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Bishop Stephen Cottrell from the UK was the keynote guest speaker at the Anglo-Catholic Hui 2019 held at St Peter’s on Willis Street, Wellington from Thursday 15 to Saturday 17 August 2019.

Since the Hui I have discovered two more books by Bishop Cottrell and these are at the start of the listings below:

  • Striking Out: Poems and stories from the Camino and
  • Walking the Way of the Cross: Prayers and reflections on the biblical stations of the cross.

Find out more about the Hui here:

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Striking Out:
Poems and stories from the Camino.

Stephen Cottrell
Pbk 96pp, ISBN: 9781786221162
Church House Publishing (2015)
[Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery]

On a September morning, Bishop Stephen Cottrell said mass in his chapel, kissed his wife goodbye, stepped out of his front door and walked two miles to the nearest station. It was the start of a 700 kilometre pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.

Choosing the least travelled route across northern Spain, he craved the solitude of the road and felt the small vulnerabilities of not knowing what each day would bring – where meals or a bed would be found – would be beneficial. As a busy diocesan bishop, he looked forward not so much to arriving at the great destination, but to what the journey itself would reveal to him.

This is a spiritual diary of that journey, comprising reflections, prayer poems and evocative images from the road and poetry which Stephen Cottrell has written for many years. Arranged in four sections, each with seven paired reflections and poems, the shape of the book echoes the rhythm of walking and is an intimate and honest account of the profound effect of the age-old tradition of going on pilgrimage.

Walking the Way of the Cross:
Prayers and reflections on the biblical stations of the cross.
Stephen Cottrell, Paula Gooder,
Philip North.
Pbk 128pp, ISBN: 9780715123447
Church House Publishing (2019)
[Publishing 30 Oct 2019,
then allow 3-4 weeks]

The Way of the Cross is a series of scripture-based devotions for personal or group use in Lent and Holy Week. Similar in intent to the traditional Stations of the Cross, it focuses wholly on the biblical narrative of the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus.

This seasonal companion provides the sequence of fifteen meditations appears in full, including opening and concluding prayers. Each is accompanied by three short reflections from different perspectives by three of today’s very best spiritual writers:

  • Paula Gooder offers reflections on the scriptural narratives
  • Stephen Cottrell considers the story from the perspective of personal discipleship
  • Philip North explores the story’s challenge to mission and witness.

How to Live:
A Guide for the Christian Journey

Stephen Cottrell; Steven Croft
Pbk 134pp, ISBN: 9780715142400
Church House Publishing (2015)
[Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery]

How to Live is a personal companion for your journey of faith. Whether you are a new Christian setting out, or a weary traveller in need of refreshment, it offers an inspiring guide to the essentials of the Christian life.

With wisdom, honesty and humour, it explores the inward and outward journeys that being a Christian involves:

  • Prayer
  • Reading the Bible
  • Worship
  • Relating faith to daily life
  • Sharing your faith
  • Seeking God’s kingdom

Living as a Christian means being open to a lifelong journey of discovery, change and growth. Let How to Live be your guide to this amazing adventure.
An ideal gift for new Christians, confirmation candidates, and those completing an Emmaus or Alpha course.

Hit the Ground Kneeling:
Seeing Leadership Differently.
Stephen Cottrell.
Pbk 81pp, ISBN: 9780715142097
Church House Publishing (2014)
[Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery]

We’re looking for someone who can hit the ground running. 

How many times have you heard this? Or maybe you’ve said it yourself? `But,’ as Stephen Cottrell says, `when someone hits the ground running, there is no guarantee they are going in the right direction.’ 

Hit the Ground Kneeling takes common statements about leadership – statements that we often take for granted – and questions them in the light of Christian faith and Christian perspectives on leadership.

Ideal for Christians in leadership roles, this is a timely antidote to the glut of self- help, quick-fix management books! 

The Nail:
Being Part of the Passion
Stephen Cottrell

Pbk 96pp, ISBN 9780281066353.
SPCK (2017)
[Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery]

This Lent book offers imaginative reflections on Christ’s crucifixion. Each of the seven chapters is focused on a different key character, who describes his or her experience of the Passion. The nails used to crucify Christ are used as a jumping off point for their reflections.

Each character considers the questions, ‘who killed Christ’ and ‘who was responsible?’ Each chapter includes a Biblical passage, a meditative hymn, a reflection from the point of view of the character, and a short prayer.

The book finishes with practical suggestions on how the book can be used as a Lent study course. It is ideal for individual reflection or group study and can also readily be adapted for use as a Good Friday liturgy.

The Things He Carried:
A journey to the cross
Stephen Cottrell

Pbk 96pp, ISBN 9780281060801
SPCK (2017)
[Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery]

The inspiration for this series of reflections initially came from Tim O Brien’s collection of short stories reflecting on his time in Vietnam called “The Things They Carried”. In these stories we don’t just hear about the physical things that the soldiers carry, but also their terrors and dreams.

The author has taken this idea and applied it to the ‘Passion’, focussing on the things that Jesus carried: not just the cross itself, but the crown of thorns he was forced to wear, the seamless robe that was taken from him, the other burdens that we laid upon him, and also the hopes and fears that he carried in his heart and that are reflected in the different passion narratives.

The idea was further developed for the 2006 Good Friday ‘Three Hours’ service at St Paul’s Cathedral and it is these reflections that have now been expanded and developed into this book.

Suitable for Lenten study, either for groups or individuals, the engagingly written meditations will have a life beyond Lent and will bear repeated reading.

The Sleepy Shepherd:

A Timeless Retelling
of the Christmas Story
Stephen Cottrell;
Chris Hagan (Illustrator)
Pbk 48pp, ISBN: 9780281078028
SPCK (2018)
[Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery]

The Sleepy Shepherd is so dozy he completely misses the visit of the angels . . . and the chance to greet the Christ-child in Bethlehem. But one crucial night, years later, he makes an important decision – to be a real shepherd to a man whose friends have all fallen asleep . . . 

Walking Backwards to Christmas
Stephen Cottrell
Pbk 128pp, ISBN: 9780664261863
Westminster John Knox Press (2015)
[Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery]

Congregations are often confused or uninspired by the emphasis on Old Testament themes during Advent and too “over” Christmas by December 26 to pay much attention to the gospel stories that follow Jesus’ birth. 

Walking Backwards to Christmas starts at the end of the story, with Jesus’ presentation to Anna and Simeon at the temple, and moves backwards through Herod’s slaughter of the innocents, the wise men’s visit, Jesus’ birth in a stable, Mary’s pregnancy, and finally to the much-earlier hopes and dreams of Isaiah and Moses. 

Telling the Christmas story through the eyes of both famous figures like King Herod and imagined characters like the innkeeper’s wife, Stephen Cottrell invites readers to experience Jesus’ birth anew, with greater appreciation of the dark themes and ancient figures relevant to the Advent story.

Pilgrim – Leader’s Guide:
A Course for the Christian Journey 
Sharon Ely 
Pearson; Stephen Cottrell; Steven Croft; Paula Gooder; Robert Atwell
Pbk 96pp, ISBN: 9780898699364
Church Publishing (2016)
[Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery]

Pilgrim is a teaching and discipleship resource that helps inquirers and new Christians explore what it means to travel through life with Christ. A Christian course for the 21st century, Pilgrim offers an approach of participation, not persuasion. Following the practice of the ancient disciplines of biblical reflection and prayer with quotes from the Christian tradition throughout the ages, Pilgrim assumes little or no knowledge of the Christian faith. Individuals or small groups on the journey of discipleship in the Episcopal tradition can use Pilgrim at any point. Pilgrim is made up of two parts, each with four courses contained in four booklets:

  1.  Turning to Christ
  2. The Lord’s Prayer
  3. The Commandments
  4. The Beatitudes
  5. The Creeds
  6. The Eucharist
  7. The Bible
  8. Church & Kingdom .

Each course offers six sessions each that combine a simple prayer, reflection on a biblical selection using lectio divina, an article by a modern writer, and reflection questions.

Pilgrim: 1 – Turning to Christ:
A Course for the Christian Journey
Sharon Ely Pearson; Stephen Cottrell; Steven Croft; Paula Gooder; Robert Atwell
Pbk 72pp,
ISBN: 9780898699388
Church Publishing (2016)
[Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery]

What do Christians believe?

This is the question explored as the questions that are asked at Holy Baptism are discussed.

We begin by looking at whom Jesus was; why did people want to spend time with him so long ago and why do we promise to turn to Christ and follow him today? This is followed by learning what Christians believe about God, Jesus Christ as the Son of God, the Holy Spirit, and the Baptismal Covenant.

Pilgrim: 2 – The Lord’s Prayer:
A Course for the Christian Journey
Sharon Ely Pearson; Stephen Cottrell; Steven Croft; Paula Gooder; Robert Atwell.
Pbk 72pp, ISBN: 9780898699401
Church Publishing (2016)
[Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery]

How do Christians know and worship God?

Explore the Lord’s Prayer in these sessions as a gateway to the Christian gospel, as a guide to our own prayers, and as a way of deepening our relationship with God. Here is a way of seeing God and the world and yourself which is profound and revolutionary and good news.

Pilgrim: 3 – The Commandments

A Course for the Christian Journey.
Sharon Ely Pearson; Stephen Cottrell; Steven Croft; Paula Gooder; Robert Atwell.
Pbk 72pp, ISBN: 9780898699425
Church Publishing (2016)
[Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery]

Following Jesus is about the way we behave as well as what we believe. So how should Christians behave and how should we live?

This part of Pilgrim explores that question through one of the core texts of the Christian faith: The Commandments. We look in Session 1 at the two commandments Jesus uses to summarize the whole of the Old Testament law: the call to love God and to love our neighbour as ourselves. In Sessions 2-6, we explore the Ten Commandments themselves.

Pilgrim: 4 – The Beatitudes:
A Course for the Christian Journey.
Sharon Ely Pearson; Stephen Cottrell; Steven Croft; Paula Gooder; Robert Atwell.
Pbk 72pp, ISBN: 9780898699449
Church Publishing (2016)
[Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery]

The Beatitudes are a short but profoundly beautiful and influential collection of sayings by Jesus. They sum up his teaching about what it means to live as a child of God’s kingdom.

This course believes that following Jesus requires us to engage with this important text, so that it is restored to a central place in the life of the Church. We believe that the Beatitudes, and trying to live them out, is one of the best ways of loving God with all your heart and understanding the Christian vision for the world.

Pilgrim: 5 –
The Creeds
A Course for the Christian Journey.
Sharon Ely Pearson; Stephen Cottrell; Steven Croft; Paula Gooder; Robert Atwell.
Pbk 72pp, ISBN 9780898699562.
[Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery]

What is the core of Christian belief in greater depth, as shown through the Nicene and Apostles’ Creeds?

These six sessions aim to equip the reader with an understanding of the creeds as priceless resources for living the Christian life and for knowing God better.

In Session 1, we look at what it means to say: “I believe” and “We believe” and at the role the creeds play in strengthening our relationship with God.

Session 2 explores what it means to understand God as Trinity: one God in three persons.

Sessions 3 and 4 take us deeper in our understanding of Jesus and look at the way Christ is fully God and fully human and at the great work of redemption on the cross.

Session 5 explores the person and work of the Holy Spirit, and

Session 6 at what we believe about the Church.

Pilgrim: 6 – The Eucharist.

A Course for the Christian Journey.
Sharon Ely Pearson; Stephen Cottrell; Steven Croft; Paula Gooder; Robert Atwell.
Pbk 72pp, ISBN: 9780898699586

Church Publishing (2016)
[Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery]

How do Christians know and worship God? The six sessions of Course 6 reveal reasons why the Eucharist is celebrated as a memorial of Christ’s saving passion and stands at the very heart of Christian worship.

Session 1 looks at worship as communion with God.

Session 2 explores the Eucharist as the pattern of all Christian worship.

Session 3 looks at the intimacy we have with God in Holy Communion and how we are transformed by the encounter.

Sessions 4 – 6 look at worship as a sign and foretaste of heaven, shaping our whole life, and how the whole of life is sacramental.

Pilgrim: 7 – The Bible.
A Course for the Christian Journey.
Sharon Ely Pearson; Stephen Cottrell; Steven Croft; Paula Gooder; Robert Atwell.
Pbk 72pp, ISBN: 9780898699548

Church Publishing (2016)
[Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery]

What is it, how was it given to us, and how should we read it? These six sessions combine simple prayer, Bible reflection in the lectio divina style, an article by a modern writer, and time for questions and reflection.

By the end of the six sessions, it is hoped that participants will have learned how to make reading the Bible a part of everyday life, with the ability to read, pray, and listen to what God might be saying, allowing the words to change each participant.

Pilgrim: 8 – Church & Kingdom:
 Course for the Christian Journey.

Sharon Ely Pearson; Stephen Cottrell; Steven Croft; Paula Gooder; Robert Atwell.
Pbk 72pp, ISBN: 9780898699524

Church Publishing (2016)
[Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery]Add_to_Cart_Button

What does it mean to live as a child of the kingdom of God and follow in the way of Christ each day as a member of his church?

How does it affect our life at work as well as at home?

How does it affect what we do with the gifts we have been given, especially those gifts of time and talents, passions, resources, and money?

How is the Christian faith changing us and shaping us so that we become more like Jesus?

The importance of prayer, living out our faith, celebrating Sabbath, and reflecting generosity is explored. We look at how faith in the God who is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit shapes and changes all our relationships

Emmaus the Way of Faith Introduction 

Stephen Cottrell, Steven Croft, John 
Pbk 78pp, ISBN: 9780715143247
Church House Publishing (2012)
[Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery]

The Emmaus series has sold over 50,000 books since its launch in Autumn 1996 and continues to grow rapidly, both here and abroad.

A sustained interest in Emmaus has meant a sustained demand for the Emmaus resources, especially the Introduction booklet and the Nurture course.

This resource is designed to welcome people into the Christian faith and the life of the Church. The introductory book gives essential background to both the theology and practice of the Emmaus course, including:

  • how to use the catechumenate approach as an accompanied journey into faith;
  • how to use the biblical model of the road to Emmaus;
  • how to run the Emmaus course in your own church.

Emmaus: Contact (Stage 1)

Stephen Cottrell; Steven Croft; John Finney.
Pbk 64pp, ISBN: 9780715143087
Church House Publishing (2012)
[Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery]

Contact is a practical, hands-on booklet that helps churches make the most of their connections with those outside the church. Most churches find that setting-up a course for non-churchgoers to explore Christianity is not the most difficult task – getting them to come is the real test.

Here’s where Contact steps in. Contact builds on insights from recent research and case studies and provides helpful advice for churches on: making contact with those outside the church making the most of existing contacts, such as occasional attendees, toddler groups connecting with people´s spirituality how to set up a nurture group encouraging your church to be involved in evangelism and outreach

This second edition builds upon the experience of those who have used the Emmaus material since it was first published and also the considerable amount of statistical research which has been done in recent years.

Youth Emmaus
Includes Free CD-ROM
Stephen Cottrell; Sue Mayfield; Tim Sledge; Tony Washington.
Pbk 160pp, ISBN: 9780715143643
Church House Publishing (2013)
Binding: Paperback, 160pp
[Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery]

Youth Emmaus is a course designed to help those aged 11 to 16 explore the basics of the Christian faith. This is no easy task – but Youth Emmaus offers a winning combination of meaty leaders’ notes, cool handouts for group members, great cartoons and graphics and a free CD-ROM stacked with other useful resources. The material is fully road-tested and ideal for youth groups and as a confirmation course for young people.

Youth Emmaus tackles:

  • What Christians Believe (5 Units)
  • How Christians Grow (5 Units)
  • Living the Christian Life (3 Units)

Youth Emmaus also contains a FREE CD-ROM that includes:

  • Handouts and supplementary handouts for all sessions as PDF files
  • Emmaus Poster
  • Downloadable services to use with young people and a section on using Youth Emmaus in an all-age context
  • Powerpoint presentation on Youth Emmaus
  • Useful links to Emmaus website
  • All icons from handouts available in colour in a downloadable format


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