere – not exclusively by clergy and not primarily on parish property. He ties this to Pope Francis’s vision of a community of missionary disciples and the call of “encounter.”

The book is leavened by Jezreel’s reflections on scripture and his own personal experience of family, parish ministry, service, and work for social justice. He ends the book with a practi­cal guide for implementing these principles in your own parish.

I Know We’re All Welcome at the Table, But Do I Have to Sit Next to You?
Janice Jean Springer.
Pbk 138pp. ISBN 9781631995347.
Energion Publications (2018).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

The world today is filled with angry voices, voices that often call for isolation and even violence against those who differ from us by race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation or lifestyle. At the same time there are many voices that call for us to change, to make peace, to open ourselves up to others and hear what they’re saying. Most of these voices bring religious arguments to bear on the issue.

Rev. Janice Springer goes a step, indeed several steps, further. She tells us how to reach out, how to pray, to interact, and indeed to change ourselves.

This book provides a powerful approach to creating new, peaceful relationships and learning to live together while celebrating our differences and growing from them.

Includes guides to study, exercises, and activities, and a sample program for a retreat. It is written from the perspective of the author’s Christian ministry, but it is inviting and useful to those of other faith traditions as well.

Who will you invite to join you at the table?

Hidden Christmas:
The Surprising Truth Behind the Birth of Christ.
Timothy Keller.
Pbk 160pp. ISBN 9780143133780.

Penguin (2018).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

The perfect gift for the Christmas holiday – a profoundly moving and intellectually provocative examination of the nativity story.

Even people who are not practicing Christians think they are familiar with the story of the nativity. Every Christmas displays of Baby Jesus resting in a manger decorate lawns and churchyards, and songs about shepherds and angels fill the air. Yet despite the abundance of these Christian references in popular culture, how many of us have examined the hard edges of this biblical story?

Keller takes readers on an illuminating journey into the surprising background of the nativity. By understanding the message of hope and salvation within the Bible’s account of Jesus’ birth, readers will experience the redeeming power of God’s grace in a deeper and more meaningful way.

Simple Gifts:
Daily Reflections for Advent.
Diane M Houdek.
Pbk 128pp. ISBN 9781632532725.

Franciscan Media (2018).
[Allow 3 weeks].

Advent is a fresh start, a welcome into the silence and the mystery of whatever is waiting to be born or reborn in our lives.

At the very time when we are most immersed in activity – shopping, parties, baking and cleaning in preparation for the noise and merriment of Christmas – Advent is an invitation to slow down, to come away to the quiet. It’s a reminder that the promise of Christ is “already but not yet.”

Gathering wisdom from Scripture, from saints and spiritual writers, and from the author’s own deceptively profound insights about everyday life, Simple Gifts is a way to seek a sense of peace and wholeness in our hearts and in our daily lives. It’s an opportunity to learn more about ourselves and the God who loved us enough to become one of us and share our journey. If we do that even in small ways this year, we will have an immeasurable gift to share with our loved ones–and possibly even with our world.

Soul Tending:
Journey Into the Heart of Sabbath.
Anita Amstutz.
Pbk 200pp. ISBN 9781594736414.

Skylight Paths (2018).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

Amstutz offers field notes and a road map from her own Sabbath keeping practice for the 21st century – a practice rooted in tradition but whose tenets can be applied to practices fit for our present hectic and troubling world.

She has written the book in such a way that it can easily be adapted as a study guide! Each chapter ends with a list of questions for reflection that are perfect for use by full congregations, independent readers, and every kind of group in between. This provides an accessible and engaging method to a shared understanding of Sabbath keeping in the modern day.

Subversive Sabbath:
The Surprising Power of Rest in a Nonstop World
A J Swoboda.
Pbk 256pp. ISBN 9781587434051.
Brazos (2018).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

We live in a 24/7 culture of endless productivity, workaholism, distraction, burnout, and anxiety – a way of life to which we’ve sadly grown accustomed. This tired system of “life” ultimately destroys our souls, our bodies, our relationships, our society, and the rest of God’s creation. The whole world grows exhausted because humanity has forgotten to enter into God’s rest.

Combining creative storytelling, pastoral sensitivity, practical insight, and relevant academic research, Subversive Sabbath offers a unique invitation to personal Sabbath-keeping that leads to fuller and more joyful lives.

The CEB Lectio Divina Prayer Bible.
Hbk 1600pp. ISBN 9781609262174.
Abingdon Press (2018).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].


Reflective reading of the Scriptures to lead us into prayer has been a practice in the church since the earliest centuries. The method of Lectio Divina, or “Divine Reading,” is a systematic reading of each section of a book with pauses for reflection and prayer.

The CEB Lectio Divina Prayer Bible makes it simple to do.

For every chapter of the Bible there is:

  • A recommended passage for slow and thoughtful reading,
  • Questions for guiding a time of reflection and meaning of the text,
  • A prayer,
  • Suggestions for putting your new insights into action.

This Bible is perfect for personal devotion and reflection and for leading small groups. It will guide you to a lifelong source of fulfilling prayer, a conversation with God.

The Hebrew Bible:
Feminist and Intersectional Perspectives.
Gale A Yee ed.
Pbk 183pp. ISBN 9781506425481.
Fortress Press (2018).
[Allow 3-4 weeks].

This volume highlights key issues in the Hebrew Scriptures from the perspective of top female biblical scholars. This includes historical critical and literary textual analysis and exegesis, particularly as viewed through feminist and intersectional interpretive lenses. Intersectional lenses include the racial/ethnic, class, Global South, postcolonial, and so forth, and their interconnections with gender.

The essays have been created for students who may be encountering feminist biblical and intersectional scholarship for the first time. Other contributors to this volume include Carolyn J. Sharp, Vanessa Lynn Lovelace, Corrine L. Carvalho, Melody Knowles, and Judy Fentriss-Williams.


A Maigret Christmas:
And Other Stories (Inspector Maigret).
Georges Simenon.
Pbk 224pp. ISBN 9780241356746.
Penguin (2018).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

In this delightful holiday-themed collection of nine short stories, Inspector Maigret must solve a series of little mysteries – just in time for Christmas morning.

In one story, an otherwise sensible little girl insists that she has seen Father Christmas, a statement alarming to her neighbors, Monsieur and Madame Maigret. Then, a choirboy helps the inspector solve a crime while he lies in bed with a cold; another boy, pursued by a criminal, ingeniously leaves a trail to help Maigret track him. Many of these stories feature observant and resourceful children, frightened yet resolute, who bring out a paternal streak in the childless Maigret.

The rapport between the inspector and these youthful heroes imparts a delightful freshness to this holiday collection.

Beginning and Ending a Pastorate
William Powell Tuck.
Pbk 82pp. ISBN 9781631995569
Energion Publications (2018).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

Changing pastors is a critical time in the life of a church, with opportunities for misunderstanding between the congregation and the incoming and outgoing pastors.

In this short volume, Dr. Tuck draws on his experience in all phases of this transition to help pastors and congregations understand the process and learn to work together to make such change successful.

He addresses the role of the interim pastor, of the church leaders, and the departing and incoming pastors. If you are a pastor and are facing a change of this nature or are a leader in a congregation that is experiencing or about to experience such a transition, this book will provide you with clear, practical, scripturally based, and theologically sound advice for every step of the way.

The Problem of Wealth:
A Christian Response to a Culture of Affluence
Elizabeth L Hinson-Hasty.
Pbk 256pp. ISBN 9781626982383.

Orbis (2017).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

What if we reconsidered our views on poverty and perceived it as a problem with the way we live with wealth? Approaching the issue from a theological rather than a market-driven perspective invites an alternative social logic, informed by a much richer picture of human beings and our limits as we live in symbiotic relationship with the larger delicate web of life.

Hinson-Hasty reframes the current discussion of wealth inequalities, poverty, and the exploitation of our natural environment from a progressive Christian perspective. She underscores the need for social change advocates to emerge out of every context, including the middle class, and presents alternate visions for what it means to live by “an ethic of enough.”

With One Voice.
Full Music / Harmony edition with NZ supplement.
Hbk 820pp. ISBN 000599716X.
Collins (1985).
Sold out.

We have secured a second hand copy, in Very good condition, of this hard-to-find music book. The pages are complete and unmarked. Binding is solid. Covers show slight wear. 

This edition has the New Zealand Supplement which includes: Tama ngakau marie, Seek Ye First, Take our bread we ask you, I am the light of the world and many more…



The Rhyme Bible Storybook.
L J Sattgast; Laurence Cleyet-Merle (Illustrator).
Hbk 344pp. ISBN 9780310726029.
Zonderkidz (2012).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

Children love the soothing sound of rhyme! And now they can enjoy 35 delightful, classic Bible stories retold in lilting verse and rollicking, read-aloud rhyme in this new updated edition. 

From the story of creation, to the resurrection of Jesus, this is the perfect choice for parents who want to introduce their children to the Word of God.

Vivid illustrations by Laurence Cleyet-Merle breathe new life into a previously successful storybook Bible in the popular Rhyme brand.

Growing in God’s Love:
A Story Bible.
Elizabeth F Caldwell; Wehrheim Carol A.
Hbk 360pp. ISBN 9780664262914.
Westminster John Knox (2018).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

This book will help nurture the faith of the children in your life. It features 150 popular Bible stories that are organized by 13 themes, including Strong Women and Men; Listening for God; Parables; Healings and Miracles; and more.

Each story is built on the latest in biblical scholarship and learning theory and helps children begin to understand the Bible and apply its teachings to the world around them. Three reflection questions–Hear, See, Act–are included at the end of each story to help children further ponder the message of the story.

Ideal for children ages 4-8 and perfect for Sunday school classrooms, children’s sermons and gift-giving at baptism or other milestones.

A Guide to Bible Basics.
Tyler D Mayfield.
Pbk 300pp. ISBN 9780664263454.
Westminster John Knox Press (2018).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

“Everyone knows that the church in our culture faces a dreadful growth in biblical illiteracy wherein allusions to the Bible go increasingly unrecognised. Tyler Mayfield has written a terrific antidote to that illiteracy. His book-by-book, chapter-by-chapter introduction to the Bible provides easy access for fresh learning. With a generous use of charts, maps, outlines, and prompt questions his book is user-friendly and pedagogically effective. I anticipate wide use of this book in congregation that “want more Bible” and aim to advance biblical literacy that will in turn eventuate in a more knowing church.” Walter Brueggemann

Provides a summary and chapter outline of each biblical book to facilitate comprehension of its fundamental story and subject matter.

This accessible and concise book presents the basic content of the Bible with the conviction that readers first need some level of comprehension of the Bible’s stories, poetry, regulations, and teachings before addressing theological, historical, and literary concerns for its relevance today. Mayfield discusses important people, places, and terms so that the reader can quickly see the primary focus.

Can be used alone to help readers in their knowledge of the Bible and is great for beginners or those in need of a refresher course.

Beyond Original Sin:
Recovering Humanity’s Creative Urge.
Diarmuid O’Murchu.
Pbk 216pp. ISBN 9781626982864.
Orbis (2018).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

The wisdom of paleontology is creating a revolution that is likely to shake many inherited Christian beliefs, including the doctrine of Original Sin. This book does not set out to dispel the notion of Original Sin, but rather it makes a compelling case for fundamental goodness and our human foundational creative urge as the bases for faith and spirituality.

“Grounded in anthropology, quantum physics, and a great respect for indigenous traditions, O’Murchu gives voice to the Great Spirit and our living Earth on every page of this book.” Bruce Sanguin

What Happens After Saying Yes to God.
Casey Cole.
Pbk.192pp. ISBN 9781632532411.
Franciscan Media (2018).
[Allow 3-4 weeks].

Whether you’re considering a religious vocation or simply trying to lead a Christ-centered life, Franciscan friar Casey Cole has news: Christian life doesn’t end with a profession of faith or hearing of God’s call. That’s when it begins.

Cole reflects on realities that are common to anyone who is serious about living a sincere Christian life and trying to follow the message of Jesus in the Gospels.

  • All Christians must discern God’s call for them.
  • All Christians struggle at times knowing how to pray.
  • All Christians work to be in intimate relationships with others.
  • All Christians are challenged to give of themselves so to rely more on God.
  • All Christians have a mission of building up the kingdom.
  • And all Christians, like it or not, fail along the way.

Called offers inspiration and guidance to all those pursuing a life in Christ, in whatever form that may take. What you wonder, what you struggle with, what you experience in your daily life – you’re not alone. 

Drawing Closer to Christ:
A Self-Guided Icon Retreat.
Joseph Malham.
Pbk 128pp. ISBN 9781594717574.
Ave Maria Press (2017).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

You don’t need the talent of a classically trained artist to create a stunning icon. Follow along step-by-step with internationally acclaimed iconographer Joseph Malham as he takes you through an eight-day, self-guided contemplative retreat to create your own icon of the Christ Pantocrator (All-Powerful, the Teacher).

For 1500 years, icons have helped Christians meditate and pray. Used in homes and public worship, these symbolic images represent the presence of Christ and the saints. You will learn how to enter into the process of tracing the icon into the wood, applying gold leafing to the halo around Christ’s head, and blending the paint to create beautiful colours that radiate holiness. Malham provides a list of supplies needed for each stage and step-by-step directions with detailed photographs.

Gospel – The Book of Luke.
Thomas Moore.
Hbk 200pp. ISBN 9781594736384.
Skylight Paths (2017).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

In his fresh and life-giving translation of the Gospels with sparkling commentary, spiritual innovator Moore strips the Gospels of their theological agendas and reclaims them as a fundamentally new way of imagining human life.

He blends scholarship and pastoral guidance to highlight the Gospels’ teachings on earthly, rather than otherworldly, living in which community, compassion, inclusiveness, prayer and healing are key elements. He draws deeply from Greek philosophy, literature and spirituality to craft an accurate and challenging yet accessible translation that, free of religious moralism and dogmatism, is beautifully imaginative and inspirational.

Be inspired to live an altogether different kind of life rooted in a more radical kind of love.


How to Be a Good Creature:

A Memoir in Thirteen Animals
Sy Montgomery.
Hbk 208pp. ISBN 9780544938328.
Houghton Mifflin (2018).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

Understanding someone who belongs to another species can be transformative. To research her books, Montgomery has travelled the world and encountered some of the planet’s rarest and most beautiful animals. From tarantulas to tigers, her life continually intersects with and is informed by the creatures she meets.

This restorative memoir reflects on the personalities and quirks of thirteen animals – Montgomery’s friends – and the truths revealed by their grace.

It also explores vast themes:

  • the otherness and sameness of people and animals
  • the various ways we learn to love and become empathetic
  • how we find our passion
  • how we create our families
  • coping with loss and despair
  • gratitude
  • forgiveness and most of all,
  • how to be a good creature in the world.

Love Beyond Belief:
Finding the Access Point to Spiritual Awareness.
Pbk 274pp. ISBN 9781598152012.
Polebridge Press (2018).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

“Thandeka has written a book of rigorous scholarship, brilliant original insight, and great practical importance. … Having read it, I will never be able to think of my theological heritage in the same way again. … Thandeka sees in the emergence of the “spiritual but not religious” community a great potential for her goal of “love beyond belief.”

She has demonstrated in practice how, by paying close attention to the affects, dying established churches can come alive. She hopes that those who are alienated from these churches, often for excellent reasons, can develop community activities that will lead them to experience love beyond belief. With her leadership and the support of progressive churches, perhaps this project will succeed.” From the foreword by John B. Cobb, Jr., Center for Process Studies

Searching for the Image of God in a Digital Age.
Craig Detweiler.
Pbk 240pp. ISBN 9781587433986.
Brazos (2018).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

Craig Detweiler, a nationally known writer and speaker and an avid social media user, examines the selfie phenomenon, placing selfies within the long history of self-portraits in art, literature, and photography. He shows how self-portraits change our perspective of ourselves and each other in family dynamics, education, and discipleship.

Challenging us to push past unhealthy obsessions with beauty, wealth, and fame, Detweiler helps us to develop a thoughtful, biblical perspective on selfies and social media and to put ourselves in proper relation to God and each other. He also explains the implications of social media for an emerging generation, making this book a useful conversation starter in homes, churches, and classrooms.

Each chapter ends with discussion questions and a photo assignment for creating a selfie in response to the chapter.


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