June 2018 Selection

June 2018 Selection

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Palestine Is Our Home:
Voices of Loss, Courage, and Steadfastness.
Nahida H Gordon.
Pbk 186pp. ISBN 9780997263503. Palestine Books. (2016).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

Nahida Gordon shares the memories of Palestinians who have suffered loss of home, community, and country at the hands of a people who themselves have suffered greatly. The suffering and loss experienced by the Palestinians, which they call Al Nakba, continues to today and is aided by countries of the West.

A discussion leader’s guide and a series of questions at the end of each section are provided to aid group discussion and reflection.


  • a brief contemporary history of Palestine
  • short essays
  • first hand testimonies from Palestinians who experienced different periods of their country’s painful recent history
  • chapters on the liberation art of currently occupied Palestine and on the origins of the traditional Palestinian costume.
  • 61 black and white images – maps, photographs, works of art, traditional costumes, and embroidery.

Click the icon to listen to a podcast interview with Nahida Gordon:

The Common English Bible (CEB) Navigation Bible – Hardcover:
Finding Your Way Through the Bible.
Hbk 1584pp. ISBN 9781609262143. Common English Bible (2018).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

The CEB Navigation Bible is an easy introduction to the challenging world of the Bible. From a guide to looking up passages to a dictionary of terms, it has everything a person who is new to the Bible needs to quickly become comfortable exploring this ancient book and start growing in faith.

Ideal for many readers including Bible study leaders, new believers and young people.

Key Features:

  • Brief introductions to each book of the Bible, complete with main characters, places, and memorable passages
  • Notes that are factual, devotional, and inspirational
  • List of favorite Bible stories and passages (with page numbers)
  • 16 maps with index
  • Dictionary of Bible terms
  • Guide to using a Bible
  • Reading plans (with page numbers)

From Good News to Gospels:
What Did the First Christians Say about Jesus?
David Wenham.
Pbk 144pp. ISBN 9780802873682.
Eerdmans (2018).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

The good news about Jesus spread like wildfire through the Roman Empire in the decades between his death and the writing of the first gospels–but how? What exactly did the first Christians say about Jesus? Wenham delves into the Gospels, Acts, and the writings of Paul to uncover evidence of a strong and substantial oral tradition in the early church.

With implications for the historicity of the New Testament, the Synoptic problem, the composition of the gospels, and other topics of vital concern, this book will inform, engage, and challenge readers, inspiring them to better understand and appreciate the earliest gospel message.

Found Out:
Transgressive faith and sexuality.
Alison Webster.
Pbk 224pp. ISBN 9780232532630.
Darton Longman Todd (2018).
[Allow 2-3 weeks]

Webster presents a positive book of practical theology that gives voice to the experiences of marginalised women making sense of their spirituality and sexuality. She puts forward a new model of faith identity based on Jesus as a boundary crosser (divine / human) and reclaims as positive the often painful and challenging place of being ‘in-between’, of not belonging.

She explores the experiences of women whose spiritual lives have developed and flourished outside the strict demands and expectations of the traditional Church. Found Out presents these women’s stories and, in the voices of the marginalised and transgressive, discovers the beginnings of a new language for making sense of life, for speaking of God and of spirituality.



The Rites and Wrongs of Liturgy:
Why Good Liturgy Matters.
Thomas O’Loughlin.
Pbk 100pp. ISBN 9780814645635. Liturgical Press. (2018).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

O’Loughlin, a seasoned theologian and teacher, identifies ten principles that make for good liturgy. Such liturgy must be honest, open, joyful, inclusive, celebrative of community, facilitative of engagement, based in creation, attentive to the marginalised, free of clutter, and true to the pattern of the incarnation.

He explains why good liturgy is important, how to recognise it, and how to assess liturgy in terms of a larger vision of the Christian life.

Since good celebrations build faith and bad liturgy weakens it, these principles promise to bring new life and meaning to every celebrating community.

We all want to celebrate the liturgy well, to experience good, uplifting, and meaningful worship. But what is the best route to follow? O’Loughlin offers a way forward that strengthens faith, builds up Christian community, and points toward a new direction based on liturgical principles that are rooted in our natures as ritual beings as well as in the gospel.

What Matters:
Words of Wisdom, Hope, and Love.
J Philip Wogaman.
Hbk 144pp. ISBN 9781501859793.
Abingdon Press (2018).
[Allow 2-3 weeks]

In this “letter” to the next generation, Wogaman, a pastor, ethicist, and grandfather draws on a wealth of experience to share what truly matters.

Today’s young people yearn for authenticity and truth. However, the important aspects of truth, character, politics, community, family, education, religion, and vocation can get muddled by our cultural experiences. This book offers the opportunity to learn something from an older generation’s experience of what matters—and about what doesn’t matter much.

Wogaman addresses our broader cultural issues in the 21st century world, and explores why many young people have become disillusioned, even cynical, about major aspects of contemporary life. He wrestles with why it is hard to accept religious assumptions that were simply taken for granted in an earlier era. By tackling our tough questions about today’s world, we can come to better understand what’s truly worth believing in, and how our decisions and actions build a life that matters.

Missional Economics:
Biblical Justice and Christian Formation. Barram, Michael.
Pbk 232pp. ISBN 9780802875075.
Eerdmans (2018).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

Written in an accessible style, this biblically rooted study reflects years of research and teaching on social and economic justice in the Bible and will prove useful for lay readers, preachers, teachers, students, and scholars.

Barram explores biblical texts related to matters of money, wealth, and poverty through a missional lens, showing how they function to transform our economic reasoning.

He searches for insight into God’s purposes for economic justice by exploring what it might look like to think and act in life-giving ways in the face of contemporary economic orthodoxies.

Gifts in Open Hands:
More Resources from the Global Community.
Maren C. Tirabassi;
Kathy Wonson Eddy eds.
Pbk 300pp. ISBN 9780829818390.
Pilgrim Press (2011).
[Allow 3-4 weeks].

This book contains a wealth of multicultural liturgies, prayers, affirmations, blessings, and poetry by people from the global community. These beautifully written pieces can be used in worship and celebration of sacraments, sacred seasons, and all other occasions in the life of the church.

includes black-and-white images for reproduction in church bulletins and translations so that materials in other languages are available to English-speaking as well as bilingual worship planners. There is also a thorough appendix with additional graphics and musical resources.

Reckless Love:
The Scandal of Grace in a Performance-Driven World.
John Newton.
Pbk 128pp. ISBN 9781640650251.
Church Publishing (2018).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

John Newton aims is not for the head, but for the heart, to connect people with their passion and love for Jesus Christ, reawakening what may be dormant, because ultimately, it is not clever ideas but passion that mobilises people. The Jesus Movement is not about our move toward God, but about a God who is for us in Christ Jesus, constantly moving toward fragile and broken humanity, recklessly loving us in all seasons and circumstances.

Each chapter begins with a gospel passage used to challenge the way we think about God, love, morality, grace, mission, evangelism, and the church, and includes three discussion questions. The book can be used as a 10-week study, with groups discussing two chapters at a time.

Living Differently to Make a Difference:
The beatitudes and countercultural lifestyle
Will Donaldson.
Pbk 144pp. ISBN 9780857466716.
BRF (2018).
[Allow 3-4 weeks].

Few would doubt that we live in a wounded and broken world. But God has sent a Saviour, Jesus Christ, who calls us, in the beatitudes, to live an authentic, counter-cultural lifestyle. By being different we can make a difference, becoming the salt of the earth and the light of the world. Through living the beatitudes, we could make the world a better place.

Donaldson explores and applies Jesus’ beatitudes for today, exposing the value systems of the world and challenging us to live differently. As Christians, we can make a difference in the world through lives that reflect the values of the kingdom of heaven.



Shariah Law:
What Everyone Needs to Know.
John L Esposito; Natana J DeLong-Bas.
Pbk 352pp. ISBN 9780199325061.
Oxford University Press (2018).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

In the West, politicians, media commentators, televangelists, and others have stoked fears that Muslims intend to impose a repressive rule based on Shariah in America and Europe. Shariah has been portrayed as a medieval system that oppresses women, stifles human rights, and imposes harsh punishments like stoning and amputation. In reality, Shariah is a complex concept that has been interpreted in many ways over time and around the world. It plays a vital role in the lives of Muslims around the world, offering guidance on everything from personal morality to ritual practices, family life, and finance.

The book provides clear and even-handed answers to a wide range of questions, covering the history, development, content, and practice of Shariah:

  • What are its origins?
  • What is a Shariah court and how does it work?
  • How does a person become a Muslim in the eyes of Islamic law?
  • Does Islamic law allow Muslims to marry non-Muslims?
  • What are blasphemy laws, and how are they enforced?
  • How does Islamic law govern trade and contracts of sale?
  • Do Muslims in the West want Shariah Law?
  • Is there a need to protect Western societies from the imposition of Shariah?

The Qur’an and the Bible:
Text and Commentary.
Gabriel Said Reynolds.
Hbk 1008pp. ISBN 9780300181326.
Yale Univ. Press (2018).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

While the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament are understood to be related texts, the sacred scripture of Islam, the third Abrahamic faith, has generally been considered separately.

Reynolds offers a clear analysis of the debates within the communities of religious scholars concerning the relationship of these scriptures, providing a new lens through which to view the powerful links that bond these three major religions.

Noted religious scholar Reynolds draws on centuries of Qur’ānic and Biblical studies to offer rigorous and revelatory commentary on how these holy books are intrinsically connected.

He demonstrates how Jewish and Christian characters, imagery, and literary devices feature prominently in the Qur’ān, including stories of angels bowing before Adam and of Jesus speaking as an infant. This important contribution to religious studies features a full translation of the Qur’ān along with excerpts from the Jewish and Christian texts.

China in the 21st Century:
What Everyone Needs to Know.
3rd edition.
Jeffrey N Wasserstrom;
Maura Elizabeth Cunningham.
Pbk 240pp. ISBN 9780190659080.
Oxford University Press (2018).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

Here are cogent answers to urgent questions regarding the world’s newest superpower that offer a framework for understanding China’s meteoric rise from developing country to superpower. Updated to include perspectives on Hong Kong’s shifting political status, as well as an expanded discussion of President Xi Jinping’s time in office, China in the 21st century provides a concise and insightful introduction to this significant nation.

Framing their answers through the historical legacies – Confucian thought, Western and Japanese imperialism, the Mao era, and the Tiananmen Square massacre – that largely define China’s present-day trajectory, Wasserstrom and Cunningham introduce readers to the Chinese Communist Party, the building boom in Shanghai, and the environmental fallout of rapid Chinese industrialization. They also explain unique aspects of Chinese culture, such as the one-child policy, and provide insight into Chinese-American relations, a subject that has become increasingly fraught during the Trump era.

As Wasserstrom and Cunningham draw parallels between China and other industrialszed nations during their periods of development, in particular the United States during its rapid industrialization in the 19th century, they also predict how we might expect China to act in the future vis-à-vis the United States, Russia, India, and its East Asian neighbours.

India in the 21st Century:
What Everyone Needs to Know.
Mira Kamdar.
Pbk 224pp. ISBN 9780199973590.
Oxford University Press (2018).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

In a concise question-and-answer format, Kamdar addresses:

  • India’s history, including its colonial legacy and independence movement
  • The political and social structures in place today
  • India’s rapidly growing economy and financial system
  • The geopolitical landscape of the 21st century and India’s place in global politics, and
  • Environmental concerns faced by the country, among other topics.

According to current projections, India will overtake China to become the most populous country on Earth by 2050. Its 1.6 billion people will live in the world’s second-largest economy, after China but ahead of the United States and the European Union.

A democracy and an open society compared to China, India’s destiny matters deeply to a West whose influence in shaping the 21st century will decline as that of these two Asian giants and other emerging economies in Africa and Latin America rise.

With institutions of governance and a legal system inherited from the British, as well as the English language, India has the potential to function as a “bridge nation” between Asia and the West, between the advanced economies of the global North and the developing countries of the South.

As such, India is set to play a critical role in how our world evolves during the coming decades.

Ai Weiwei;
Larry Warsh ed.
Hbk 168pp. ISBN 9780691181523.
Princeton University Press (2018).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

Writings on human life and the refugee crisis by the most important political artist of our time.

This collection of quotations demonstrates the range of Ai Weiwei’s thinking on humanity and mass migration, issues that have occupied him for decades.

Selected from articles, interviews, and conversations, Ai Weiwei’s words speak to the profound urgency of the global refugee crisis, the resilience and vulnerability of the human condition, and the role of art in providing a voice for the voiceless.

Days with Dad.
Nari Hong.
Hbk 40pp. ISBN 9781592702336. Enchanted Lion Books (2017).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

Hong’s heartwarming, beautifully hand-illustrated story of love, appreciation, and acceptance between a daughter and her wheelchair-bound father relates a gentle, happy world of observation, patience, and deep connection.

They share many special moments because she treasures all they can do together, although he apologises for not being able to do more.

Nari Hong dreams of a society where people aren’t subject to comparisons based upon inaccurate assumptions of what constitutes life as a disabled person.

The Cross:
History, Art, and Controversy.
Robin Margaret Jensen.
Hbk 280pp. ISBN 9780674088801.
Harvard University Press (2017).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

The cross stirs intense feelings among Christians as well as non-Christians. Jensen takes readers on an intellectual and spiritual journey through the 2,000 year evolution of the cross as an idea and an artifact, illuminating the controversies—along with the forms of devotion—this central symbol of Christianity inspires.

Jensen’s wide-ranging study focuses on the cross in painting and literature, the quest for the “true cross” in Jerusalem, and the symbol’s role in conflicts from the Crusades to wars of colonial conquest. She also reveals how Jews and Muslims viewed the most sacred of all Christian emblems and explains its role in public life in the West today.

Windows 10 for Seniors for Dummies
3rd edition.
Peter Weverka.
Pbk 312pp ISBN 9781119469858.
For Dummies (2018).
[Allow 3-4 weeks].

Friendly help at your fingertips.

Using this book makes getting familiar with Windows 10 a painless process. If you’re interested in learning the basics of Windows 10 without having to dig through confusing computer jargon, look no further.

This book uses a step-by-step approach that is specifically designed to assist first-time Windows 10 users who are over 50, providing easy-to-understand language, large-print text, and an abundance of helpful images along the way!

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