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Wherever You Are, You Are On The Journey:
Conversations in a Coffee Shop Book 1.

Susan Jones

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Published:  21 November 2021
Language: English
Words: 43,130
B/W text, 134 pp, 6″ x 9″ 

PDF: 9781988572857
ePub: 9781988572833

Kindle/Mobi: 9781988572840

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Dave Tomlinson receives a copy of the book — YouTube

Short Description

Do you feel there is more to Christian faith than is told on Sundays? Are you questioning whether the firmly held beliefs you grew up with are going to be useful in the next stage of your life?

Don’t panic! You have simply reached a transition point in your faith journey.

Hope and her minister/mentor Susan chat about deepening & re-enchanting faith at their local café. What will Hope do next?

Full Description

Have you been religiously inclined for a while, but feel that there is more to Christian faith than is told on Sundays? Perhaps your current ideas about God, about Jesus and about what it means to live well, no longer satisfy you? Maybe you are questioning whether the firmly held beliefs you grew up with are going to be useful in the next stage of your life?

Don’t panic! You have simply reached a transition point in your faith journey. It’s time for a change and it will be unsettling.

Through the medium of weekly conversations in a local café Susan Jones creatively explores what it’s like to live through this threshold of faith, by telling us the story of Hope, a young woman who has followed the religious rules all her life but is ready to move on. What will Hope do next?

As Susan says in her introduction, “In this novel you have come across part of Hope’s journey. Not all of it may suit you right now. Here, though, are ideas and metaphors which may help with the questions buzzing round your head. These conversations seek to support re-enchantment of your journey. To help you move into post-critical thinking. I hope the book helps you understand the reasons for the changes in your thinking, and in other people’s. I hope too that you will learn how important it is that we do change.”

Praise for Wherever You Are, You Are On The Journey

“I love this book. It’s a very easy read. And it underscores the point that while interest in churchgoing Christianity is at an all-time low, spiritual curiosity is burgeoning in the 21st century. Pulpit monologues are done and dusted, but genuine, open-ended conversations over a decent cup of coffee – that’s a different thing! Faith must be democratised – rescued from religion and explored with the honesty and humanity found in this book.” Dave Tomlinson, author of ‘Black Sheep and Prodigals’ and host of The Holy Shed YouTube channel.

“Susan Jones offers an oasis for those parched by long treks through dry lands. In conversational form she gently removes boundaries, encouraging people who may have found the whole issue of religion too difficult to navigate. What better setting than a coffee shop for renewing the search for faith in times when the quest for meaning seems to have become not only unfashionable but reactionary. Offering breadcrumbs of hope along the way, Jones informs, encourages, imagines, and enchants. She has faced the difficulties of authenticity herself and discovered a way to live redemptively in a complex world. A book of possibilities, and a conversation of genuine encounter. Buy one for yourself, and one to give away.” Mike Riddell, author


Personal Introduction — Welcome!

1 — Faith is a series of stages, not a destination

2 — Don’t look now, but you’re surrounded

3 — What have we been worshipping all these centuries?

4 — If the Christian project is dying, what do I do now?

5 — The emperor’s clothing is seductive: can I let it go?

6 — The Big Story behind the little old stories

7 — Who or what is God in the world of myth and mystery?

8 — Being in church as a re-enchanted person

9 — Where do the sacraments fit now?

10 — Communicating about Communion

11 — Myth in scripture and our daily lives

12 — Can psychology or philosophy help with the journey?

13 — Who are the priests and prophets of the journey?

14 — Leading the way to re-enchantment

Appendix — 1 Creeds

Creed for an Easter People

Creed About Love

A South Canterbury Creed

Appendix — 2  Affirmations

Affirmation of Faith

Affirmation of Wilderness

Affirming the Waste of Perfume

Appendix — 3  Great Prayer of Thanksgiving

Great Prayer of Thanksgiving

Appendix — 4  Hope and Charlie’s Experimental Liturgy



Forthcoming books by Susan Jones to be published by Philip Garside Publishing Ltd

About the Author

Poet, writer, musician, minister and spiritual guide, Rev Dr Susan Jones is passionate that faith be sung and spoken authentically in her context of today’s Aotearoa New Zealand.

During her 25 years of ordained ministry, Susan developed skills in curating worship which blend theology, metaphor, and context with inclusive spirituality.

Her writing has been informed by her roles as a teacher, spiritual director, supervisor and minister. She’s completed a doctorate in theology too.

Susan engages respectfully with diverse beliefs and opinions; distilling complex ideas, making change accessible. She brings a gentle, quirky sense of humour to her writing.

Susan’s coffee shop conversations trilogy integrates years of church, study, scholarly observation, struggle and no small measure of pain, undergirded by authenticity, deep faith, and a sense of the numinous.

Meeting the spiritual and pastoral needs of people in LGBTQI community has been a particular focus. Through her contemporary lyrics and liturgy, Susan has encouraged her parish churches to progress in their inclusive journey.

Now retired to Dunedin, Susan is devoting her time to writing and has 4 books recently released and forthcoming in 2022.

Forthcoming books by Susan Jones to be published by Philip Garside Publishing Ltd

We’re All Equally Human: Conversations in a Coffee Shop Book 2

Charity, a young lesbian church goer, attends her church’s national conference, and finds herself hurt and upset by the swirl of the ‘gay debate’ in the Church. She comes home puzzled and worried.
Charity and her minister plunge into coffee shop conversations about this issue.



Being Woman in the World: Conversations in a Coffee Shop Book 3

Faith’s weekly coffee bar conversations with her minister explore the Feminine – in psychology and theology, women in biblical texts, roles in church and society, God and gender, women and spirituality. They cover the range!

 Progressing on the Journey: Lyrics and liturgy for a conscious church

Are you looking for fresh, original hymn lyrics and liturgy for your church?

Would you like to celebrate diverse ways of being fully human in a loving faith community?

Then these 42 hymns, 70 gatherings, affirmations, and blessings; along with poems & reflections, will provide a valuable resource to support your worship ministry.


Christian identity; Christian friendship; Christian mentoring; faith journey; talking about faith; spiritual growth; future church; experimental worship; exploring theology; Christian sacraments; baptism; future church; Presbyterian; New Zealand; call to ministry; progressive Christian


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