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Pat’s India:
Memories Of Childhood. Patricia Booth.
[10+ in stock.]

Sunday Best:

How the church shaped New Zealand and New Zealand shaped the church.
Peter Lineham.
[Allow 7-10 days].


Wild Goose big book of liturgies.
Iona Community.
[Allow 3-4 weeks].

Katie Luther, First Lady of the Reformation:
The Unconventional Life of Katharina Von Bora.
Ruth A Tucker.
[Allow 3-4 weeks].

The Making of Martin Luther.
Richard Rex.
[Allow 3-4 weeks].


In All Seasons, for All Reasons:
Praying Throughout the Year.
James Martin.
[Allow 4-6 weeks].


Being Disciples:
Essentials of the Christian Life.
Rowan Williams.
[Allow 3-4 weeks].


The Day the Revolution Began:
Rethinking The Meaning of Jesus’ Crucifixion.

N T (Tom) Wright.
[Allow 3-4 weeks]


Black Marks on the White Page.
Edited by Witi Ihimaera & Tina Makereti.
[Allow 2 weeks].


Anxious for Nothing:
Finding Calm in a Chaotic World.
Max Lucado.
[Allow 4 weeks].


Basic Income:
And How We Can Make It Happen.
Guy Standing.
[1 in stock


God’s Hotel:
A Doctor, a Hospital, and a Pilgrimage to the Heart of Medicine.
Victoria Sweet.
[Allow 4 weeks].


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Pat’s India: Memories Of Childhood. Patricia Booth. Pbk 140pp. ISBN 9781927260746. Philip Garside Publishing Ltd (2017). $30.00. [10+ in stock.]  

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How do we each define our own intimate culture?

How do we know where we belong?

Daughter of New Zealand Baptist missionaries, Patricia Booth was born in north-east India during World War Two, just as the Allies’ “forgotten army” fought desperately 250 kilometres away in Kohima to stop the Japanese from invading Assam. She attended school in Darjeeling in the Himalayas until the age of 16.

As an 11 year old she lived for a year in Feilding in the Manawatu while her parents were “at home on furlough” as they put it. She felt like a foreigner.

In recording her childhood memories, she has pondered on the various cultural influences she experienced. How have they shaped her understanding of who she is and where she belongs as she enters old age?

Her most valuable resource has been the 200 letters she wrote from boarding school to her parents over more than ten years which illustrate her development. Many of the letters are reproduced in this book. They have reminded her of the richness and complexity of her childhood.

The book includes 30 black and white photographs, 2 maps and 20 b/w scans of letters written by Pat aged 5-16 years.


Sunday Best: How the church shaped New Zealand and New Zealand shaped the church. Peter Lineham. Pbk 484pp. ISBN 9780994140777. Massey Univ. Press (2017). $55.00. [Allow 7-10 days].

The imprint of the church dominates New Zealand society even in this secular age.

The early arrival of the missionaries in Aotearoa set the scene for a new ‘moral colony’ that would be founded on religious precepts and modern Christian beliefs. It did not take long for a combination of circumstances to confound the aspirations of the Church Missionary Society, the Church in Rome and all those who followed.

Historian Peter Lineham examines Christianity in New Zealand through the lens of cultural development, and asks:

  • If the various denominations and faiths set out to shape New Zealand, how did the very fluid fact of New Zealand change those faiths?
  • From the Presbyterian south to the enclaves of Catholicism, who shaped whom?
  • And what is the legacy of that influence?
  • Why do we have afternoon tea?
  • And what were debutante balls?

Religion had a hand in the societal habits and milestones we all take for granted.


Wild Goose big book of liturgies. Iona Community. Pbk 272pp. ISBN 9781849525411. Wild Goose (2017). $52.00. [Allow 3-4 weeks].

Full communion services and short acts of worship; liturgies for small groups and all-age gatherings; worship rooted in church life and the Iona Community’s resident group on Iona, in social justice and pastoral work. Here is worship which is contextual, with a strong justice and peace edge. Originally published as single digital downloads by Wild Goose, these are now all brought together for the first time in the second of at least two Big Books of resources and liturgies.

Includes: Liturgies for Advent and Christmas – Lent and Easter – Transfiguration – Pentecost – Trinity Sunday – All Saints’ – St Columba’s Day – Father’s Day. Also on hunger – economic witness – peacemaking – the environment – pilgrimage – welcome, hospitality and friendship. Includes a blessing liturgy for a marriage or partnership – a wedding/partnership ceremony and resources for a memorial event.

Contributors include: John Harvey, Nancy Cocks, Tom Gordon, Jan Sutch Pickard, Joy Mead, Chris Polhill, Ian M Fraser, Thom M Shuman, Alison Swinfen, Annie Heppenstall, Norman Shanks and others.

“God of the rhinoceros and the midge, God of the Large Hadron Collider and the iPhone, help us to sense your presence in and through all things. God whose grace is sufficient for all our needs, help us to be people of compassion, justice and peace.”
(Norman Shanks, from `A liturgy for the Feast of the Transfiguration’)


Katie Luther, First Lady of the Reformation: The Unconventional Life of Katharina Von Bora. Ruth A Tucker. Pbk 208pp. ISBN 9780310532156. Zondervan (2017). $34.00. [Allow 3-4 weeks].

Katharina von Bora, wife of Martin Luther, was by any measure the First Lady of the Reformation. A strong woman with a mind of her own, she would remain unknown to us were it not for her larger than life husband. Unlike other noted Reformation women, her primary vocation was not related to ministry. She was a farmer and a brewer with a boarding house the size of a Holiday Inn – and all that with a large family and nursing responsibilities. In many ways, Katie was a modern woman – a Lean In woman or a modern-day version of a Proverbs 31 woman. Katharina’s voice echoes among modern women, wives and mothers who have carved out a career of their own.

Decisive and assertive, she transformed Martin Luther into at least a practicing egalitarian. Katharina was a full partner who was a no-nonsense, confident and determined woman, a starke Frau who did not cower when confronted by a powerful man.

Ruth Tucker invites readers to visit Katie Luther in her 16th-century village life – with its celebrations and heartaches, housing, diet, fashion, childbirth, child-rearing and gender restrictions – and to welcome her today into our own living rooms and workplaces.


The Making of Martin Luther. Richard Rex. Hbk 279pp. ISBN 9780691155159. Princeton Univ Press (2017). $52.50. [Allow 3-4 weeks].

A major new account of the most intensely creative years of Luther’s career.

Takes a provocative look at the intellectual emergence of one of the most original and influential minds of the 16th century. Richard Rex traces how, in a concentrated burst of creative energy in the few years surrounding his excommunication by Pope Leo X in 1521, this lecturer at an obscure German university developed a startling new interpretation of the Christian faith that brought to an end the dominance of the Catholic Church in Europe. Luther’s personal psychology and cultural context played their parts in the whirlwind of change he unleashed. But for the man himself, it was always about the ideas, the truth, and the Gospel.

Focusing on the most intensely important years of Luther’s career, Rex teases out the threads of his often paradoxical and counterintuitive ideas from the tangled thickets of his writings, explaining their significance, their interconnections, and the astonishing appeal they so rapidly developed. Yet Rex also sets these ideas firmly in the context of Luther’s personal life, the cultural landscape that shaped him, and the traditions of medieval Catholic thought from which his ideas burst forth.

Lucidly argued and elegantly written, The Making of Martin Luther is a splendid work of intellectual history that renders Luther’s earthshaking yet sometimes challenging ideas accessible to a new generation of readers.


In All Seasons, for All Reasons: Praying Throughout the Year. James Martin. Pbk 80pp. ISBN 9780814645079. Liturgical Press (2017). $19.00. [Allow 4-6 weeks].

The Christian longing to share anguish, fear, gratitude, and awe has found expression in many forms of prayer, beginning in Scripture and the practices and words of Jesus. Over the centuries many fruitful approaches to prayer have taken hold, but often there is a certain unease about what is right or what is best. In this welcome and welcoming book, Fr. James Martin eases these concerns with thoughtful, practical encouragement about prayer in all of its forms. In All Seasons, For All Reasons is drawn from “Teach Us to Pray,” Fr. Martin’s very popular monthly column in Give Us This Day.




Being Disciples: Essentials of the Christian Life. Rowan Williams. Pbk 88pp. ISBN 9780802874320. Eerdmans (2016). $22.00. [Allow 3-4 weeks].

Basic instruction in Christian discipleship from one of the world’s greatest living theologians.

“Discipleship,” says Rowan Williams in this companion to his best-selling Being Christian, “is a state of being. Discipleship is about how we live; not just the decisions we make, not just the things we believe, but a state of being.”

Having covered baptism, Bible, Eucharist, and prayer in Being Christian, Williams turns his attention in this book to what is required for us to continue following Jesus and growing in faith.

The book has six succinct chapters:

  • Being Disciples
  • Faith, Hope, and Love
  • Forgiveness
  • Holiness
  • Faith in Society
  • Life in the Spirit

In his typically gentle, inviting, pastoral writing style, Williams offers biblically grounded wisdom for Christians at all stages of their journeys as disciples of Jesus.

Also by WilliamsBeing Christian: Baptism, Bible, Eucharist, Prayer. Pbk 84pp. ISBN 9780802871978. Eerdmans (2014). $22.00. [Allow 4-6 weeks].

In this simple, beautifully written book Rowan Williams explores four essential components of the Christian life: baptism, Bible, Eucharist, and prayer. Despite huge differences in Christian thinking and practice both today and in past centuries, he says, these four basic elements have remained constant and indispensable for the majority of those who call themselves Christians.

In accessible, pastoral terms Williams discusses the meaning and practice of baptism, the Bible, the Eucharist, and prayer, inviting readers to really think through the Christian faith and how to live it out. Questions for reflection and discussion at the end of each chapter help readers to dig deeper and apply Williams’s insights to their own lives.


The Day the Revolution Began: Rethinking The Meaning of Jesus’ Crucifixion. NOW IN PAPERBACK. N T (Tom) Wright. Pbk 448pp. ISBN 9780281078608. SPCK (2017). $33.00. [Allow 3-4 weeks].

Tom Wright invites you to consider the full meaning of the event at the heart of the Christian faith – Jesus’ crucifixion. As he did in his acclaimed Surprised by Hope, Wright once again challenges commonly held beliefs, this time arguing that the Protestant Reformation did not go far enough in reshaping our understanding of the Cross. With his characteristic rigour and incisiveness, he goes back to the New Testament to show that Jesus’ death not only releases us from the guilt and power of sin, but is nothing less than the beginning of a world-wide revolution that continues to this day – a revolution that creates and energizes a movement responsible for restoring and reconciling the whole of God’s creation.

The Day the Revolution Began will take you to a new level in your appreciation of the meaning of Jesus’ sacrifice: opening up its powerful and amazing implications, inspiring you with a renewed sense of purpose and hope, and reminding you of the crucial role you can play in the world-transforming movement that Jesus started.


Black Marks on the White Page. Edited by Witi Ihimaera & Tina Makereti. Hbk 336pp. ISBN 9780143770299. Random House (2017). $40.00. [Allow 2 weeks]. 

A stunning collection of Oceanic stories for the 21st century.

Stones move, whale bones rise out of the ground like cities, a man figures out how to raise seven daughters alone. Sometimes gods speak or we find ourselves in a not-too-distant future. Here are the glorious, painful, sharp and funny 21st century stories of Maori and Pasifika writers from all over the world. Vibrant, provocative and aesthetically exciting, these stories expand our sense of what is possible in Indigenous Oceanic writing.

Witi Ihimaera and Tina Makereti present the very best new and uncollected stories and novel excerpts, creating a talanoa, a conversation, where the stories do the talking. And because our commonalities are more stimulating than our differences, the anthology also includes guest work from an Aboriginal Australian writer, and several visual artists whose work speaks to similar kaupapa.

Join us as we deconstruct old theoretical maps and allow these fresh Black Marks on the White Page to expand our perception of the Pacific world


Anxious for Nothing: Finding Calm in a Chaotic World. Max Lucado. Hbk 240pp. ISBN 9780718096120. Thomas Nelson Inc (2017). $43.00. [Allow 4 weeks].

Anxiety is at an all time high, but there’s a prescription for dealing with it. Max Lucado invites readers into a study of Philippians 4:6-7 where the Apostle Paul admonishes the followers of Christ, “Do not be anxious about anything…” As Lucado states, the apostle Paul seems to leave little leeway here. “Be anxious for nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zero.”

What’s he suggesting? That we should literally be anxious for absolutely nothing? Lucado says, “The presence of anxiety is unavoidable, but the prison of anxiety is optional. It’s the life of perpetual anxiety that Paul wants to address. Don’t let anything in life leave you perpetually in angst.”

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.


Basic Income: And How We Can Make It Happen. Guy Standing. Pbk 400pp. ISBN 9780141985480. Penguin (2017). $28.00. [1 in stock].

The essential guide to understanding the real economics behind a universal basic income.

  • Shouldn’t everyone receive a stake in society’s wealth?
  • Could we create a fairer world by granting a guaranteed income to all?
  • What would this mean for our health, wealth and happiness?

Basic Income is a regular cash transfer from the state, received by all individual citizens. It is an acknowledgement that everyone plays a part in generating the wealth currently enjoyed only by a few. Political parties across the world are now adopting it as official policy and the idea generates headlines every day. Guy Standing has been at the forefront of thought about Basic Income for the past 30 years, and in this book he covers in authoritative detail its effects on the economy, poverty, work and labour; dissects and disproves the standard arguments against Basic Income; explains what we can learn from pilots across the world and illustrates exactly why a Basic Income has now become such an urgent necessity.


God’s Hotel: A Doctor, a Hospital, and a Pilgrimage to the Heart of Medicine. Victoria Sweet. Pbk 416pp. ISBN 9781594486548. Riverhead Books (2013). $33.00. [Allow 4 weeks].

San Francisco’s Laguna Honda Hospital is the last almshouse in the country, a descendant of the Hôtel-Dieu (God’s hotel) that cared for the sick in the Middle Ages. Ballet dancers and rock musicians, professors and thieves – ”anyone who had fallen, or, often, leapt, onto hard times” and needed extended medical care – ended up here. So did Victoria Sweet, who came for two months and stayed for twenty years.

Laguna Honda, relatively low-tech but human-paced, gave Sweet the opportunity to practice a kind of attentive medicine that has almost vanished. Gradually, the place transformed the way she understood her work. Alongside the modern view of the body as a machine to be fixed, her extraordinary patients evoked an older idea, of the body as a garden to be tended. God’s Hotel tells their story and the story of the hospital itself, which, as efficiency experts, politicians, and architects descended, determined to turn it into a modern “health care facility,” revealed its own surprising truths about the essence, cost, and value of caring for the body and the soul.


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