Advent and Christmas 2019

Advent and Christmas 2019 Selection

This year’s selection includes books for group study and individual devotional reading and a range of lovely children’s books for all ages.

Please place your orders for Advent books promptly so that we can ensure you receive them in good time. Our suppliers had good stocks of the books below on 29 October 2019, but they can sell out as we get closer to Christmas.

Popular author Amy-Jill Levine’s Light of the World study books and DVD provide an excellent basis for a group study. John Sentamu’s Wake Up to Advent, and Tom Wright’s Advent for Everyone provide stimulating reading.

There are also range of daily devotionals – some by Catholic authors.

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Advent for Everyone –
Daily Devotional
N T (Tom) Wright.
Pbk 136pp. ISBN 9780664263416.
Westminster John Knox (2019).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

An inspirational guide through the Advent season, from the 1st Sunday of Advent through the Saturday after the 4th Sunday of Advent. Popular biblical scholar and author Tom Wright provides his own Scripture translation and brief reflection to guide readers through the season toward the wonder and joy of Christmas.

Suitable for both individual and group study and reflection.

Light of the World:
A Beginner’s Guide to Advent
Amy-Jill Levine.
Pbk 144pp. ISBN 9781501884351.
Abingdon Press (2019).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

Author, professor, and biblical scholar Amy-Jill Levine explores the biblical texts surrounding the story of the birth of Jesus. Join her as she traces the Christmas narrative through the stories of Zechariah and Elizabeth, Mary, the journey to Bethlehem, and the visit from the Magi.

These stories open conversations around connections of the Gospel stories to the Old Testament, the role of women in 1st-century Jewish culture, the importance of Mary’s visitation and the revolutionary implications of Mary’s Magnificat, the census and the stable, and the star of Bethlehem and the flight to Egypt.

The book provides a rich and challenging learning experience for small groups and individual readers alike. As part of a larger four-week study that is perfect for Advent, a DVD and a comprehensive leader guide are also available.

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Light of the World Leader Guide.
Amy-Jill Levine.
Pbk 64pp. ISBN 9781501884382.
Abingdon Press (2019).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

The Leader Guide contains everything needed to guide a group through the four-week study including session plans, activities, and discussion questions, as well as multiple format options.


Light of the World DVD.
Amy-Jill Levine.
DVD US Region 1 format.
ISBN 9781501884306.
Abingdon Press (2019).
[Allow 4-6 weeks].

Your DVD player or computer must be able to play US Region 1 formatted DVDs

The four-session DVD features Amy-Jill Levine guiding participants through the study. The video sessions are 8-10 minutes in length and, when combined with the six book chapters, make an ideal four-week group study. All videos sessions are closed captioned.


Light of the World Large Print.
Amy-Jill Levine.
Pbk 144pp. ISBN 9781501884375.
Abingdon Press. (2019).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

Wake Up to Advent!:
The Archbishop of York’s Advent Book, 2019.
John Sentamu.
Pbk 144pp. ISBN 9780281083541.

SPCK (2019).
[Allow 3-4 weeks].

‘It is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed.’

St Paul’s words of encouragement to the Christians in Rome are the springboard for the Archbishop of York’s Advent book for 2019.

Basing his reflections on the readings and prayers in the Book of Common Prayer, Archbishop Sentamu offers fresh spiritual food for the Advent journey – pressed down, shaken together and running over.

Sacred Space:
For Advent and the Christmas Season 2019-2020.
The Irish Jesuits.
Pbk 98pp. ISBN 9780829448948.

Loyola Press (2019).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

This book invites readers to develop a closer relationship with God during this season of preparation and anticipation. What we know and trust about the Sacred Space online prayer experience is now available in a compact, portable print format to heighten our Advent prayer practice in a way that is accessible, engaging, and meaningful to daily life.

Throughout the Advent season, each day includes a Scripture reading and points of reflection, as well as a weekly topic enhanced by six steps of prayer and reflection. Its small size and meaningful message make this a simple way to build a richer relationship with God and embrace the Advent season.

Advent Conspiracy:
Making Christmas Meaningful (Again).
Rick McKinley; Chris Seay; Greg Holder.
Pbk 176pp. ISBN 9780310353461.

Zondervan (2019).
[Allow 3-4 weeks].

Are you tired of how consumerism has stolen the soul of Christmas? This year take a stand!

Advent Conspiracy shows you how to substitute consumption with compassion by practicing four simple but powerful, counter-cultural concepts:

  • Worship Fully – because Christmas begins and ends with Jesus!
  • Spend Less – and free your resources for things that truly matter.
  • Give More – of your presence: your hands, your words, your time, your heart.
  • Love All – the poor, the forgotten, the marginalized, and the sick in ways that make a difference.

Find out how to have a Christmas worth remembering, not dreading. Christmas can still change the world when you, like Jesus, give what matters most – your presence.

Christmas in the Four Gospel Homes:
An Advent Study
Cynthia M Campbell.
Pbk 96pp. ISBN 9780664264994.

Westminster John Knox (2019).
[Allow 3-4 weeks].

How might a house look for Christmas based on what each Gospel says about it?

Beautiful illustrations from architect Kevin Burns re-imagine each of the four Gospels as a “house,” which the church visits at Christmas.

Cynthia M. Campbell reflects on the distinctive perspective of the birth of Jesus or the incarnation offered by each Gospel.

Suitable for individual or group study, this book creatively re-imagines the season and inspires new and exciting reflection for Advent.

Following Jesus in the Holy Land:
Pathways of Discipleship through Advent and Lent.
Stephen W Need.
Pbk 116pp. ISBN 9781789590418.
Sacristy Press (2019).
[Allow 3-4 weeks].

A study book for individual and group use during the Church’s seasons of Advent and Lent.

The 10 chapters (4 for Advent, 6 for Lent) can be used by individuals or church groups for stimulation and discussion on a week-by-week basis.

Each chapter chooses a location associated with the life of Jesus, making this book an “armchair pilgrimage” through the Holy Land.

The chapters cover the history of the places concerned before delving into a connected biblical text, and then drawing out key implications and teaching for contemporary faith.

Freedom Is Coming:
From Advent to Epiphany with the Prophet Isaiah.
Nick Baines.
Pbk 144pp. ISBN 9780281082919.
SPCK (2019).
[Allow 3-4 weeks].

The second part of the book of Isaiah rings with proclamations and prophecies that find their fulfilment in the Gospels and are still being fulfilled by followers of Jesus today.

Baines invites you to think about what it meant for people in Isaiah’s day to be living in exile, and how the prophet encouraged them to keep their faith alive despite the apparent hopelessness of their situation.

The book also helps you to see the connections between Isaiah’s time and ours, and how his vision of God’s truth and justice spreading throughout the world can comfort, challenge and inspire God’s people now.

Read this book and find out how you too can become a ‘light to the nations’ as we approach the celebration of Christ’s birth and the new world that God has promised to bring into being.

Image of the Invisible:
Daily Bible readings from Advent to Epiphany.
Amy Scott Robinson.
Pbk 160pp. ISBN 9780857467898.
BRF (2019).
[Allow 3-4 weeks].

When you hear the word `God,’ does an image come into your head? Do you think of God as a shining light, or with a human shape, or as an anchor in the storm, a rock, a fortress…?

How is an invisible God revealed to us in scripture and in Jesus? Robinson, a poet and storyteller, answers this question with imagination and a close reading of the text.

  • Week 1: When God appears
  • Week 2: God the creator
  • Week 3: God the owner
  • Week 4: Veiled in flesh
  • Week 5: Visible in creation

Daily Devotions for Advent 2019
(Living Gospel).
Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles.
Pbk 64pp. ISBN 9781594719370.
Ave Maria (2019).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

Offering spiritual guidance from the first Sunday of Advent through Christmas Day, each two-page daily devotion offers brief Bible verses, prayers, wise and practical reflections on the Word of God, and an easy-to-do spiritual exercise that can usually be completed the same day.

These daily devotions by the Carmelites will help root readers prayer in the rich soil of Advent readings as they get ready for Christmas.

Advent Meditations.
Anne E Kitch.
Pbk 65pp. ISBN 9781640651463.

Church Publishing (2019).
[1 in stock, then allow 3-4 weeks].

Kitch looks at Advent through adult eyes. We don’t like to wait, but the season of Advent is all about waiting – a time of expectation, when Christians have traditionally devoted themselves to practices of prayer and study.

There are short meditations for each of the 30 days of the season, from the 1st Sunday of Advent through Christmas Day. In the spirit of expectancy, each meditation focuses on seeking and seeing God in the everyday of our ordinary lives, based on a psalm that corresponds to the daily office for the season of Advent.

The perfect seasonal practice companion for spiritual seekers as well as devoted Christians, and ideal for church groups and congregations wishing to hand out a fresh and contemporary Advent resource to members.

Baby Jesus.
Lesley Sims; Ag Jatkowska illust.
Board book 20pp. ISBN 9781474942379.
Usborne (2017).
Compact: 14.5cm x 14.5 cm
[Allow 3-4 weeks].

One starry night, long ago, a very special baby was born. Follow the animals, the shepherds and three wise men to say hello to him. A charming retelling of the birth of Jesus for very young children.

Baby’s First Nativity.
Nomar Perez illust.
Board book, 16pp. ISBN 9781499809596.

Little Bee Books (2019).
[1 in stock].

In this bright and attractive book, children will learn the main figures in the nativity story. Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the manger, angels, the wise men, and more are beautifully introduced.

This sturdy board book is a great addition to a child’s library.

Cozy Nativity:
A Touch-And-Feel Christmas Story.
Thomas Nelson.
Board book. 10pp. ISBN 9781400208937.

Thomas Nelson (2019).
[Allow 3 weeks].

Everyone is excited about the coming King – including the animals! As news of Jesus’ birth spreads, the creatures along the way cluck, hee-haw, and baa with joy in this delightful touch-and-feel nativity book for young children.

They will love the touch-and-feel element on every spread and repeating the animal sounds as the anticipation of Jesus’ birthday grows. This Christmas season, encourage your child to hear, see, speak, and feel the joy of Jesus arriving in the manger and in their own lives!

First Sticker Book Nativity.
Felicity Brooks; Ag Jatkowska illust.
Pbk 24pp. ISBN 9781474919074.

Usborne (2016).
[Allow 3-4 weeks].

A charming activity book filled with delightful illustrations of well-known nativity scenes.

Stick Mary and Joseph in the inn and baby Jesus in a manger to complete the iconic nativity scenes. Perfect for children reading the story of the nativity and Christmas at school. Over 250 stickers.

Leah’s Star:
A Nativity Story.
Margaret Bateson-Hill; Karin Littlewood illust.
Hbk 32pp. ISBN 9781907825255.

Alanna Max (2019).
[Allow 3-4 weeks].

Bethlehem has never been so busy! Leah, the innkeeper’s daughter businessman off her feet. Then in the starlight miracles begin. This beautiful, fresh new telling of the Nativity story, through the eyes of a young girl, brings wonderful humanity to this familiar tale.

The Nativity’s innkeeper is often portrayed as a callous businessman, turning the vulnerable couple away. But at the time of the census in Jerusalem, his rooms would have been packed with travellers – not an ideal place for a young woman about to go into labour. In Leah’s Star, we see his humanity in offering Mary and Joseph a warm, private space in his stable.

Here is a young woman, about to go into labour who is helped by Leah and the local midwife. These details bring the old familiar story to new life.

Long Ago, on a Silent Night.
Julie Berry; Annie Won illust.
Hbk 40pp. ISBN 9781338277722.

Orchard Books (2019).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

The miracle of Christmas comes alive in this luminous celebration of unconditional love and the joy and hope and promise in every child.

Long ago, in a dusty barn, a mother took a child in her arms, wrapped him snug, made his bed in the hay. He was her gift that Christmas Day. There’s no sweeter gift than a life so new.

With tender, incandescent illustrations by Annie Won, the wonder of the nativity story and the marvel of every baby come alive in a wholly extraordinary book for families everywhere.

A special, beautiful keepsake storybook to read, share, and cherish every Christmas season with the ones you love.

The Night of His Birth.
Katherine Paterson; Lisa Aisato illust.
Hbk 32pp. ISBN 9781947888128.

Flyaway Books (2019).
[Allow 2-3 weeks].

Poetic text and striking images by Lisa Aisato reveal the intimacy of that unforgettable night long ago, when the mother of Jesus was the first to welcome him into a world he would change forever.

Mary’s baby has arrived, and she can’t contain her joy! As Joseph sleeps, she examines her new-born’s tiny mouth, his wild hair, his little hands. Yet what’s most wondrous is that this child is not just Mary’s own but a gift that God has shared with everyone.


The First Christmas
Thomas D Williams; Frank Fraser illust.
Hbk 40pp. ISBN 9781622828548.

Sophia Institute Press (2019).
[Publishing 15 November 2019,
then allow 3-4 weeks].

Perfect for early readers, this illustrated, rhymed children’s book brings to life the Biblical story of Christmas.

Children will follow Mary and Joseph on their journey to Bethlehem and celebrate the birth of Jesus alongside angels, joyful shepherds, humble kings, and present-day Christians.


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