2020 Christmas Selection


2020 Christmas Selection

Here are some Christmas gift ideas. New Zealand customers, please order your print books promptly to ensure we can post them to you in good time for Christmas.

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I addition to our own books, we are pleased to feature Viviene Ball’s new devotional book God Welcomes Us; With a Song in Our Heart a collection of 43 new hymns by three local hymnwriters, and our choir Festival Singers’ new digital album A Hopkins Gloria.

A big thank all our customers for your support over the last year.

We wish you all a blessed and happy Christmas.

Philip and Heather Garside


[Prices, stock levels and estimated delivery time for titles on this page were last updated on 12 December 2020]

A Love Quilt:
Later Faith Patches
Trish McBride.
Pbk 154pp. ISBN 9781988572598.

Philip Garside Publishing Ltd (2020). 
[20+ in stock].

eBooks $17.50

This collection of later-life writings integrates deep Christian spiritual experiences of God with sometimes unorthodox thinking on many aspects of love, life, interfaith, race & social issues, and sciences.

Distilled wisdom, from Trish’s 70-year spiritual journey, will encourage and support you on your own journey. Her stories, poems and liturgies will engage you and challenge you to look at your life story and direction.

God Welcomes Us:

Poems and reflections on the welcoming hospitality of God.
Colour throughout.
Vivienne May Ball.
Pbk 86pp. ISBN 9780473552169

The Copy Press (2020).
[3 in stock].

Vivienne’s poems and reflections invite you to draw near and share in the hospitality offered by our loving Creator. Through Biblical meditations, nature poems , photos, and chats over the coffee table, this book gives you the opportunity to stop, reflect and dwell on the healing, peace and joy that can be ours.

Purple Hands:
A Kiwi Nurse-Midwife’s Response in Times of Crisis.
Barbara Walker QSO.
Pbk 206pp, 12pp colour photos
ISBN 9781988572420
PGPL (2020) 
[20+ in stock]

eBooks $17.50

What is life like for aid workers who gather from around the world to serve refugees who have fled their homes due to famine, political unrest, and disasters?

Kiwi nurse-midwife, Barbara Walker – who spent 20 years working for international aid agencies – shares her dramatic, heart-rending, and inspiring stories of the situations she faced and the people she sought to help.

With a Song in Our Heart

Norman E Brookes, Norman J Goreham, Jeremy F Whimster
Spiral bound 90pp. ISBN 9780473486150
43 Hymns
BGW Press (2020).
[6 in stock]

With a Song in Our Heart offers hymns that tick many boxes. They are theologically coherent; they are beautifully themed for lectionary-based worship; they are very sing-able to regular and mostly familiar tunes; they convey the biblical story in language that reflects our context of Aotearoa in the 21st century. Here is a refreshing and accessible resource for congregations of all sizes and across the denominational spectrum.” Bishop Ross Bay, Auckland Anglican Diocese.

Fisi’inaua ‘i Vaha – A Tongan Migrant’s Way:
A Methodist Minister Applies Tongan Social Concepts in a New Zealand Setting.
Siosifa Pole
118pp. ISBN 9781988572475.
PGPL (2020)
[20+ in stock]

eBooks $10.00

“In this challenging collection of essays we hear the voice of a modern Tongan religious leader exploring with us, his readers, what it is to inhabit two island worlds… Always speaking from a close sense of gathered family connections and gifted with an undiminished delight in the natural world around him, he proudly brings the words and images of his Tongan background into a conversation that has been developing for many years among Christian communities in this much-colonized land.”
From the Preface by Emeritus Professor Colin Gibson.

A Hopkins Gloria
Digital Album
Music by Jonathan Berkahn
Sung by Festival Singers of Wellington (2020) 
4 tracks, 17:07 mins.

Click to Order from Festival Singers’ website
or from Bandcamp.com

If you are giving the digital album as a gift it is easiest to do this on Bandcamp

The music is set to liturgical text from  A New Zealand Prayer Book, and some of Gerard Manley Hopkins poems.

The tracks are:
Pied Beauty
Agnus Dei

Getting Married in New Zealand – Te Mārenatanga ki Aotearoa: 

A guide to creating wedding and birth celebrations.
Gregory Hughson; Douglas Pratt.
Pbk 174pp. ISBN 9781988572611.
Philip Garside Publishing Ltd (2020).
[25+ In stock].

eBooks: $15.00

This book has everything you need to plan and create a wedding ceremony and celebration that is right for you.

The authors have many years’ experience of offering couples a multi-choice format upon which to construct their marriage ceremony. The essence of the book is flexibility and adaptability to individual circumstances. The book includes templates and information for:

  • Christian and secular weddings
  • te reo Māori ceremonies
  • same-sex weddings

The authors also provide guidance about wedding receptions, including toasts, speeches and, things to avoid.

This book is:

    • ideal for celebrants to share with couples
    • ideal for couples to plan their own unique celebration
    • a helpful gift for couples preparing to marry
    • for couples seeking to deepen their marriage relationships, and
    • for theology, ministry and religious studies students

Fresh From the Word 2021.
Nathan Eddy.
Pbk 384pp. ISBN 9781800300019.
Monarch Books (2020).
[3 left in stock as at 14 Dec 2020.]

This popular annual will inspire your Bible reading in a time of change. Bringing together theologians, scholars, creative writers, church leaders, and activists from around the world, it offers notes, prayers, and further thought suggestions for every day of the year.

Let Your Light Shine Through:
Collected Sermons – Creative Worship Volume 2.
Philip Garside.
304pp. ISBN 9781988572260
PGPL (2020). 

[1 in stock]

eBooks: $17.50

Are you looking for fresh insights into Bible readings that will stimulate your thinking, warm your heart and support your spiritual journey? These engaging sermons by New Zealand Methodist lay preacher, and progressive Christian, Philip Garside will get you going.

The 62 sermons in this book are arranged in the order they were preached over 12 years and follow the three-year cycle of readings in the Revised Common Lectionary. There are indexes of Scripture readings and of People / Themes, and a Bibliography of key books, recordings and other sources referred to in the sermons.

The book is supported by free online PowerPoints, images & photos, video clips, and audio recordings of many of the sermons.

A Likely Lad:
The life of Norman Lesser, Archbishop of New Zealand.
Judy Mills.
Pbk 316pp. ISBN 9781988572314.
Philip Garside Publishing Ltd (2020). 
[4 in stock].

eBooks: $20.00

How did Norman Lesser, a boy from a terrace house in Liverpool, become the Archbishop of New Zealand?

The answer lies in sheer native ability, great energy, a talent for leadership, a happy outlook on life and a bit of luck – or if you prefer, the Grace of God.

Norman Lesser’s world might seem different from ours. But the values of faith, resolution and compassion that we see in his life-story are still relevant today, offering challenge and inspiration.

A Celebration Of Life:
Collected Poems.
Meg Hartfield.
Pbk 104pp ISBN 9781927260661.
Philip Garside Publishing Ltd (2017).
[20+ In stock]

eBooks: $10.00

Meg Hartfield’s poems flow from her deep faith and a longing for a peaceful world.

Use these poems in reflective worship services, for group devotions and for personal inspiration.

The poems in the first half of the book – Light of the World – are a retelling of the story of Jesus’ life. Starting with the Word and the nativity, then onwards to the Cross, Resurrection and Pentecost, the poems draw us into the mystery of God among us. Taken together they form a new gospel, a new sharing of the good news, for readers today.

Thirteen poems focus on Peace. This collection also includes a section of Tributes to family members and other people, poems about nature and it is rounded out by a set of happy haiku.

Short Introductions to the Bible Readings for the Revised Common Lectionary, Years A, B & C:
A Resource for the Readers at the LecternBill Bennett.
Pbk 118pp. ISBN 9781988572017.

Philip Garside Publishing Ltd (2019). [9 in stock].

eBooks: $10.00

Would you like a simple, quick way to engage with the Revised Common Lectionary Old Testament, Epistle and Gospel readings for each Sunday and other important days in the church calendar, including Lent and Easter? Bill Bennett’s short introductions to each Bible reading will get you started.

Use the entries in this book:

  • As a preface to the Bible reading in a service
  • As a sermon spark
  • For personal devotional reading
  • In your church’s weekly news bulletin
  • Using the full Scripture Index

Sophia and Daughters Revisited:
Reflections on Women of Biblical Connection.
Rosalie Sugrue.
196pp. ISBN 9781988572123.

Philip Garside Publishing Ltd (2019). [30+ in stock].

eBooks: $15.00

Attention worship leaders and preachers. Tap into lay preacher Rosalie Sugrue’s creative imagination as she tells the stories of 35 Bible women from their point of view.

These stories and dialogues are perfect for you to share during the sermon or reflection time in your next service, and when these women appear in your lectionary scripture readings. The reflections are also suitable for personal devotions.

Let’s Say a Psalm:
The Psalms in a fresh voice for children, families and worship.
Silvia Purdie
136pp, ISBN 9781086480306

Philip Garside Publishing Ltd (2019)
[4 in stock]


eBooks $12.50

You will enjoy using these delightful paraphrases of the Psalms at home and in church. Includes Silvia’s own photos, many from a trip to Israel.

Silvia has interpreted the Psalms through a Jesus lens, assuming the they include prophecy about Christ, that Jesus re-interpreted them and that all scripture breathes the Word of Christ.

Silvia hopes that her versions ring true with each original Psalm and that they also translate ancient words and mind-pictures into images to which children can relate. 

The Grief Walk:

Losing, Grieving, and Journeying on to Something New
Alister G. Hendery
Pbk 216pp. ISBN 9781988572376.

PGPL, NZ (2020). 
Print $25.00
[30+ in stock]

eBooks: $12.50

This practical book is for people who are grieving, for people who want to support them as they undertake the painful journey of grief, and for anyone who wants to reflect on their own experiences of loss.

When Alister asked Isobel, whose husband had died a few years before, what would have helped her most then, her response was immediate. ‘Someone who would walk with me. Not people who would talk at me and give me answers, but simply listen to me and walk with me.’ The grief walk.

Grieving and loss are universal experiences, but how you experience grief is unique to you. In his ministry, Alister has found that models of the stages of grief are unhelpful, as is the idea of closure. Instead, he gives you permission to work through your grief in the ways, and at the times, that are helpful to you.

Click here to download a free
PDF Study Guide for The Grief Walk,
that can be used by individuals or small groups.

Tried and True Resources
for All-Age Worship Vol. 2.
Rosie Staite.
Pbk 192pp. Colour photos throughout.

ISBN 9780473471255.
Rosie Staite – NZ (2019). 
[2 in stock].

Here are lots of ideas that work for Making the Point today, Gospel themes, The Seasons, values & social justice, Times of Celebration, Prayer Resources. Great for all who work in ministry – churches, schools, at home with children & young people. This second volume includes a comprehensive section on Coping with the Sadness which covers: Community Funerals, Remembrance Services and a Liturgy for closing a Church building when relocating a congregation.

“Rosie is offering us a comprehensive work from her own very wide experience in diverse communities, from a range of traditions. I look forward to using Tried and True Volume 2 for services, retreats, spiritual direction – it has practical ideas to explore a living and grounded faith with both young and old.

…this material has all been used, in congregations like the ones to which many of us belong: smaller, with a range of people, whose faith needs both encouragement and fresh language for what they often instinctively know but cannot easily express.” Rev Dr Jenny Dawson


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