March 2018 Selection

March 2018 Selection

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Paul: A Biography.
N T (Tom) Wright.
Hbk 256pp. ISBN 9780061730580. HarperOne (2018).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

A compelling modern biography that reveals the apostle’s greater role in Christian history—as an inventor of new paradigms for how we understand Jesus and what he accomplished—and celebrates his stature as one of the most effective and influential intellectuals in human history.

For centuries, Paul has been one of the church’s most widely cited saints. While his influence on Christianity has been profound, N. T. Wright argues that Bible scholars and pastors have focused so much attention on Paul’s letters and theology that they have too often overlooked the essence of the man’s life and the extreme unlikelihood of what he achieved.

To Wright, “The problem is that Paul is central to any understanding of earliest Christianity, yet Paul was a Jew; for many generations Christians of all kinds have struggled to put this together.” Wright contends that our knowledge of Paul and appreciation for his legacy cannot be complete without an understanding of his Jewish heritage. Giving us a thoughtful, in-depth exploration of the human and intellectual drama that shaped Paul, Wright provides greater clarity of the apostle’s writings, thoughts, and ideas and helps us see them in a fresh, innovative way.

Click the image below for a short video of Tom Wright talking about Paul.
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Also by Wright:
Surprised by Hope:
Rethinking Heaven, the Resurrection, and the Mission of the Church.

N T (Tom) Wright.
Pbk. 352pp. ISBN 9780062089977. HarperOne (2018).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

Wright convincingly argues that what we believe about life after death directly affects what we believe about life before death.

Wright asserts that Christianity’s most distinctive idea is bodily resurrection and provides a magisterial defence for a literal resurrection of Jesus. Wright then explores our expectation of “new heavens and a new earth,” revealing what happens to the dead until then and what will happen with the “second coming” of Jesus. For many, including many Christians, it will come as a great surprise to learn that heaven comes to earth instead of us going to heaven.

Interrupting Silence:
God’s Command to Speak Out.
Walter Brueggeman.
Pbk 108pp. ISBN 9780664263591.
Westminster John Knox Press (2018). $29.99.
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

Examining how maintaining silence allows the powerful to keep control, Brueggemann motivates readers to consider situations in their lives where they need to either interrupt silence or be part of the problem, convincing us that God is active and wanting us to act for justice.

Silence is a complex matter. It can refer to awe before unutterable holiness, but it can also refer to the coercion where some voices are silenced in the interest of control by the dominant voices. It is the latter silence that Walter Brueggemann explores, urging us to speak up in situations of injustice.

Interrupting Silence illustrates that the Bible is filled with stories where marginalised people break repressive silence and speak against it.

Click the image below for a YouTube video of Walter Brueggeman discussing his academic journey and motivation as an Old Testament scholar.

Also by Brueggmann

Gift and Task:
A Year of Daily Readings and Reflections.
Walter Brueggemann.
Hbk. 76pp.  ISBN 9780664263218.
Westminster John Knox Press (2018). $39.00.
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

Gift and Task is an original collection of 365 devotions by best-selling author Walter Brueggemann, providing the opportunity to consider in critical ways the cost and joy of discipleship.

Perfect for daily use, this book begins with the First Sunday of Advent and provides insightful reflection and thought-provoking commentary on the Scriptures for each day of the year. Brueggemann guides disciples with wisdom and encouragement for our never-ending walk along Gods challenging, grace-filled path throughout the Christian year.

The God whom we meet in Scripture is one who gives generous gifts in the wonder of creation, in the miracle of emancipation and reconciliation, and in the surprise of transformation. We are invited to receive those abundant gifts on a daily basis, with a posture of anticipation, awe and gratitude. In response, we accept the worthy task of daily discipleship. 

Essential Mystic Prayers.
Thomas McPherson.
Pbk. 96pp. ISBN 9781640600669.

Paraclete Press (2018).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

People from all faiths and none, find in the prayers of the mystical traditions expressions that speak to their deepest needs.

Whether appealing for knowledge, seeking a sense of the love of God, or about asceticism, questions and doubts, or contemplation and action, each of these prayers (from Christian and other religious tradition sources) are vibrantly alive. Rooted in classic sources, each prayer in Essential Mystic Prayers is important, especially now, in the 21st century. This book collects some of the most beautiful of these prayers.

Essential Celtic Prayers.
Thomas McPherson.
Pbk. 93pp. ISBN 9781612619262. Paraclete Press (2017).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

Here are some of the most beautiful prayers of the Celtic tradition that speak to us across the centuries.

The early Celts lived in a time and place where nature was ever-present; in the seasonal harvest and disruptions of it, in the brutal climate and in all the gifts from the earth. In their simple rural life, they were surrounded by the cycles of nature: the seasons, lunar months, tides, dawn and dusk. Even in ordinary tasks – gardening, metalworking, sheep herding, and farm chores – they felt God’s sacred presence all around in the natural world.

Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus:
How the Jewishness of Jesus Can Transform Your Faith.
(Revised and expanded).
Ann Spangler; Lois Tverberg.
Pbk. 304pp. ISBN 9780310330691.
Zondervan (2018).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus takes readers on a fascinating journey, helping them discover how learning about the Jewish world of Jesus can enrich their own faith. This newly expanded softcover edition includes a discussion guide and a Jewish Seder liturgy.

Christians today have a growing fascination with the Jewish background of Christianity. Many people want to understand the land, the culture, and the people so that they can experience in greater depth the richness of their own Christian faith. The book takes into the heart of the first century, looking at the prayers, feasts, history, culture, and customs that surrounded Jesus and those who followed him, offering inspirational insights that can transform one’s faith.



Untamed Gospel:
Protests, poems and prose for the Christian year.
Martyn Percy; Rowan Williams; Malcolm Guite; Jim Cotter.
Pbk. 240pp. ISBN 9781848259904.

Canterbury Press (2017).
[Allow 3-4 weeks].

This rich resource for worship, preaching, teaching and personal reflection throughout the year, contains hundreds of reproducible items, including seasonal reflections, stories, homilies, poems and some of Jim Cotter’s last writings as he was being treated for cancer: a moving sequence of prayer poems inspired by the psalms.

Untamed Gospel complements The Bright Field ($52) and Darkness Yielding ($52), and offers meditations, reflections, stories, prayers and poems for use throughout the church year. Each one focuses on the startling nature of Jesus’ sayings and teachings, the raw honesty of the psalms and other biblical texts, and on contemporary issues, such as mental health and displacement, seen in the light of the demands of the kingdom of God.

The Baker Illustrated Guide to Everyday Life in Bible Times.
John A Beck.
Pbk. 320pp. ISBN 9780801019661.
Baker Books (2017).
[Allow 3-4 weeks].

A beautiful full-colour resource that illustrates what life was like during biblical times, helping readers gain a deeper and more accurate understanding of the Bible.

What was life really like in Bible times? When we read the Bible, we encounter many manners and customs from the ancient world that the first readers of the Scriptures would have been familiar with. But being so far removed from that world, we modern readers often miss the full meaning—both literal and figurative—of biblical imagery.

This fully illustrated guide aims to restore clarity and vitality to these portions of God’s Word to help us grasp the full meaning of Scripture.

To Begin at the Beginning:
An Introduction to the Christian Faith
3rd edition.

Martin B Copenhaver.
Pbk. 247pp. ISBN 9780802874160.
Eerdmans. (2017).
[Allow 3-4 weeks].

Christian faith, says Martin Copenhaver, is not a subject to be mastered like calculus or Shakespeare; it is a story to be told and a life to be lived. No matter how much or how little you know, this book tells the story of Christian faith and invites you to take part in it.

In this book Copenhaver covers basic themes—the Bible, church, ministry, sacraments, prayer, ethics—in a clear and inviting way. His approach creates a valuable resource for pastors, an accessible guide for seekers and new Christians, and a “refresher course” for long-time Christians who want to engage anew with what they believe.

“Copenhaver has done a bold thing well. Working patiently with the formidable bulk of Christian faith and thought, he has untangled its denser matters and smoothed them out.” Barbara Brown Taylor

Love Big, Be Well:
Letters to a Small-Town Church.
Winn Collier.
Pbk. 176pp. ISBN 9780802874139.
Eerdmans (2017).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

Jonas McAnn is a weary pastor without a congregation, trapped in a dead-end insurance job. Granby Presbyterian is a weary congregation without a pastor, overwhelmed by the prospect of finding someone who actually wants to be a pastor—not a manager, coach, or CEO.

Readers will discover what it means for a pastor and a church to do the slow work of ministry in community—anchored by a common place and buoyed by a life of faith that is meaningful, rooted, and true.

When Granby’s pastoral search committee and Jonas connect through handwritten letters passed back and forth, something sparks between them—something so real and refreshing that even after Jonas and his family move to Granby, he continues the regular practice of writing letters to his congregation.

Spanning seven years of his ministry at Granby Presbyterian, Jonas’s letters ruminate on everything from fly-fishing to the Nicene Creed. They reveal the earthy spirituality woven into the joys and sorrows of the people of Granby, the community of the church, and Jonas’s own unfolding story.

New Worshiping Communities:
A Theological Exploration

Vera White; Charles Wiley.
Pbk. 120pp. ISBN 9780664263096.

Westminster John Knox Press (2018).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

What is the church to make of the many new expressions of worship springing up across the world?

A gathering of academic theologians, New Worshiping Community practitioners, and leaders from within Presbyterian councils met at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary to start the conversation.

The participants in this conversation have sought to put flesh on the bones of what a “New Worshiping Community” is, by defining it as:

  • New: Seeking to make and form new disciples of Jesus Christ. Taking on varied forms of church for our changing culture
  • Worshipping: Gathered by the Spirit to meet Jesus Christ in Word and sacrament. Sent by the Spirit to join God’s mission for the transformation of the world
  • Community: Practicing mutual care and accountability. Developing sustainability in leadership and finances.

Skilled Dialogue:
Authentic Communication and Collaboration Across Diverse Perspectives.
Isaura Barrera; Lucinda Kramer.
Pbk. 150pp. ISBN 9781504385459.

Balboa Press (2017).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

Ever needed to communicate or even collaborate with someone who just didn’t agree with you or see things as you did? Think there’s only two options: their way to your way? Barrera and Kramer propose a third option inclusive of both ways.

They present an approach that goes beyond “both-and” to arrive at a third option: Skilled Dialogue, a field-tested series of strategies that can transform contradictory interactions into complementary ones.

Readers will learn how to:

  • build mutually complementary relationships that honour difference
  • access and mine the strengths of differences
  • explore multiple ways of creating mutually satisfying options without the need for compromise
  • apply the six Skilled Dialogue strategies in ways that generate respect (honour identity), reciprocity (honour voice) and responsiveness (honour connection)

Case examples and sample scenarios allow readers to practice what they’ve learned and provide them with models for their own interactions.

An invaluable resource for all who interact across differences, whether professionally or personally, this book will help readers to resolve interactional challenges in ways that allow differences to enhance outcomes rather than detract from them.



The New Divine Feminine:
Spiritual Evolution for a Woman’s Soul.

Meghan Don.
Pbk. 295pp. ISBN 9780738748610.

Llewellyn Worldwide (2016).
[Allow 3-4 weeks].

Experience an evolutionary journey with this guide to embracing the light and dark of the archetypal stages of womanhood. Bringing forward Gnostic and mystical teachings, Meghan Don shows you how to work with the seven faces of the Divine Feminine: the light and dark aspects of the Daughter, Mother, and Crone, as well as the enlightened being of one’s true nature.

Using reflections, prayers, meditations, and ancient chants, The New Divine Feminine helps you heal your spirit, find liberation, and trust your inner soul voice and vision. No matter your spiritual beliefs, you can access each divine face and gain empowerment from this guide’s exploration of powerful, sacred women, including Mary Magdalene, Lilith, the Black Madonna, and Teresa of Avila.

“In this wise and deeply nuanced book, beloved spiritual guide Meghan Don masterfully walks us through the light and the darkness of the Holy into the arms of the Divine Feminine…where we are emboldened to step up as a force of healing and hope in the world.” Mirabai Starr, author

Why After Ten Years of Talking With Atheists, I’m Still a Christian.
Justin Brierley.
Pbk. 160pp.

ISBN 9780281077984. SPCK (2017).
[Allow 3-4 weeks].

No one likes to be told they are wrong; but is that any reason not to listen? Seeking to burst the ‘Christian bubble’ that many believers find comfort in, Justin Brierley began to invite atheists, sceptics and non-believers onto Premier Christian Radio to unpack and understand the so-called ‘unbelievables’ of the Christian faith.

Now, over ten years later, Premier’s Unbelievable? Podcast continues to captivate hundreds of thousands of listeners and has even spawned its own annual conference. But how has ten years in the atheist-argument-firing-line affected the presenter’s faith?

Taking the best from conversations with Richard Dawkins and many more, Unbelievable? the book, invites readers to look behind the scenes at how ten years of talking with atheists, sceptics and non-believers has stirred, shaken but ultimately strengthened Justin’s own belief in the not-so-unbelievable Christian faith. This book invites readers to unpack some of the most common objections to Christianity, equipping them to respond to sceptics and better understand the reason for their faith.

Click the image to listen to Brierley’s podcasts:

God Versus the Idea of God:
Divinity Is What We Think, Faith Is What We Experience.
Thomas Richard Harry.
Pbk. 160pp. ISBN 9781504386562.

Balboa Press (2018).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

Humankind, society, and cultures have progressed over the past 2000 years, but the Church seems to have not kept up. Is it the Church’s obligation to adapt? Yes, if it wants to continue to be considered relevant.

Today we have a great deal of accumulated knowledge and scholarship that at least suggests some of the Church’s teachings are open to question—which produces scepticism, which in turn erodes faith. This book is intended to respectfully address these questions from a lay perspective, for the benefit of other lay-persons of all ages and conviction.

Animating Liturgy:
The Dynamics of Worship and the Human Community.
Stephen Platten;
Foreword by Rowan Williams.

Pbk. 202pp. ISBN 9781910519547.
Sacristy Press (2017).
[Allow 3-4 weeks].

Animating Liturgy invites you to consider the liturgical offering which stands at the heart of the Christian faith. It brings together essays by liturgist Stephen Platten which take us in three main directions:

  • the sacraments, their history and their celebration
  • liturgical history, study and practice
  • general theological, practical and ethical aspects of liturgy

The essays integrate our understanding and practice of the liturgy and in doing so offer insights to a broad range of readers, from theological students to lay people who wish to understand something of the background of daily and weekly worship.

Liturgical Worship:
2nd edition.
Mark Earey.
Pbk. 160pp. ISBN 9781781400586.

Church House Publishing (2018).
[Allow 3-4 weeks].

This is an essential introductory to liturgy for both ordinands and trainee lay readers – indeed for anyone who finds themselves having to plan or lead public worship. Well-known worship writer and speaker Mark Earey has written this book both for lovers and loathers of liturgical worship – and for those who want to discover it for the first time.

This updated and enlarged second edition now includes:

  • How liturgy works as ritual
  • The use of liturgy in different traditions
  • The shape of the Christian year – and what this tells us about God’s engagement with the world
  • Patterns of reading scripture in worship; using music and song; and how to use words and silence in worship.

Liturgical Worship will enthuse and give confidence to anyone who needs to know more about this fascinating subject.

When I in Awesome Wonder:
Liturgy Distilled from Daily Life.
Jill Y Crainshaw.
Pbk. 188pp. ISBN 9780814645574.

Liturgical Press (2017).
[Allow 3-4 weeks].

All of life is liturgy. People encounter God as they live, work, and play in human communities and as they work to sustain the health of communities and the ground on which communities are built. Liturgy is distilled from everyday life when we peer through the mist and see the sacramental and spiritual dimensions of daily actions, objects, conversations, and events.

Jill Y. Crainshaw explores this dimension of spirituality and celebrates the ways God’s sacramental gifts and presence arise from and return to everyday human experiences.

“Reading When I in Awesome Wonder is a sheer delight! Rich in stories, metaphors, and imagery, this book takes the holy stuff of worship (bread, wine, water, hope, awe, relationships) and grounds it in the everyday stuff of life (food sources and food scarcity, water sources and water contamination, hopelessness around the great issues of our day). The conversation between these two greatly enhances how we view what we do in worship and reorients us to what we might do differently in worship, but it also allows us to see how the stuff of our everyday lives is truly holy—given to us for the work of God in our communities and in the world.

As Crainshaw notes, worship then orients us toward God, the world and others in life-savouring and life-saving ways.” Dr Kathy Black, Claremont School of Theology

The Deconstructed Church:
Understanding Emerging Christianity
Gerardo Marti; Gladys Ganiel.
Pbk. 288pp. ISBN 9780190867560.
Oxford University Press (2018).
[Allow 4-6 weeks].

Drawing on ethnographic observation of emerging congregations, pub churches, neo-monastic communities, conferences, online networks, in-depth interviews, and congregational surveys in the US, UK, and Ireland, Gerardo Marti and Gladys Ganiel provide a comprehensive social-scientific analysis of the development and significance of the ECM.

The Emerging Church Movement (ECM) is a creative, entrepreneurial religious movement that strives to achieve social legitimacy and spiritual vitality by actively disassociating from its roots in conservative, evangelical Christianity and “deconstructing” contemporary expressions of Christianity.

Emerging Christians see themselves as overturning outdated interpretations of the Bible, transforming hierarchical religious institutions, and re-orienting Christianity to step outside the walls of church buildings toward working among and serving others in the “real world.”

Emerging Christians, they find, are shaping a distinct religious orientation that encourages individualism, deep relationships with others, new ideas about the nature of truth, doubt, and God, and innovations in preaching, worship, Eucharist, and leadership.

More Beautiful Than Before:
How Suffering Transforms Us

Steve Leder.
Hbk. 224pp. ISBN 9781401953126.

Hay House (2017).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

Rabbi Leder examines the many ways we can transform physical, psychological, or emotional pain into a more beautiful and meaningful life.

Every one of us sooner or later walks through hell. The hell of being hurt, the hell of hurting another. The hell of cancer, the hell of a reluctant, thunking shovel full of earth upon the casket of someone we deeply loved, the hell of betrayal, the hell of betraying, the hell of divorce, the hell of a child in trouble… the hell of knowing that this year, like any year, may be our last. We all walk through hell. The point is not to come out empty-handed.

“I recommend this powerful book by my dear friend, Rabbi Steve Leder. It is filled not with theory, but with time-tested wisdom that can only come from years of experience helping people. This is such a beautiful book! It is the voice of experience, from a wounded healer who is both realistic and hopeful. I love Steve Leder, I love his congregation, and I loved reading this book! But don’t just read it, buy a copy for a friend.” Pastor Rick Warren, author of The Purpose Driven Life


Born Again:
My Journey from Fundamentalism to Freedom.
Tom Harpur.
Pbk. 272pp. ISBN 9781459740235.

Dundurn Group. (2018).
[Allow 4 weeks]. 

Tom Harpur, the late author and host of numerous radio and television programs, was at the forefront of the modern challenge to humankind’s spiritual identity. His radical and ground-breaking book The Pagan Christ touched the lives of thousands of seekers. In Born Again, he tells the story of his own search for spiritual understanding, and the result is a spiritual odyssey, the story of one man’s escape from the narrow grip of religious fundamentalism.

Born into an Irish immigrant family in Toronto, Tom Harpur was groomed for the ministry by his father from an early age. He won a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford, then returned to Canada and enrolled in Wycliffe College, the bastion of Anglican evangelicalism. Ordained to the ministry, Tom Harpur served for a number of years in his own parish before seeking a wider ministry in the world of mass media.

In 1971, Tom Harpur joined the Toronto Star as the religion editor and, over a number of years, reported on and met with many important spiritual figures, from Pope John Paul II to Mother Teresa, as he travelled around the globe.

Perhaps Tom Harpur’s most intimate book, Born Again is an important work of spiritual insight, revelation, and renewal, outlining the critical elements of his own path.

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