Mid-April 2022 Selection

Mid-April 2022 Selection

We lead this selection with a new book, Breath of the Spirit, comprising 57 of our son Alexander’s photographs and texts that Philip has thoughtfully added to them. There are eBooks, PowerPoint slides, sets of JPG images and a full colour print book. We hope that these resources will aid your personal devotions and be useful in worship. Check out the digital bundle option.

We are also offering a special package deal of the eBook/s and audiobook of Hasting writer Barbara Walker’s Purple Hands. Buy them together for $31.00 and save $5.00.

Topics of other books in this selection include:

  • How Sorrow and Longing Make Us Whole.
  • How Gratitude Leads the Way to Enough
  • A Renewed Vision for Christian Life Together.
  • Dying, Death, and Wisdom in an Age of Denial.
  • Story, Reflection and Practice in Healthcare Chaplaincy.

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Breath of the Spirit:
Photographs & Joyful Words for Gentle Meditation.
Philip C. Garside;
Alexander Garside photographer.
PGPL. (2022).

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Print book
66pp, 8.25” x 8.25” Full colour.
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Do you feel tired, stressed, over busy? Does the world around you seem dull and flat?

Pause and let these 57 full colour photographs with simple words boost your spirit.

Award winning Photographer Alexander Garside helps us to see the world through fresh eyes, and to appreciate the beauty of nature and our urban landscape. There is joy, light and life all around us.

Philip Garside has added one or two words to each photo and also penned spontaneous short texts/poems/prayers to draw further meaning from each image.

You might like to meditate on an image and its text each day, working through the pages sequentially. Or dip into a page at random. Write your own response to an image. It’s over to you.

As well as eBooks, you can purchase a set of PowerPoint slides of the banners to use in worship or other devotional settings.

And you can buy sets of the .jpg images to use in digital photo album displays – ideal for rest homes and other settings. The sets are 800 x 420 pixels, and 120o x 630 pixels.

You can also order a print-on-demand paperback: full colour, 66pp, 8.25” x 8.25”

Purple Hands:
A Kiwi Nurse-Midwife’s Response in Times of Crisis.
Barbara Walker QSO;
Elisabeth Easther narrator.
PGPL. (2022).

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An exciting memoir of international Christian service. Brilliant narration.

What is life like for aid workers who gather from around the world to serve refugees who have fled their homes due to famine, political unrest, and disasters?

Kiwi nurse-midwife, Barbara Walker – who spent 20 years working for international aid agencies – shares her dramatic, heart-rending, and inspiring stories of the situations she faced and the people she sought to help.

How Sorrow and Longing Make Us Whole.
Susan Cain.
Hbk 352pp. ISBN 9780451499783.
Crown Publishing (2022).
[Allow 3-4 weeks].

Bittersweetness is a tendency to states of long­ing, poignancy, and sorrow; an acute aware­ness of passing time; and a curiously piercing joy at the beauty of the world. It recognizes that light and dark, birth and death – bitter and sweet – are forever paired.

  • If you’ve ever wondered why you like sad music…
  • If you find comfort or inspiration in a rainy day… 
  • If you react intensely to music, art, nature, and beauty…

Then you probably identify with the bitter­sweet state of mind.

With Quiet (34.00), Susan Cain urged our society to cultivate space for the undervalued, indispensable introverts among us, thereby revealing an un­tapped power hidden in plain sight.

Now she em­ploys the same mix of research, storytelling, and memoir to explore why we experience sorrow and longing, and how embracing the bittersweetness at the heart of life is the true path to creativity, con­nection, and transcendence.

The Practice of Finding:
How Gratitude Leads the Way to Enough.
[Philip’s Classics]

Holly Whitcomb.
Pbk 160pp. ISBN 9780802875303.

Eerdmans (2019).
[Allow 4 weeks].

Seeking is in vogue these days. Many of us are continually, even obsessively striving and seeking—for something or other. But are we ever satisfied? What is enough?

Holly Whitcomb presents the spiritual practice of finding as the antidote to chronic seeking and as the doorway to a grateful awareness of having received enough. She reflects on wisdom distilled by the “finders” – poets, playwrights, psychologists, and theologians – and derived from her own experience.

Whitcomb includes questions and ideas for using the book as the basis of a 4 week small group study or a one day retreat.

From Isolation to Community:
A Renewed Vision for Christian Life Together.
Myles Werntz.
Pbk 208pp. ISBN 9781540965059.

Baker Academic (2022).
[Allow 3-4 weeks].

Isolation is one of the key ailments of our age. But less explored is the way the church as it is frequently practiced contributes to this isolation instead of offering an alternative. With the help of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, this book argues for a renewed vision of the church community as a theological therapy to cultural, moral, and sociological isolation.

It offers an account of how familiar church practices, such as Scripture reading, worship, prayer, and eating, contribute to community formation in the body of Christ.

The Quintessential Good Samaritan:
The Authorized Biography of John Joseph Kelly, Champion of Social Justice.
Thomas Huening.
Hbk 256pp. ISBN 9781637581285.

Post Hill Press (2022).
[Allow 3-4 weeks].

John Kelly changed the lives of thousands of people in need, first as a devoted Catholic priest; then as a champion of the poor and a father figure to troubled minority youth; and finally, as a one-on-one mentor offering hope and guidance to hardcore San Quentin inmates.

A humble man, Kelly shared traits with St. Francis of Assisi, Mother Teresa, Dorothy Day, and Mahatma Gandhi…but was embarrassed by these comparisons. Kelly was nevertheless a spiritual superstar and a role model for anyone who truly desired to make a difference in their own community, or on a grand scale, to help solve growing income inequality and racial disparity.

When he died in 2019 at age 90, thousands who knew him recalled the credo that marked his life: “We need to take what God has given us, discover it, and use it for justice and good.”

With the End in Mind:
Dying, Death, and Wisdom in an Age of Denial.
Kathryn Mannix.
Pbk 352pp. ISBN 9780316504478.

Little Brown Spark (2018).
[Allow 4 weeks].

Dr Kathryn Mannix has studied and practiced palliative care for 30 years. She shares beautifully crafted stories from a lifetime of caring for the dying, and makes a compelling case for the therapeutic power of approaching death not with trepidation, but with openness, clarity, and understanding.

Dr Mannix reacquaints us with the universal, but deeply personal, process of dying. With insightful meditations on life, death, and the space between them, she describes the possibility of meeting death gently, with forethought and preparation, and shows the unexpected beauty, dignity, and profound humanity of life coming to an end.

The Next Great Migration:
The Beauty and Terror of Life on the Move.
Sonia Shah.
Pbk 400pp. ISBN 9781635577860.

Bloomsbury Continuum (2021).
[Allow 3-4 weeks].

A prize-winning journalist upends our centuries-long assumptions about migration through science, history, and reporting – and instead reveals its lifesaving power in the face of climate change.

The news today is full of stories of dislocated people on the move. On both sides of the Atlantic, experts issue alarmed predictions of millions of invading aliens, unstoppable as an advancing tsunami, and countries respond by electing anti-immigration leaders who slam closed borders that were historically porous.

Far from being a disruptive behaviour to be quelled at any cost, migration is an ancient and lifesaving response to environmental change, a biological imperative as necessary as breathing. Climate changes triggered the first human migrations out of Africa. Falling sea levels allowed our passage across the Bering Sea.

Unhampered by barbed wire, migration allowed our ancestors to people the planet, catapulting us into the highest reaches of the Himalayan mountains and the most remote islands of the Pacific, creating and disseminating the biological, cultural, and social diversity that ecosystems and societies depend upon. In other words, migration is not the crisis – it is the solution and source of hope.


Creating Space:
Story, Reflection and Practice in Healthcare Chaplaincy.
Sacha Pearce; Jan Collis.
Pbk 190pp. ISBN 9781789592139.

Sacristy Press (2022).
[Allow 3-4 weeks].

Creating Space is a passionate and engaged exploration of the ministry and professional role of healthcare chaplains which uses the tools and methods of practical theology to reflect on healthcare chaplaincy and spiritual care.

It models the way in which practice development emerges from reflecting on the human story and reveals to healthcare, the Church and the community, the unique role of the chaplain’s experiences as a resource to others.

It is written for professional practitioners, prompting their own contextual learning and development, whether as chaplains, pastoral carers, parish clergy, lay ministers, volunteers in any caring context, those who work in listening therapies, those who provide care and support to others of any kind, or those who use or teach reflective practice.

What Are Christians For?:
Life Together at the End of the World.
Jake Meador.
Hbk 182pp. ISBN 9780830847365.

IVP (2022).
1 only in stock at $30.00.
(When that copy has sold, the new regular price will be $53.50.)

Politics ought to be defined by fidelity to the common good of all the members of society. But our modern Western politics are defined by a determination to bend the natural world and human life to its own political and economic ends.

Meador lays out a proposal for a Christian politics rooted in the given-ness and goodness of the created world. He is uninterested in the cultural wars that have so often characterised American Christianity.

Instead, he casts a vision for an ordered society that rejects the late modern revolution at every turn and is rooted in the natural law tradition and the great Protestant confessions. Here is a political approach that is anti-racist, anti-capitalist, and profoundly pro-life.

Journeys to Heaven and Hell:
Tours of the Afterlife in the Early Christian Tradition.
Bart D. Ehrman.
Hbk 344pp. ISBN 9780300257007.

Yale University Press (2022).
[Allow 3-4 weeks].

Ehrman relates the early Christian narratives of heaven and hell within the context of the broader intellectual and cultural worlds from which they emerged. He examines how fundamental social experiences of the early Christian communities moulded the conceptions of the afterlife that eventuated into the accepted doctrines of heaven, hell, and purgatory.

Drawing on Greek and Roman epic poetry, early Jewish writings such as the Book of Watchers, and apocryphal Christian stories including the Acts of Thomas, the Gospel of Nicodemus, and the Apocalypse of Peter, Ehrman demonstrates that ancient tours of the afterlife promoted reflection on matters of ethics, faith, ambition, and life’s meaning, the fruit of which has been codified into Christian belief today.

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