Sounds Like A Game Changer – eBook

Sounds Like A Game Changer: A Soon-To-Be-Obsolete Collection Of Technology Cartoons By Jim

By Brendan Boughen

 eBook Publication details

Published: 22 March 2018
Language: English
Words: 6440 approx

Kindle ISBN: 978-1-927260-82-1
ePub ISBN: 978-1-927260-81-4
PDF ISBN: 978-1-927260-80-7


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Book Description

This collection gathers more than 100 of Jim’s best tech cartoons alongside his written thoughts on his experiences communicating about technology as it’s evolved over the last crazy, game-changing decade. Get it before it’s all obsolete!

Mild-mannered New Zealand-based PR consultant Brendan Boughen has spent the last 10 years leading a double life. By day, he has managed public relations for a wide range of big name technology brands, and by night he has transformed into his alter-ego … Jim, cartoonist and wily raconteur! (OK, maybe not the second thing.)

Within the relative anonymity that came with that nom de plume, Jim’s cartoonist brain has frequently intermingled with his PR consultant brain and baked up cartoons about technology… or more specifically, the human obsession with technology.

Computers, software, hardware, tablets, phablets, smartphones, game consoles, websites, social media, the Internet, fibre-networks, robotics, big data, servers, 3D printing, the cloud, ‘green’ tech, apps, memes, BYOD, data security, space travel, time-travel, innovation, collaboration… If it’s anything to do with technology, Jim has probably cartooned about it (or will soon.)


“Technology has changed our lives. Permanently.

As software improves, hardware gets smaller and autonomous vehicles get smarter, we will always look back on yesterday’s craze as a clumsy, slower version of the obsolete gadget we are using today.

This is where the incredible talents of technologist, communicator and cartoonist Brendan Boughen (a.k.a. Jim) come in.

Over his decade-long career in communications working with some of the world’s biggest tech brands, and with a unique ability to craft images which highlight the humour behind some of the technology that we believed at the time was ‘game changing,’ Jim has created screenshots of life in the digital age which get to the heart of our obsession with technology.

My own first personal experience of Jim’s tech cartoons came when a notification popped up on my Twitter feed saying @cartoonsbyjim had mentioned me in a tweet.

This wasn’t any normal social media mention, but nine panels of silliness capturing me as my stage alter ego ‘Nanogirl’ sharing my passion for breaking into technology to show how it works. I was simultaneously stunned, thrilled and tickled to have been pictured this way, having grown up always wanting to be a superhero and dreaming of having my own comic strip.

Looking deeper at this comic, I saw something else that features in many of Jim’s cartoons – it’s the bright-eyed look of wonder as the guys in t-shirts gaze in awe at the new piece of technology they are holding in their hands. We all know that exact feeling when we pick up something new and shiny for the first time.

It was Arthur C Clarke who wrote that, “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” and if we think back to where technology was at just ten years ago, it’s understandable that our reactions to the new, sometimes game-changing technology that has appeared around us every year since, are often reactions of such bedazzlement.

So, as Jim holds your hand in his inky one and takes you for a walk down memory lane through this collection of insightful sketches about life with technology, you’ll laugh out loud, ponder deeply and maybe even shed a tear at its reminders of the familiar technology that has touched your life as it wanders amidst the magical gadgets, pop culture moments, viral trends and even the tough times in our world’s recent history.

This book isn’t just a fun jibe at how technology rules our lives; it’s a deep historical collection and thought-provoking prediction of humanity’s relationships in the digital age.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.”

From the Foreword by Dr Michelle Dickinson (Nanogirl) – Senior Lecturer in the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering at the University of Auckland

Short Book Description

This collection gathers more than 100 of Jim’s best tech cartoons and his written thoughts on his experiences communicating about technology as it’s evolved over the last crazy, game-changing decade. Get it before it’s all obsolete!

Table of contents

  • fore¦word
  • game chan¦ger
  • in¦nov|ation
  • de¦vic¦es
  • life¦online
  • tech¦@¦work
  • big¦data
  • sus¦tain¦ability
  • the¦future
  • Acknowledgements

About the Author

Brendan Boughen’s (Jim’s) cartoons have featured in magazines and websites in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the USA.

He has drawn cartoons for businesses, hospitals, community organisations and churches, and is an associate member of the Australian Cartoonist’s Association.

Jim draws black and white gags, full-colour cartoons, single panel or comic strips that aim to go a little deeper than most and work on multiple levels.

In December 2006, Jim published his first book, titled Gone Astray: A Collection of (Sac)Religious Cartoons by Jim.

These days, Jim’s cartoons can be seen monthly in the editorial pages of the New Zealand Methodist Church’s Touchstone magazine and randomly in a variety of publications around the world.

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Books by Brendan: Published by & Available from us

Gone Astray: A Collection Of (Sac)Religious Cartoons By Jim

Church folk often take ourselves too seriously. Jim’s warm-hearted, but edgy, cartoons help us to see the funny side of church life. No one is spared – clergy, organists, parishioners – all get a gentle prod. Good, thought-filled fun, well balanced between the trite and the bite of cartooning humour. Click to order  Print or eBooks.

Sounds Like A Game Changer: A Soon-To-Be-Obsolete Collection Of Technology Cartoons By Jim

This collection gathers more than 100 of Jim’s best tech cartoons and his written thoughts on his experiences communicating about technology as it’s evolved over the last crazy, game-changing decade. Get it before it’s all obsolete!  Click to order  Print or eBooks.

Touching A Nerve: A Curly Collection of Churchy Cartoons By Jim

Cartoons are Jim’s church. In the process of creating these 120 cartoons over the last decade for magazines, billboards and online spaces, he has encountered life’s meaning as he’s made readers laugh – and touched a few nerves along the way. This book shows the need for cartoons that reveal truth and make us laugh is as vital as it has ever been. Click to order  Print or eBooks.


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