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Progressing the Journey:
Lyrics and Liturgy for a Conscious Church

Susan Jones

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Published:  23 February 2022
Language: English
Words: 25,200
B/W text, 158 pp

PDF 9781988572932
Kindle 9781988572949
ePub 9781988572956


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Short description

Looking for fresh, original hymn lyrics and liturgy for your church? Want to celebrate diverse ways of being fully human in a loving faith community?

These 42 hymns, 70 gatherings, affirmations, and blessings; poems & reflections, will provide a valuable resource to support your ministry.

Praise for Progressing the Journey

Lively congregations and alert leaders will welcome this collection of new hymns and original liturgies by a confident and experienced writer.

The songs have a quiet eloquence, their language is simple and direct, and they deal with many of the real life issues which confront us in the ‘new normal’ world.  That they are set to well-known tunes will make it easy to absorb them into a singing congregation’s vocabulary of praise.

The liturgies are fresh and vital in thought and language: a useful alternative to the sleepy long-established formulas which still clog our much-changed  religious world.

I strongly recommend Susan Jones’ Progressing on the Journey and her deeply contemplated and whole-hearted expression of distinctive New Zealand themes and images; this is a very rich new spiritual resource for troubled times.”

Colin Gibson, Hymnwriter, Composer & Lay Preacher

This book speaks deeply to me in Aotearoa about the variety of our people. Through these words, different races, genders, and sexual orientations are all welcomed as part of the beauty of God‘s world.

I love that Susan’s taken old hymns and provided new words. She takes seriously what we’re doing to the land and each other.

These lyrics and liturgies speak deeply to me about the God I know, the God I see in the Bible but also in the land; its beauty, the mysteries of creation and those around me.

I wish I’d had this book when preparing services each Sunday. Now, it takes me deeper into God as part of my morning prayer.
Thank you, Susan.”

Very Rev. Marg Schrader
former Moderator, Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand

Full Description

  • Are you looking for fresh, original hymn lyrics and liturgy for your church?
  • Would you like to celebrate diverse ways of being fully human in a loving faith community?
  • Is your church ready to explore current ideas about God – not just male, not up there, but down here with us – creation, Jesus & theology?

Then these 42 hymns, 70 gatherings, affirmations, and blessings; along with poems & reflections, will provide a valuable resource to support your worship ministry.

Susan’s lyrics, that can be sung to well known tunes, have been used at a Presbytery inauguration, in communion, at anniversaries, for baptisms and for a same sex wedding. They have featured in Pride services, Transgender Day of Remembrance commemorations, during Bible Month and throughout the Season of Creation.

Susan’s kitset hymn ln our world we find delight, written for original music by Vivien Chiu, covers the whole Season of Creation 3-year cycle.

Her lyrics and liturgy mark the seasons of the church year in unusual ways as well as celebrating: questioning, rainbow themes, faith stages, the cosmos, diverse orientations and identities, gender equality, 21st century reformation, interfaith connection, prodigals, postmodern church, endangered species, and the importance of finding the Self by going deep within.


  • Introduction
  • Abbreviations used in the hymns section
  • Hymning the Journey — New words, familiar tunes
  • Wording our Worship — New words for new ideas
  • 1 — Responsive Gatherings
  • 2 — Pairs of Responsive Gatherings and Affirmations
  • 3 — Creeds
  • 4 — Affirmations
  • 5 — Pairs of Responsive Gatherings and Blessings
  • 6 — Prayers
  • 7 — Lament and Litany
  • 8 — Communion Liturgies
  • 9 — Responsive Blessings
  • 10 — Poems
  • 11 — Reflections from a New Perspective

About the Author

Poet, writer, musician, minister and spiritual guide, Rev Dr Susan Jones is passionate that faith be sung and spoken authentically in her context of today’s Aotearoa New Zealand.

During her 25 years of ordained ministry, Susan developed skills in curating worship which blend theology, metaphor, and context with inclusive spirituality.

Her writing has been informed by her roles as a teacher, spiritual director, supervisor and minister. She’s completed a doctorate in theology too.

Susan engages respectfully with diverse beliefs and opinions; distilling complex ideas, making change accessible. She brings a gentle, quirky sense of humour to her writing.

Susan’s coffee shop conversations trilogy integrates years of church, study, scholarly observation, struggle and no small measure of pain, undergirded by authenticity, deep faith, and a sense of the numinous.

Meeting the spiritual and pastoral needs of people in LGBTQI community has been a particular focus. Through her contemporary lyrics and liturgy, Susan has encouraged her parish churches to progress in their inclusive journey.

Now retired to Dunedin, Susan is devoting her time to writing and has 4 books recently released and forthcoming in 2022.

Two sets of PowerPoint Slides are now available to purchase for all 44 Hymns in Progressing the Journey:
Lyrics and Liturgy for a Conscious Church
by Susan Jones

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Forthcoming and recent books by Susan Jones

Wherever You Are, You Are On The Journey: Conversations in a Coffee Shop Book 1

Do you feel there is more to Christian faith than is told on Sundays? Are you questioning whether the firmly held beliefs you grew up with are going to be useful in the next stage of your life?

Don’t panic! You have simply reached a transition point in your faith journey.

Hope and her minister/mentor Susan chat about deepening & re-enchanting faith at their local café. What will Hope do next?

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We’re All Equally Human: Conversations in a Coffee Shop Book 2

Charity, a young lesbian church goer, attends her church’s national conference, and finds herself hurt and upset by the swirl of the ‘gay debate’ in the Church. She comes home puzzled and worried.
Charity and her minister plunge into coffee shop conversations about this issue.



Being Woman in the World: Conversations in a Coffee Shop Book 3

Faith’s weekly coffee bar conversations with her minister explore the Feminine – in psychology and theology, women in biblical texts, roles in church and society, God and gender, women and spirituality. They cover the range!


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