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Greens and Greys by Rosalie Sugrue

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80,300 words
Published: 3 June 2015

Language: English

ISBN ePub: 9781927260449
ISBN Kindle: 9781927260456
ISBN PDF: 9781927260463

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Free Study Guide by Rosalie Sugrue now available for her books Green, Ho! & Greens and Greys.

The 9 page PDF guide is titled: A Novel approach to Bible Study: Personal Issues for Christians for Lent/Easter or whatever the Season.

Each of the 6 sessions looks at an important concept:
1. Values learnt in childhood
2. Faith in Youth
3. Sexual orientation
4. Suicide
5. Situation ethics and social justice
6. Mature faith

You will explore each issue by asking:
• Why did Molly do what she did?
• What would I have done in that situation?

Click this link to: Download your free PDF Study Guide


“With imagination and insight the author shares acute observations on life…” Review by John Meredith of Greens and Greys

Book review published on Tui Motu Interislands Facebook page 12 August 2015

 Short Description

Journey with Molly Sinclair through her 1950s childhood on the West Coast, her move to Christchurch for teacher training, drama-filled OE in the UK and Europe, and as she returns to New Zealand in the mid-1960s. This engaging coming-of-age tale sweeps us along as she meets unexpected joys and overcomes life’s setbacks.

Book Description

Journey with Molly Sinclair as she recounts her 1950s childhood on the West Coast, her move to Christchurch for teacher training, drama-filled OE in the UK and Europe, and as she returns to New Zealand in the mid-1960s. This engaging coming-of-age tale sweeps us along as she meets unexpected joys and setbacks. We also delve below the surface to confront small town and church attitudes to a gay brother, depression, sexual experimenting and sexual violence. Molly’s faith evolves over time from traditional understandings to a mature liberalism.

Molly’s heart warming story of growing up in New Zealand in the 1950s and 1960s parallels that of many Pasifika young people, as they grapple with what it means to grow up today, while staying loyal to their family, church and culture. They too face issues of morality, sex, sin, suicide, homosexuality and all sorts of other unmentionables.

In Greens and Greys we find that we can meet and overcome life’s challenges, grow into a secure personal identity and develop a robust faith through trial, error and openness to learning.

 Praise for Greens and Greys

 “Thank you Rosalie for your passion for social justice. This book challenges us to think about complex issues that unfortunately are still very real today. It is thought-provoking and an ideal book for group discussion and dialogue. Each chapter brings to life questions and a reality we sometimes would rather avoid for fear of the unknown. We all have a responsibility to care and make a stand for life.” Mataiva D. Robertson: Social Issues Convenor for Sinoti Samoa, Methodist Church of New Zealand

“Molly’s story will take you through experiences spiritual and sexual seldom talked about openly, but so often struggled with in silence. The skilful and insightful choice of words – both descriptive and sometimes disturbing – creates images and recalls memories for people of all ages. This book is engaging, informative, entertaining and challenging.” Rev Loyal Gibson

 About the Author

Rosalie Sugrue, author and small group expert.


Rosalie May Sugrue is a wife, mother and grandmother. She is a retired teacher and motelier with a background in Bible study.

Rosalie has been active in Jaycees, the Methodist Women’s Fellowship, National Council of Women, the Churches’ Agency on Social Issues, Victim Support and U3A. She has plays, poems, prayers, Bible puzzles and articles published in many church magazines in NZ including a regular Bible Challenge puzzle in Touchstone. She also has work included in devotional anthologies in Canada, the UK and the US.

Also by Rosalie Sugrue from Philip Garside Publishing Ltd

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Lay preacher Rosalie Sugrue’s short plays and meditations are ideal to present in church. They encourage us to engage with Bible and historical characters, and explore important themes. Staging is simple. Few props or costumes are required.

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Green_Ho_front_cover_120w_5_Nov_2015  Green, Ho! 

Green, Ho! is an extended version of Greens and Greys that adds another dimension in the form of hidden disability.





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