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Theme Scheme by Rosalie Sugrue gets glowing review in
Word & Worship: Winter 2014

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Rosalie Sugrue, Theme Scheme. Creative ideas, activities, games, puzzles, plays, quizzes.
(Wellington: Philip Garside, 2014) 157 pages.

Theme Scheme is packed full of ideas that are, as stated on the cover, fun and practical, requiring minimal equipment, resources and time to prepare. These are commendable qualities for activities and readers will not be disappointed. There are ideas here that could be developed into an evening’s programme or used to help people relax and feel comfortable with each other at the beginning of any meeting. As the author writes, This book has grown out of a philosophy of caring by sharing. Those wishing to shape thoughts or activities around a specific theme will find much on which to draw.

The book begins with the months of the year. The very name of each month may provoke ideas. There follow suggestions suitable for the seasons of nature and church, and for particular anniversaries falling within each month. International commemorations, national days and appeals are included, often with helpful background comment. Many of us know the date of Waitangi Day or Hiroshima Day, or when Mother’s Day or Labour Day fall, but Rosalie draws attention to occasions such as World Health Day or Heart Week that otherwise may pass us by. We may also wish to mark Walk to Work Day, Maori Language Week, Sign Language Week or World Habitat Day. It’s all here.

The months of the year are followed by a section on games. There are parlour games, moving and mixing games, party games for active people, games for young people, large space games and games for Christmas. There are simple instructions for games suitable for everyone regardless of levels of fitness or confidence. There are also quizzes on general topics including New Zealand facts, random items of history and word teasers and a separate section of Bible quizzes. As Theme Scheme was originally compiled for church groups, there is a helpful section on special Sundays and church activities relating to such events as saints days, Bible Sunday and Week of Prayer for World Peace.

For those wanting some new and participative way of marking an occasion or introducing an idea, Theme Scheme has a surfeit of resources. It is a place to begin but, as Rosalie says, use members’ expertise where possible and don’t forget their whanau, free leaflets, libraries and the Internet. She also offers some general pointers and tips for running small group meetings to ensure that meetings are well-organised yet flexible and happy occasions where everyone feels included and valued.

This review scarcely does Theme Scheme justice. It is overflowing with ideas developed from the author’s own experience with groups. It is available in hard copy or as an ebook.

 Reviewed by John Meredith, editor
in Word & Worship: Winter 2014.
(Quarterly Publication of the
New Zealand Lay Preachers Association)

An eBook edition of Theme Scheme is available to order: Click here for details.

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Great review of 60 70 80 90 in Touchstone May 2014!

 Review in Touchstone May 2014

Reviewer: John Meredith

Some years ago a former president of the Methodist Church was speaking about growing older. He said something like: ‘It is sometimes claimed that, when you are over 70, you are going down hill. If this is true, it is a very pleasant hill to be going down.’ He himself was over 70 and was enjoying life.

In this book retired Methodist minister David Pratt recognises how important it is for those growing older to grasp opportunities that will shape life well and to look forward with hope, not back with regret.

David dedicates the book to his grandmother from whom he learned the wisdom of those old in years and experience.  ...More

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60 70 80 90 cover 250w60 70 80 90: Planning ahead for
satisfying senior years

By David C. Pratt

Available in print and as an eBook in ePub and Kindle formats

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This lively book, based on personal experience, is full of practical suggestions for people preparing to retire. While based on the New Zealand scene, readers in other countries will also find the material thought-provoking and encouraging.

Retired Methodist minister and hospital chaplain, David Pratt’s many years of working with older people, their carers and families, convinced him that too few people think ahead and prepare well for their retirement and aging. His own experience of reaching the age of 70, having suffered a serious and unexpected illness at age 65, sharpened his awareness of the issues.

Topics covered include:

  • Getting started
  • Where will we live
  • Home – the house we live in (See sample chapter below)
  • Interests and hobbies
  • The joy of being a grandparent
  • Finance and money matters
  • Being single in a partners’ world
  • Health and medical matters
  • Security and safety
  • Everyone is going to die
  • Attitude
  • Love and sexuality
  • Dreaming sensibly
  • Ageism and discrimination
  • Old, old age.

Website and other contact details for New Zealand organisations and government departments who work with older people are listed in an extensive appendix. The book is fully indexed.

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Connections: Celebration, Wisdom and Commentary from Dunedin Methodist Parish.
Now in stock.


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Arising from a New Zealand context and touching on universal issues, Connections offers 45 responses from the people of Dunedin Methodist Parish to the challenge of being church and living out the gospel in their community.

Readers will find themselves laughing, surprised, angered and affirmed, but mostly, nodding in agreement and encouraged in their personal spiritual journey and in their Christian responses to the people around them.

The articles, selected from weekly contributions 2007–2013, are grouped into five broad categories, and cover diverse topics, including:

  • Celebrating God’s Creation
  • Responding to the Gospel
  • New Ideas for Being Church
  • Seeking Justice
  • Working for Peace

Article in Touchstone May 2014

[Click here for PDF image of the article]

Parish soapbox to appear as book

By Ken Russell

‘Connections’ is a popular name for the media. A 1978 BBC TV series called Connections explored the history of science and invention. Nearer to home, Methodists have become accustomed to Jim Stuart’s stimulating Connections column in Touchstone.

We in the Dunedin Methodist Parish have our own version of Connections, a current affairs column that appears in our weekly bulletin. Launched in 2007, it has stood the test of time…. More

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Preparing For Retirement Today: Dealing With The Financial And Physical Issues

By Bruce H. Woodley  eBook released 21 Feburary 2014.

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Are you ready for retirement?

Bruce Woodley will get you started on planning for a financially secure, happy and healthy retirement. By exploring how to handle our savings and investments in a practical and common sense manner, both when we are working and in retirement, he shows that it is possible to reach our retirement goals and provide a future which is both fulfilling and enjoyable.

The book also outlines how relationships can be improved, by helping men and women to understand that they often have different approaches to financial planning and managing money. It also identifies how to provide for family legal matters.

Woodley shows how the new 60 is the old 40 and that we can take charge of our own future, rather than retiring from life. With a positive approach to living life to the full, we can look forward to living our dreams in our older years, with more life ahead of us. We can stay young at heart.

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The League of Lilith: A thriller with soul, by mother and son duo Rosalie Sugrue & Troy Sugrue – eBook just released!

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Sarai, a Biblical Studies lecturer, learns a great and terrible truth – a core knowledge she must impart to a successor. Will she choose society wife, Jen, or prostitute Kat? The lives of these two women collide in unexpected ways around Sarai, while in the wings lurk a coven of Wiccan witches, and the dark desires and dealings that threaten Jen’s husband, Wilkin. To what lengths will he go to get the heir he desperately desires?

Has Womenkind surrendered its sacred duty? Does Sarai know the secret to the world’s survival or has a life of radical feminism driven her insane?

Set in pre-quake Christchurch, The League of Lilith is an explosive novel that builds relentlessly to a dramatic climax.

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Celebration, Wisdom and Commentary from Dunedin Methodist Parish


Preparing For Retirement Today

Dealing With The Financial And Physical Issues

By Bruce H. Woodley


Theme Scheme

Creative Ideas, Activities, Games, Puzzles, Plays, Quizzes

By Rosalie Sugrue



Ten Plays

Short, easy dramas for churches

By Rosalie Sugrue


The League of Lilith

A thriller with soul, by mother and son duo

Rosalie Sugrue & Troy Sugrue

60 70 80 90 cover 100w

60 70 80 90

Planning ahead for satisfying senior years

By David C. Pratt


Parables and Poems

“Simon Brown brings us stories from the land; yarns to warm our souls and tickle ouf fancies…” Mike Riddell

By Simon Brown


The John Wesley Code

Finding a Faith That Matters

By James Stuart


God of the Whenua

Rural Ministry in Aotearoa New Zealand

By Bill Bennett


A Question of Faith

History of the New Zealand Christian Pacifist Society

By David Grant


Bread and water:

The escape and ordeal of two New Zealand World War II conscientious objectors

By Will Foote


Indeterminate Sentence

A New Zealand World War II Conscientious Objector’s Story

By Allan Handyside


Growing in Age and Wisdom

By Anne Millar


Growing in Age:

Ageing in today’s society

By Anne Millar

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