Order Sophia & Daughters Revisited Q–3.

Attention worship leaders and preachers.

Tap into lay preacher Rosalie Sugrue’s creative imagination as she tells the stories of 35 Bible women from their point of view.

These stories and dialogues are perfect for you to share during the sermon or reflection time in your next service, and when these women appear in your lectionary scripture readings.

“…The format will stimulate participation, provide a sense of drama or simply create space for meditative prayer. Use this book and see!” Shirley Erena Murray, hymn writer

 This updated and expanded edition also includes reflections on other noted women with Bible connections; Argula von Grumbach, Lenna Button, Susanna Wesley and Ann Turner. And there are many prayers, lists and resources with a female focus to explore in pairs, groups or as individuals.

Match up Sophia and Daughters Revisited with Rosalie’s other practical resource books Lay Preaching Basics, Ten Plays and Theme Scheme – which are also available from Amazon.com.