Mid-July 2020 Selection

Mid-July 2020 Selection

We are delighted to offer our new book Purple Hands by Hasting’s Rev Barbara Walker. A nurse-midwife, who spent 20 years working for international aid agencies, Barbara shares her dramatic, heart-rending, and inspiring stories of the situations she faced and the people she sought to help.

The other books in this selection address the COVID, Climate Change and other crises and challenges in the world today. Their authors offer clear and hopeful proposals for changes we can make to create a better future. Prof Tom Wright offers a Christian response in his God and the PandemicChristiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac  (architects of the 2015 Paris Climate Change Agreement) offer The Future We Choose.

There are also books on grief, resilience as we age and 25 stories of women in the Bible about how they responded to the crises they faced, and how they can act as models for today.

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Purple Hands:

A Kiwi Nurse-Midwife’s Response in Times of Crisis.
Barbara Walker QSO.
Pbk 206pp, 12pp colour photos
ISBN 9781988572420
PGPL (2020)  

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What is life like for aid workers who gather from around the world to serve refugees who have fled their homes due to famine, political unrest, and disasters?

Kiwi nurse-midwife, Barbara Walker – who spent 20 years working for international aid agencies – shares her dramatic, heart-rending, and inspiring stories of the situations she faced and the people she sought to help.

From the Sakeo One Refugee Camp in Thailand, where she cared for those fleeing Pol Pot’s regime in Cambodia in a make-shift bamboo-framed field hospital, to her last placement in Mozambique that ended due to a death threat, Barbara’s Christian faith gave her strength and kept her focussed.

We also learn of Barbara’s early life in New Zealand, and her later call to ordained ministry as a chaplain when she returned after serving overseas.

Barbara hopes that her story will inspire and encourage all who read it to think outside the square and seek to make a difference in the world in which we all live.

Post COVID-19, we all have a chance to move forward, working together to address the inequalities which she has seen around the world and here in her country of Aotearoa New Zealand. We cannot make changes alone, but by listening, sharing, building trust, and working in partnership, we can make a difference for all. It’s up to us all.


Everywhere You Look:
Discovering the Church Right Where You Are.
Tim Soerens.
Foreword by Walter Brueggemann.
Pbk 180pp. ISBN 9780830841561.

IVP Books (2020).
[Allow 4 weeks].

The emerging generation is opting out of the church in large numbers. They’re embarrassed at how the church is portrayed in the media and dismayed at what appears to be their options for participation. Is church really necessary anymore? Is it even possible? What’s the point of the church anyway?

Tim Soerens sees this unsettled state of affairs as an opportunity: the church, he says, is on the edge of new and exciting possibilities. In his extensive travels in all kinds of neighbourhoods, Soerens has seen the beginnings of this movement first-hand. He lays out practical, actionable steps for building collaborative communities in any neighbourhood.

Here is a vision of the church forged in a grassroots movement of ordinary people living out the church in their everyday lives. Read this book – and join the movement.

Light in the Darkness:
Exploring the Path of Christian Hope.
Peter Sills.
Pbk 232pp. ISBN 9781789591002.

Sacristy Press (2020).
[Allow 4 weeks].

What does it mean for human society, and for us individually, if we really want heaven on earth? The Christian hope is often thought of simply as a hope for the life to come, but if we are true to Jesus’ prayer, then our hope cannot be limited to the life to come but is also for the life here and now.

“These thoughtful and prayerful reflections offer an admirable way of reflecting on the place of faith and hope in today’s world.” The Revd Canon Prof. Robin Gill

Sills explores the Christian hope for today. Taking to heart the petition in the Lord’s Prayer that the Kingdom shall come on earth as it is in heaven.

The book explores seven basic hopes, for:

  • truth
  • justice
  • freedom
  • a new beginning
  • enlightenment
  • peace and
  • love.

These hopes are beautifully expressed in the Advent Antiphons, the ancient praises of Jesus that mark the seven days before Christmas Eve.  

Brought together with the I Am sayings from John’s Gospel and the Book of Revelation the author shows how, with each of the seven hopes, Christian faith offers a deeper and more insightful understanding than secular approaches. The fulfilment of hope requires a change of heart, a new spirit, and this is explored through some challenging issues, particularly about the way economic ideas, our individualistic culture, and the legacy of the Enlightenment shape hope in the modern world.

God and the Pandemic:
A Christian Reflection on the Coronavirus and Its Aftermath.
N T (Tom) Wright.
Pbk 96pp. ISBN 9780310120803.

Zondervan (2020).
[Allow 4 weeks].

Discover a different way of seeing and responding to the Coronavirus pandemic  – an approach drawing on Scripture, Christian history, and the way of living, thinking, and praying revealed to us by Jesus.

Written by one of the world’s foremost New Testament scholars, God and the Pandemic will serve as your guide to read the events of today through the light of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

What are we supposed to think about the Coronavirus crisis?

Some people think they know: “This is a sign of the End,” they say. “It’s all predicted in the book of Revelation.”

Others disagree but are equally clear: “This is a call to repent. God is judging the world and through this disease he’s telling us to change.”

Some join in the chorus of blame and condemnation: “It’s the fault of the Chinese, the government, the World Health Organization…”

Wright examines these reactions to the virus and finds them wanting. Instead, he shows that a careful reading of the Bible and Christian history offers simple though profound answers to our many questions, including:

  • What should be the Christian response?
  • How should we think about God?
  • How do we live in the present?
  • Why should we lament?
  • What should we learn about ourselves?
  • How do we recover?

Click here for a free PDF study guide

The Future We Choose:
Surviving the Climate Crisis
Christiana Figueres; Tom Rivett-Carnac.
Hbk 240pp. ISBN 9780525658351.

Knopf Publishing Group (2020).
[Allow 4 weeks].

In this cautionary but optimistic book, Figueres and Rivett-Carnac – the architects of the 2015 Paris Climate Change Agreement  – tackle the most urgent and consequential challenge humankind has ever faced: the world’s changing climate and the fate of humanity.

The Future We Choose presents our options and tells us, in no uncertain terms, what governments, corporations, and each of us can and must do to fend off disaster.

They outline two possible scenarios for the planet. In one, they describe what life on Earth will be like by 2050 if we fail to meet the Paris targets for carbon dioxide emission reduction.

In the other, they describe what it will take to create and live in a carbon neutral, regenerative world.

They argue for confronting the climate crisis head on, with determination and optimism. How we all of us address the climate crisis in the next thirty years will determine not only the world we will live in but also the world we will bequeath to our children and theirs.

The Future Earth:
A Radical Vision for What’s Possible in the Age of Warming.
Eric Holthaus.
Pbk 256pp. ISBN 9780062883162.

HarperOne (2020).
[Allow 4-5 weeks].

This hopeful book about climate change shows readers how to reverse the short- and long-term effects of climate change over the next 30 years.

The basics of climate science are easy. We know it is entirely human-caused. Which means its solutions will be similarly human-led. Leading climate change advocate and weather-related journalist Eric Holthaus offers a radical vision of our future, specifically how to reverse the short- and long-term effects of climate change over the next three decades.

Anchored by world-class reporting, interviews with futurists, climatologists, biologists, economists, and climate change activists, it shows what the world could look like if we implemented radical solutions on the scale of the crises we face.

  • What could happen if we reduced carbon emissions by 50 percent in the next decade?
  • What could living in a city look like in 2030?
  • How could the world operate in 2040, if the proposed Green New Deal created a 100 percent net carbon-free economy in the United States?

This is the book for anyone who feels overwhelmed by the current state of our environment. Hopeful and prophetic, The Future Earth invites us to imagine how we can reverse the effects of climate change in our own lifetime and encourages us to enter a deeper relationship with the earth as conscientious stewards and to re-affirm our commitment to one another in our shared humanity.

Aging with Vision, Hope and Courage in a Time of Crisis: 
Finding Our Way Together
Resilience series]
John C. Robinson.
Pbk 128pp. ISBN 9781789046854.

Changemakers Books. (2020).
[Allow 4-5 weeks].

We are living in an era of unprecedented world-wide crises: COVID-19, climate change, overpopulation and the unravelling of civilization as we know it. Who wouldn’t be worried?

This book is for those over 65 wrestling with fear, despair, insecurity, and loneliness in these frightening times. A blend of psychology, self-help, and spirituality, it’s meant for all who hunger for facts, respect, compassion, and meaningful resources to light their path ahead.

74-year old John Robinson’s goal is to move you from fear and paralysis to growth and engagement. Acknowledging the inspiring resilience and wisdom of our hard-won maturity, the challenge of these difficult times, and the skills necessary for survival, he invites you on a personal journey of transformation and renewal into a new consciousness and a new world.

He offers expert advice for developing the practical, emotional and spiritual skills that you can master to become more resilient in a time of crisis.

Lights for the Path:
A Guide Through Grief, Pain and Loss.
Madeleine Davies.
Pbk 160pp. ISBN 9780281083565.

SPCK (2020).
[Allow 4 -5 weeks].

Bringing together stories of loss, advice from doctors, counsellors, authors and others as well as Davies’ own experience, this book offers practical tips and incredible comfort, telling readers everywhere: you are not alone, and you will find your way.

Davies was nine when she first realised that people could die.  She was reading a book where the character lost a parent. Little did she know then that her own mother would die just three years later, changing her world forever. Over 20 years later, she can still remember the loneliness that surrounded her.

It’s what prompted her to write this book: a guide for coping with the loss of a loved one. Bringing together stories of loss, advice from doctors, counsellors, authors and others as well as Davies’ own experience, this book offers practical tips and incredible comfort, telling readers everywhere: you are not alone, and you will find your way.

Women in a Patriarchal World:
Twenty-five Empowering Stories from the Bible.
Elaine Storkey.
Pbk 144pp. ISBN 9780281084074.

SPCK (2020).
[Allow 4 -5 weeks].

The United Kingdom’s leading Christian feminist takes a closer look at 25 stories of women in the Bible, how they responded to the crises they faced, and how they can act as models for today.

The Bible includes many stories about women: some well-known, others lesser known; some named, others whose names are not given. In some of these stories, men are depicted negatively by the storyteller; in other men barely feature at all, except in the background or as powerful outsiders. All the compilers of these narratives were probably men, and all of them are set within an ancient world of patriarchal norms and conditions. And yet many of these narratives express the authentic voices of women, and in some cases the original sources will have been the women themselves.

In Women in a Patriarchal World Elaine Storkey focuses on the stories of women who faced a range of challenges and life-changing decisions. Her investigations will lead you to fully appreciate the authenticity of these accounts. They will prompt you to see the connections with our own lives and times. And above all they will empower you to respond more faithfully and intelligently to the many challenges that women are still confronted with today.

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