August 2019 Selection

August 2019 Selection

We are delighted to feature our new eBook editions of Presbyterian minister Silvia Purdie’s, Let’s Say a Psalm. This collection of lively paraphrases draws on her experience with worship and scripture, children and teenagers, pastoral care and music.

This selection also includes a major new book by Karen Armstrong about using scripture to engage with others in more compassionate ways. There are also books on urban and multi cultural ministry, Matthew’s gospel, and an entertaining memoir by veteran Wellington jazz drummer Terry Collier.

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The Lost Art of Scripture:
Rescuing the Sacred Texts.
Karen Armstrong.
Pbk 560pp. ISBN 9781847924322.

The Bodley Head (2019).
[1 left in stock, then allow 3 weeks].

Today we see the Quran being used by some to justify war and terrorism, the Torah to deny Palestinians the right to live in the Land of Israel, and the Bible to condemn homosexuality and contraception. The holy texts at the centre of all religious traditions are often employed selectively to underwrite arbitrary and subjective views. They are believed to be divinely ordained; they are claimed to contain eternal truths.

Armstrong argues that only by rediscovering an open engagement with their holy texts will the world’s religions be able to curtail arrogance, intolerance and violence. And if scripture is used to engage with the world in more meaningful and compassionate ways, we will find that it still has a great deal to teach us.

As Karen Armstrong, a world authority on religious affairs, shows in this fascinating journey through millennia of history, this narrow reading of scripture is a relatively recent phenomenon. For hundreds of years these texts were instead viewed as spiritual tools: scripture was a means for the individual to connect with the divine, to transcend their physical existence, and to experience a higher level of consciousness. Holy texts were seen as fluid and adaptable, rather than a set of binding archaic rules or a ‘truth’ that has to be ‘believed.’

“Karen Armstrong is one of the handful of wise and supremely intelligent commentators on religion.” Alain De Botton

Let’s Say a Psalm:
The Psalms in a fresh voice for children, families and worship.
Silvia Purdie
Print on demand ISBN 9781086480306

Philip Garside Publishing Ltd (2019)
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You will enjoy using these delightful paraphrases of the Psalms at home and in church. Includes Silvia’s own photos, many from a trip to Israel.

“For millennia, the Psalms have been the prayer book for people of faith. Silvia Purdie has paraphrased each one in a delightful way, bringing freshness to the themes.

She helps people today – including youth and children – experience the relevance of the thoughts and prayers in each Psalm. Her paraphrases are a delight.”
Lynne Baab, author of Sabbath Keeping and The Power of Listening.

These prayers can be used at home and for worship in church. Silvia has interpreted the Psalms through a Jesus lens, assuming the they include prophecy about Christ, that Jesus re-interpreted them and that all scripture breathes the Word of Christ.

The book includes brief notes on: involving children in worship, the name of God “the Lord,” the violent texts in some of the Psalms, and reading the Psalms with Jesus in mind. There is also a thematic index and a list of New Testament references.

The Chemistry of Church Diversity.
Paul Nixon.
Pbk 144pp. ISBN 9780829820478.

Pilgrim Press (2019).
[Allow 3-4 weeks].

Nixon invites congregations to consider and increase their capacity to connect across diverse styles of worship, diverse people groups and diverse locations. Multi is an encouraging and practical resource to equip multi churches for rich relationships in a profoundly multi world.

In a century where there all the former majorities are becoming minorities, everything changes! The churches that thrive in our time are increasingly diverse, bonding folks together across significant differences of neighbourhood, life experience, world-view, language and generation. Multi is all about the practices and promise of a New Pentecost.

Download the free study guide to use Multi in your faith community, leadership team or church retreat, here:

Rediscovering Scripture’s Vision for Women:
Fresh Perspectives on Disputed Texts.
Lucy Peppiatt.
Pbk 184pp. ISBN.9780830852710.

IVP Academic (2019).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

Does God call women to serve as equal partners in marriage and as leaders in the church? The answer to this straightforward question is often deeply contested. Into the fray, Lucy Peppiatt offers her work on interpretation of the Bible and Christian practice.

With careful exegetical work, Peppiatt considers relevant passages in Ephesians, Colossians, 1 Peter, 1 Timothy, and 1 Corinthians. There she finds a story of God releasing women alongside men into all forms of ministry, leadership, work, and service based on character and gifting, rather than biological sex.

Those who see the overturning of male-dominated hierarchy in the Scriptures, she argues, are truly rediscovering an ancient message – a message distorted by those who assumed that a patriarchal world, which they sometimes saw reflected in the Bible, was the one God had ordained.

“Lucy Peppiatt has written an encouraging book that invites women to see themselves in the biblical story, not as props but as protagonists, and along the way she explains many of those confusing texts about wives, head coverings, and prohibitions on teaching. She offers a biblically grounded case for Christian mutuality that unites the sexes in service of a common Lord.” Michael F. Bird, academic dean and lecturer in theology at Ridley College in Melbourne, Australia

Gospel of Fulfilment:
Exploring the Gospel of Matthew.
Patrick Whitworth.
Pbk 182pp. ISBN 9781789590449.

Sacristy Press (2019).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

Matthew’s Gospel seeks to show that the life, teaching and ministry of Jesus fulfil what was promised in the Old Testament and has long been expected by the people of Israel. In this accessible guidebook Whitworth explores key texts and themes of the Gospel of Matthew, such as the Sermon on the Mount, the Passion Narrative, the story of the resurrection and the Gospel’s finale in the Great Commission to ‘go into all the world and preach the good news.’

Originally written as a manual for discipleship for Jewish-Christians, Matthew remains a challenging text for all who want to learn what it means to follow Christ today.

Taking It to the Streets:
Lessons from a Life of Urban Ministry.
Harry Louis Williams II.
Pbk 229. ISBN 9780830845620.

IVP Books (2019).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

There’s an urgent need for Christian ministry in our cities – but we need a guide.

Harry Williams from Oakland, California, is called to the streets: to the hungry, homeless, addicted, incarcerated, and vulnerable. Bringing us face-to-face with both the injustices that plague our cities and the gospel of compassion that offers hope to the downtrodden, this introduction to urban ministry will inspire and equip a new generation to bring the life-giving good news of Jesus to our cities.

“Rev. Williams seeks to take his readers beyond the headlines and stereotypes to expose the reality of communities and people who have been neglected and abandoned by society. He tries to educate people on the realities of whole segments of our society who have been demonised and treated as throwaways. He reminds us that the good news of Jesus calls us not only to do the acts of charity that call us to care for our brothers and sisters but to demand justice and transform a society that has become comfortable with leaving them on the side of life’s road.” Michael L. Pfleger, Faith Community of Saint Sabina


How Reason Can Lead to God:
A Philosopher’s Bridge to Faith.
Joshua Rasmussen.
Pbk 208pp. ISBN 9780830852529.

IVP Academic (2019).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

Do you value reason, science and independent thinking? Are you sceptical of beliefs that people maintain merely “on faith,” yet you remain interested in the big questions of life? Do you hope there could be a greater purpose to the universe, if only that were realistic? If so, philosopher Joshua Rasmussen can encourage you in your journey.

Beginning with his own story of losing faith and the belief in any ultimate purpose in life, he then builds a bridge to a series of universal truths about ultimate reality. Using only the instruments of reason and common experience, Rasmussen constructs a pathway – step by step, brick by brick – that he argues can lead to meaning and, ultimately, a vision of God.

Skins in the Game:
A Musical Memoir.
Terry Collier.
Pbk large format, colour photos. 64pp.
ISBN 9780473475215.
Venturo Publications (2019).
[5 in stock].

Jazz and rock drummer Terry Collier was around when music was a key element in rapidly changing social attitudes both in New Zealand and internationally. He is a veteran of the Kevin Clark Group and the Rodger Fox Big Band and many other combos. This book relates some of the stories and experiences encountered along the way. A sometime public servant, occasional classic motor racer and long-time percussionist Terry Collier was just one young small towner who saw rock ‘n’ roll and jazz as a way of kicking back at New Zealand’s relative isolation and the conventional wisdom of the times, as well as taking him to some exotic locations around the world! Terry is still gigging around Wellington.

The book will be launched this Friday night during Terry’s monthly jazz outing with the group AJQ, (in which Philip’s son Chris plays bass).  Details here:

“An interesting account of the early Big Band including things I had forgotten myself!”
Rodger Fox

“A surprisingly rich account from a jazz enthusiast involved in some of Wellington’s leading bands in the 1960s and 1970s.” Kevin Clark



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